Tuesday 05.26.15



Mickey Boardman, outsize personality at the helm of Paper magazine and GAYLETTER friend, is organizing a benefit for earthquake relief in Nepal. The quake that killed over 8,000 people is in danger of claiming many more victims via the spread of infectious disease, a risk posed by the horribly overcrowded conditions of Nepal’s extremely poor hospitals in wake of the disaster.


CITTA is a New York based relief organization focused on bringing projects in the fields of education, health, and economic development, and when the quake hit, they were already in Nepal with an existing project. Now Citta is directing additional resources towards the crisis, specifically to curb any massive outbreak of infection. Mickey, along with many other luminaries and activists, will be hosting a fundraising event to support these efforts on Tuesday May 26, from 7-10:30PM at Acme, on the corner of Lafayette and Great Jones St. (Number 9 Great Jones, downstairs). Admission is $40, with free cocktails by Svedka and music by DJ Mad Marj. Mickey is his own force of nature, and so it’s appropriate that he’s organizing earthquake relief. Stop in for a great party in service of a very important cause.

Sunday 05.24.15


As I said in last week’s letter, this Summer is all about day drinking. Here’s a new bi-weekly party that you shouldn’t miss. Anthony DiCapua is one of the creators of the event along with the fab Horrorchata (pictured). He told me a bit about what to expect....what’s goody? I Asked him: “We’ll, we want this to be a dance party, but it can also be a chill hangout” Chill! “Also, the backyard is going to be brand new, they just bought a little parking lot behind it so it’s def gonna b cute and hopefully not crammed. I’d say expect a lot of alcohol, food, and cute people...” food, alcohol and cute people I am there. Guest DJ for the week will be Cunty Crawford Ladosha and DeSe is going to be a resident DJ with us when she returns from California.” Sounds promising. Don’t miss out, trust me, these bitches can carry — it’s a Memorial day weekend party in Bushwick! Yasss.

FREE, 3:00PM-10:00PM, Happyfun Hideaway, 1211 MYRTLE AVE., BK, NY


Saturday 05.23.15

Party: Holy Mountain – Journey IX

Here comes Ladyfag with her latest edition of her monthly party Holy Mountain. Lady told us to remember that “aside from being Fleet Week, sailors!...we have Karin & Dgeral this amazing couple DJ’ing in the Jade room....and Karin happens to be Karin Dreijer Andersson AKA Fever Ray or AKA the girl from THE KNIFE!!!!” As expected, in any Holy Mountain party, there are lots of rooms, lots of DJs and a few surprise performances. Some of the people involved in the party this time include, Jubilee, La’Fem Ladosha, Raul Lopez, NELLKE, Michael Magnan, Nita Aviance, Marco Ovando, Miss Queen Sateen & Exquisite, Will Sheridan and many others. If you have been to this party before you know what to expect, or maybe not, it all depends on what you took or how many drinks you had last time you went. I’ll let Lady leave you with a final thought about the party: “Why jump into the water, when you can jump over the moon...calling all sailor moons!” Um, yeah, ok.

$10/$15, 11:00PM, Slake, 251 West 30th st. NY, NY.


Loisaida Festival Celebrates Queer Latin Culture

Your Kunst Is Your Waffen_GAYLETTER

The Loisaida Festival started in the early 80s as a block party for local LES kids to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in the hood in lieu of a fancy weekend outside the city, which was beyond the reach of the mostly Puerto Rican working class families who made up the neighborhood in those days. Now that the LES has been colonized by Scenesters, Hipsters, and Bros (half of whom probably do have fucking weekend homes to spend Memorial Day at), it’s good to visit the annual Loisaida festival, which is still going strong, to celebrate the vibrant Latin culture of the historically diverse neighborhood. “Loisaida,” by the way, is a Latinization of “Lower East Side” in case you didn’t know, and Puerto Ricans throwing a party make the bros and hipsters look like such amateurs.



This year the festival is dedicating special attention to promoting “the often overlooked contribution of Queer Latin@ artists and activists to the Lower East Side’s rich cultural fabric.” Saturday, May 23, from 1:00PM to 5:30PM is Reconstructing Queer Latin@ Loisaida in Cinema, Literature, and Art, featuring The Life, Death, and Assumption of Lupe Velez from 1:00-2:00PM, and Your Kunst Is Your Waffen from 2-3:30PM. The films will be followed by a round table discussion between eminent local scholars on the state of research on Queer Loisaida (for all you critical theory hos). The screening and round table will both be at the New Loisaida Center at 710 East 9th st. and the festival continues through Sunday, May 24.



