Friday 02.27.15

Eastern Boys

A crazy ride with the Russian prostitutes of Paris’ Gare du Nord


I’m totally intrigued by male prostitutes. My last run in with one was some years ago in Amsterdam. I picked up this gorgeous guy in a bar and brought him back to my fancy hotel and had some weird kind of sexual encounter….I knew something was up and it wasn’t his cock. When it was over he asked for money. I was like, what the fuck? You’re a prostitute?, I missed that part. When I told him I wasn’t going to pay he threatened to tell the front desk and the police. I didn’t want a fuss, I was there on work and thought it wouldn’t go over well with my client if I landed in jail. So we got dressed and went to an ATM and I paid the guy with some fresh euros.


Needless to say when our fabulous contact and friend at The Film Society of Lincoln Center sent me a head’s up about a film they are screening for a 1-week exclusive engagement starting today (Feb.27th) called Eastern Boys about whores from the Eastern Bloc carrying on in Paris I had to tell you about it. The film is sexy, at times disturbingly edgy and thoroughly entertaining . It unpacks a fictional story about a group of tightly knit boys that cruise around the Gare Du Nord train station in Paris parsing together sketchy lives by forming gangs for support and protection living in constant fear of being deported.


This super sexy bougie daddy Daniel, played by Olivier Rabourdin, approaches one such Ukranian boy named Marek, played by Kiril Emelyanov for a date. “What Daniel intends only as sex-for-hire begets a home invasion and then an unexpectedly profound relationship” The two men fall into some kind of kinky, co-dependent love with Marek basically getting put on a generous weekly retainer for his services. Because of his complicated, entanglement with his fellow gang members from the train station, who covet his flashy new iPhone,leather jacket and newfound lifestyle, Marek invites all kinds of crazy shit into Daniel’s life.


Directed by Robin Campillo, Eastern Boys keeps you on your toes to the very end. My email to the publicist from Lincoln Center after I watched it said, “WOW… that was dark but poignant with some redemption in the end” I’ll say no more. If you ever flirted with the idea of picking up a whore at a foreign train station or not, Eastern Boys will give you a thoroughly entertaining ride to somewhere you’ve never been.


$14, multiple screening times, Fri, Feb 27th thru Thurs. March 5th, Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center 144 W. 65th St. NY, NY.

Wednesday 02.25.15

Porn Hub presents: The Premiere of the NYC Porn Film Festival

From Feb 27 – March 1, 2015 at Secret Project Robot


I was forced to see 50 Shades of Grey recently (not quite like that…) and the theatre was full. I couldn’t believe it. Everything was so tame. I’ve done more extreme stuff in a library. Thankfully I can wash that experience away this weekend, because thanks to the fine people at Pornhub, we officially have the first ever NYC Porn Film Festival. About time, right? I assumed we had at least 5 here already.


According to the producers, “the festival will present how emerging, hip, tech savvy producers engage their audiences through these new technologies, as well as showcase innovative ways of working in porn.” Does that mean we are close to getting Snapchat porn legitimized? The future is so exciting. I am getting a semi just thinking about it…


This isn’t some guy who’s setup a projector playing Pornhub’s best rated (though they encourage you to make a playlist online), it’s a wonderfully curated selection of emerging talent reflecting social and cultural trends in the industry. Films exploring fetishes I didn’t know existed (well… kinda), documentaries about the trans sex workers of Paris, talks about “Porn Studies” as an academic category, something about Golden Showers, and a conversation with Cindy Gallop discussing how to make money out of porn today. #sextech


We really have cum far, haven’t we?



barbera_GAYLETTERImage courtesy of Barbara Hammer 16mm from Dyketactics


horror_GAYLETTERImage: Barbara Bell / Graphic Sexual Horror



The festival runs from Feb 27 – March 1 at Secret Project Robot, 389 Melrose Street, Brooklyn, NY. Click here for more info.