If Puerto Ricans and Latin American folks know how to throw a party, it follows that Queer Puerto Ricans and Latin@s are going to be KILLING IT reina, so we suggest you text Brody, Brady, and Brock right now to tell them lo siento but you’re skipping out on that Sag Harbor bro barbecue and heading to East 9th Street, because, as my Abuela always told me, “summer brojobs in the boathouse are a dime a dozen but a serious Latin@ party is something special, mi amor.”

Friday 05.22.15

Performance: Justin Vivian Bond – Love is Crazy

Mx. JVB knows a thing or two about love. V has plenty of experience with heartbreak, and has the stories to prove it. V’s new show (it premiered in Paris and was also performed in the UK, but it’s new to us) is all about the craziness of love. It’s only on for 4 nights and features guest performances by some Bond favorites: Matt Ray, Claudia Chopek and Nath Ann Carrera. We’re told the evening will be a “celebration of obsession, sex, romance and all their queer and mysterious complications.” Expect songs from Dendrophile and Silver Wells, numbers from v’s stage and film appearances and some insightful and hilarious tales from one of the most unique and captivating cunts alive today. We have never been to a bad JVB show, even the time V was high on pain pills and upset after a visit to V’s fact that might have been one of our favorites. V always manages to find the absurdity and humor in even the most tragic or unusual situations and we can’t wait to see what V has to say this Friday night about L-O-V-E!

$25, 9:00PM, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St. NY, NY.


BABY TEA :: 5/16

Presented by The Dauphine of Bushwick and Cafe Dancer — With guest DJs BCALLA and Quay Dash

Thursday 05.21.15

Event: Michelangelo Signorile – “It’s Not Over”

I ALWAYS take the opportunity to see brilliant, provocative LGBT hall-of-famer Michelangelo Signoreli speak, especially when it’s down the block from me and free. In the wake of the momentous change in marriage equality laws governing the U.S,. Michelangelo has penned a new book, “It’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality.” In it, he argues that although we have made extraordinary strides towards equality “…the excitement of such breathless change makes this moment uniquely dangerous.” Joining Michelangelo in conversation this evening will be NYU Law School professor Kenji Yoshino, who in addition to having his work included in the book is also a noted contributor to The New York Times’ Ethicists column. Now then, we have two fierce intellectual bitches with credentials ready to talk! The evening is presented by the Pat Parker/Vito Russo Center Library in the newly renovated LGBT Center. You must know Michelangelo, currently he has a daily show on Sirius XM radio as well as holding the position of editor-at-large for Gay Voices at The Huffington Post. He also co-founded Queer Nation, pioneered the concept of “outing” (though he doesn’t like that Time Magazine appointed term) wrote “Queer in America” and so much more. He’s kind of a handsome daddy, I wonder if he’s single? I better find out — this heat is making me horny.

FREE, 7:00PM, THE CENTER, 208 W. 13ST. New York, NY.


The Future Was Looking Better In The Past

A new show by Rebecca Patek at The Chocolate Factory

The Future Was_patek01_GAYLETTER

GAYLETTER last spoke with “Dancer and Lover of Sperm” Rebecca Patek during 2013, in an interview of the same name. After spending the afternoon researching and chatting with her, my crush on Rebecca is so intense that as a gay man I’m uncomfortable. But then, discomfort is what Patek usually serves — take her 2013 show Inter(a)nal f/ear, a blisteringly funny satirical dance-and-multimedia performance exploring her experience of being raped, or her newest piece, The Future Was Looking Better In The Past, running from May 20th to May 23rd at The Chocolate Factory.


The unnerving subject at the center of “Future…” is the “Leopold and Loeb” murders. Remember those? It was that one time in 1924 when super hot, super rich teenage homos Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb gave America the “trial of the century” when they murdered 14-year old fellow trust fund kid Bobby Franks with a chisel because, like, Friedrich Nietzsche and #übermensch and “just for kicks” really. Funny thing is — and in Patek’s sly hands it WILL be funny, whether we like it or not — both murderer Loeb and victim Franks were Rebecca’s cousins on her father’s side.


“I found out about the connection two years ago, and got obsessed with it,” Patek says. “The idea of exploring ‘tainted blood’ started as kind of joke, but then you do start to think about these family strains, and look for repeating patterns, and there’s something eerie about it.”


Do your family members have feelings about you doing this piece? “Well my dad plays the voice of the defense attorney, and my mom wrote the music for it, but they haven’t seen it…they just sent me the materials without seeing the work. In fact they’ve never seen any of my work before so….” She laughs.


To hear Rebecca describe her signature equation of dance+shame and violence+satire makes the singular sound simple. “Satire means that you can get at grey areas more easily….the way language can be violent, for example, the way we read each other physically, the more subtle forms of violence and manipulation. But these power dynamics…can be shown in the body. You can use the body in the same way.” Listening to this elegant explanation while staring at a picture of her face covered in cum, I ask Patek if she’s into S&M. “My work has in the past gone to the level of public humiliation that could be called psychological S&M, yeah there’s something there…hmm…” she trails off, and I sink into my seat, smitten.


Since Patek devised and choreographed “Future” but, for the first time in her career, isn’t performing in it (though the cast does feature talented GAYLETTER favorites Sam Roeck and Chris Tyler joined by John Hoobyar, Sheila Lewandowski, David Patek, Peter Mills Weiss and Jaime Wright) — she may have to find that thrill of abjection somewhere other than the stage…..although perhaps sitting next to her parents while they encounter her work for the first time in this twisted tale of family depravity could be masochistic enough.


The Future Was_patek02_GAYLETTER


The Future Was_patek02b_GAYLETTER


The Future Was_patek03_GAYLETTER


The Future Was_patek04_GAYLETTER
The Future Was Looking Better In The Past, presented with Abrons Arts Center at The Chocolate Factory, 5-49 49th Ave Long Island City, May 20-23 @ 8:00PM.

Wednesday 05.20.15

TV: The Chef’s Table

I’m a fan of thoughtfully prepared food. The kind that has a concept behind it, that requires raw talent to conceive of and years of practice to perfect. As much as I love the experience of eating it, I also love learning about how it was created, and what inspired it. Which brings me to The Chef’s Table, a six part Netflix series produced by David Gelb (director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi). The series devotes an episode to six chefs: Ben Shewry, Niki Nakayama, Francis Mallmann, Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura, and Magnus Nilsson. They all approach cooking in different ways and philosophically have divergent ideas about what makes a great restaurant, yet they all arrive at the same destination by making some of the most inventive and awarded food on the planet. The Chef’s Table feels unique in two ways: firstly it delves deeply into the lives and motivations of these award-winning chefs, almost psychoanalyzing them to understand what drives them to create such special food, and secondly the cinematography (by Adam Bricker & Will Basanta) is superb. The cities they live in, their restaurants, and most importantly their food is filmed beautifully, in sumptuous clarity — it makes you want to visit their restaurants, or at the very least immediately gobble up the next episode.

Available now on Netflix.


Tuesday 05.19.15

Hi, Paolo


Paolo is a 22 year old, born and raised in Rome, Italy. He has lived in New York for 4 years now, and is studying Fashion Design at Parsons. He refers to his asthetic as “futuristic lady apparel.” Oh, OK. He told me that he’s been gay his entire life, he’s a gold star gay (for those of you that don’t know what that means, he’s never been with a woman) — “I was in Kindergarden singing and performing Celine Dion.” He had his first boyfriend at 17 and he lost his virginity at his best friend’s house with that boy.  I asked him to elaborate on his sexual life: “I never had sex in a really wild place. I received a blowjob next to the Coliseum once, right in the middle of the Roman ruins…”


His go-to drink is a martini with Hendrick’s Gin and two olives. When it comes to men he doesn’t really have a type. He told me that he doesn’t discriminate, and he doesn’t have a particular body type, “I like a guy who’s taller than me, which is not that complicated to find.” He’s 5’9″. “I like a man who’s secure in himself and doesn’t justify or apologize for everything he does.” His favorite body part are his eyes (they are very pretty) and his legs — “because they look good in shorts;” on another guy he is into the hands. On what he likes to do on a Friday night: “I watch a dumb movie on Netflix, next to my lovely roommate/best friend/wife/babe with a glass of wine.” 


He hopes to be making clothes in the future since he’s studying fashion design, “if I don’t I’m wasting a lot of money on tuition.” When it’s time for bed he wears a loose t-shirt with underwear in the winter and just underwear in the summer. He also seems very comfortable when he’s not wearing any briefs. Have a look at the selfies he took for us below wearing our GAYLETTER classic T-shirt. You’re welcome!