Sunday 02.22.15

TV: Olive kitteridge

Francis Mcdormond is a national treasure. She is unable to turn in a bad performance, it’s just impossible. Take for instance her role in the Lisa Cholodenko's HBO mini-series 'Olive Kitteridge.' Olive is a very particular kind of women, as the saying goes “she doesn’t suffer fools lightly.” She’s efficient, practical and blunt. She’s kind of bitch. She reminded me of my grandma who was also very straight forward, not very warm, and took joy in complaining about service in restaurants. You have to love a woman who knows what she wants! Rounding out the cast of Olive Kitteridge is Henry (Richard Jenkins) Olive’s beaten down, but still hopelessly in love, husband. Then there’s the mousey, waif-like Denise (Zoe Kazan) who plays Henry’s assistant at the Pharmacy. Their son Christopher (John Gallagher Jr.) is the only one to fearlessly confront Olive, but she ain’t interested in listening to his shit! Set in Maine and Park Slope, over a 30 year period, the series deals with big themes like getting  old and wanting to end it all. It’s bleak in parts, but also very funny and thought provoking. It’s one of the best things to happen to TV in a while.

Olive Kitteridge available on hboGo


Saturday 02.21.15

Art: Irreverent – A Celebration of Censorship

Unless you’re boring, you have probably dealt with censorship of some kind or another, hello, Facebook and instagram! I mean what’s wrong with an ass or a dick pic? Flaunt what you have — trust me, someone out there is gonna like what you have to offer. The suppression of speech just sucks. The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is having an exhibition in response to censorship. “Inspired by the creative and activist responses to the censorship of Robert Mapplethorpe’s art in the 1980s and 1990s and the more recent withdrawal of David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly” from the National Portrait Gallery in 2010, “Irreverent” explores how sexuality has been, and continues to be, used as a tool to prohibit LGBTQ cultural artwork.” The show features 17 artists who illustrate about “a dozen episodes of exclusion and censorship.” I’d say go and see this show before it gets taken down on. Maybe you can even take your peen or boobs out while you’re there, I am sure they’d love that.

FREE, 12:00PM-6:00PM, Leslie Lohman Museum, 26 WOOSTER ST. NY, NY.


Friday 02.20.15

Art: Kehinde Wiley – A New Republic

Kehinde Wiley is a tour-de-force, a gorgeous gay, gap-toothed African American painter who persistently “raises questions about race, gender and the politics of representation by portraying contemporary African American men and women, using the convention of traditional European portraiture." Now that’s a mouthful. His new exhibition, Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic features nearly 60 paintings and sculptures, a retrospective of sorts that spans Wiley’s prolific 14 year career. His subjects replace the European aristocrats rendered in old masters with the new contemporary men and women wearing fly sneakers, hoodies and baseball caps, drawing attention to the absence of African Americans from historical and cultural narratives. His process is enticing, casting subjects from the street, having them pick a historical image they would like to portray in a photographic portrait, which they pose for with the resulting image transcribed into paint. Beyond the work I have come to know Kehinde as a kind, generous deeply positive soul. You see it in his smile and know it from his work. Go ahead, see for yourself!

$16, 11:00AM-6:00PM, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 02.19.15

Event: DRAGnet – Cycle Four

If you are having some major Rupaul’s Drag Race withdrawal like me then this event is greatly needed. If case you are not familiar with DRAGnet then pay attention. The fierce queen Merrie Cherry (pictured) is hosting her drag competition for the fourth year with a brand new cast of “amazing performers,” Vic Sin, Anthony, Rachel Ratchet, Beverly Sage, Sparklez and who knows who else might show up. Merrie explains what’s going down best: “Every month for six months new and seasoned performers will grace our stage to show us all what they are working with! At the end of those six months, the winners from each month with fight to the death during a gulling semi-finalist competition, where the winner of Cycle 4 will be announced.” Judges for the night are Heidi Glum aka Miles Morrissey DeNiro, Daphne Sumtimez and Ryan Talamantes, music will be provided by DJ Jessamess.“Tis’ the season for drag queens, kings, and other bitches that wear makeup to twerk it out on stage and compete for the DRAGnet crown.”

FREE, 11:00PM, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 02.18.15


We wrote about this party a while back but with fashion week happening it felt fitting to put it in the letter again. I say that because every fashion week, by about this time, “Oh Fuck You, Honey” is all I want to say to every instagram photo of fashion week festivities that pops up in my feed. “Thom Brown’s presentation was epic?” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I saw Naomi outside Lincoln Center!” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I got a free scarf at the Moncler show.” Oh Fuck You, Honey! It feels good, you should try it yourself sometime. Anyhoos, back to the party. The music for the night is by Juliana Huxtable (pictured), Dicap (it’s also his b’day) and Frankie Sharp. It’s hosted by “a bunch of actual sluts: Jared Bradford, Terzian and Numbanddumb along with Sam Banks.” There’s $3 shots and Rolling Rock, plus a whole bunch of hastags we can get behind: #DICKONTHEBAR #PUBLICHOLE #GROPEANDGETGROPED #NORULES #THECOCKISTHECUNT If that’s not enough to get you there….Oh Fuck You, Honey!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Tuesday 02.17.15

Bernhard Willhelm 3000

When Fashion Shows The Danger Then Fashion Is The Danger


There were cockrings and cockatoos galore at the opening of Bernhard Willhelm  3000: When Fashion Shows The Danger Then Fashion Is The Danger, the iconic German designer’s first American museum exhibition, at MOCA PDC in Los Angeles. Artists and fashionistas — including Luke Gilford, KESH, Niko the Ikon, Michel Gaubert, and Pamela Anderson — socialized over gallery floors carpeted in blue Astroturf (click here for the gallery of guests). Along walls covered in blue and yellow paint splatters, Willhelm and longtime collaborator Jutta Kraus installed photographs of models, birds, and the designer himself (in crotch-hugging spandex suits), the forehead plumage of white cockatoos mimicking Willhelm’s spiky bleached ‘do. In the center of the main gallery, eerie mannequins with glowing tongues folded through miniature cockring-ballgags assuming defiant poses, dressed in Willhelm’s fall collection: a profusion of mesh, camouflage, straightjackets, and giant zippers like an Orientalist military assault on a mental asylum.


The show was designed as a site-specific, “thinking-forward” installation, announced by the title’s “3000”: the photographs, paintings, sculptures, and new fall clothing line displayed are an irreverent response to the uniformity of fashion in the 21st century and a radical manifesto for fashion in the 30th. Wilhelm presents viewers with a playful, postapocalyptic vision of the year 3000, when fashion will finally be liberated from an endless recycling of past styles.


Willhelm and Kraus recently moved their studio from Paris to Los Angeles, following the likes of Saint Laurent and Rodarte. If this exhibition is any indication, Los Angeles’ playful and image-obsessed culture promises to surface in Willhelm’s rebellious, punk-inspired designs. As the show’s title suggests, Wilhelm’s clothes are radical precisely because they reject the bland uniformity of mainstream couturiers. He shows us the danger of becoming the same and offers us the tantalizing danger of difference.


The exhibition is up until May 17, 2015. Check out some images from the show below:


































Monday 02.16.15

RUFSKIN X Tom of Finland Collection Launch

Scenes from the NYC event celebrating the athletic collaboration

Sunday 02.15.15

Party: DADDY

Daddy take me to Miami, daddy I want dinner, daddy take care of me! Daddy take care of your son! That sounds familiar right? For all of you that have daddies, hold on to him because you can only have a daddy when you’re young. Also, make sure that you don’t become an ungrateful little bitch and behave like you deserve everything just because you are young. Trust me it’s not gonna last. Ha! Anyways, this Sunday The Culture Whore is launching their brand new monthly party at Eastern Bloc, called Daddy. It’s “a straight up dance party with W. Jeremy spinning and lots of sexy daddy boys in leather….We’re bringing back 70s East Village sleaze, the kind you’ll remember from your favorite vintage pornos.” Really, ok? The party is also hosted by Oddly Enough and Manifestany Squirt. Their facebook page says to expect “daddies, disco and dancing...” If you are a daddy or looking for one or simply want to play daddy this Sunday, just head to this party. I know for a fact that the boys at The Culture Whore are not daddies, but they are probably looking for some leather daddies.

FREE, 10:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6TH ST. New York, NY.