Saturday 08.29.15

Film: ‘Casablanca’ with Isabella Rossellini and Pia Lindstrom

This is a pretty cunty event, one of those “only in New York City” type of things. It’s a screening of Casablanca with the two daughters of Ingrid Bergman, who will discuss the Swedish actress’s most famous role and what it was like growing up in the spotlight with one of the world’s most beautiful and famous women as their mother. Isabella Rossellini has obviously lead a unique and big career as an actress, her half-sister, Pia Lindstrom, has had a long career as a television journalist and was apparently greatly affected when her mother left her father (Swedish neurosurgeon Petter Lindström) for the Italian director Roberto Rossellini. I imagine the sisters’ conversation will be filled with some fascinating insights about their mother and also the filming of Casablanca. Hopefully they don’t hold back!

$12, 4:30PM, The Museum of Modern Art, 11 W 53rd St. New York, NY.


Friday 08.28.15

Miniloft Hotel

Environmentally sustainable industrial-minimal-chic in the center of Berlin


If I had to choose the favorite place I’ve stayed at in Berlin, I’d probably choose Miniloft. I love the apartment style of their accommodations, allowing you the freedom to cook and really settle in like it’s your own place. In addition, Miniloft is designed and decorated much like I’d want my own apartment to look, a remarkable synergy of industrial minimalism inside and out.


Miniloft is located in the heart of Berlin, in the Mitte neighborhood. Formerly part of East Berlin, Mitte is now a pulsing center of Berlin life, full of cafes, art galleries, and cute shops. Much like the neighborhood in which it is situated, Miniloft is an exemplar of the intermingling of old and new Berlin; literally consisting of a renovated 1890s building and a contemporary addition of bands of glass and stainless steel that extend the building into the air above the street below.


The building is half a block from the Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum), and around the corner from the Brecht-Haus Museum, as well as a famous cemetery where figures like Hegel and Brecht lie buried. It’s only a five-minute walk to the nearest U-Bahn station.










I stayed in their “extroverted” style apartment, which features a stunning 40 foot glass curtain wall running the length of the apartment. I love that particular blue-grey light that permeates Berlin, and the apartment’s glass walls let it in in droves. The apartment is simply beautiful, all of its aspects composed from a neutral palette with delightful orange accents coordinating with concrete and wood.











One of the most unique and compelling aspects of Miniloft is its commitment to environmental responsibility. Everything from the building materials to the soap has been considered for its impact on the environment. The building itself is designed to reduce the need for heating and cooling by being particularly well insulated and using shades during the summer to reduce reliance on air conditioning. That said, the apartments also feature heated floors, perfect to warm your toes after a long day of sightseeing or a long night of dancing, so your comfort hasn’t been sacrificed in a the quest for sustainability. And of course, that heat is powered by 100% sustainable electricity.



A garden on the roof helps reduce water run-off and clean the air, and all the plants in the courtyard garden not only look beautiful, but also are local native wildlife.




DSCF9143_MiniLoft__GAYLETTERThe provided soap and shampoo comes in reusable bottles and is made by ecological suppliers, and the free coffee and tea are organically grown and fair-trade products.








In sum, Miniloft is a unique option for travelers visiting Berlin that want a more independent experience than the traditional hotel or hostel stay would offer, but is also more upscale than your average AirBnB. In addition, their commitment to environmental responsibility and beautiful design are worthy goals for any home, no matter how long or short your stay there may be. Staying at Miniloft, I never wanted to leave!


Hessische Str. 5, 10115 Berlin, Germany. +49 30 8471090, Rooms from 129 Euros.

Event: Harder – Dance and play (a benefit)

I am mainly recommending this event because of the DJ, I love the music of Ryan Smith (Wrecked). He knows how to work a room! Also, I heard that the party is “BYOB and BYOP (bring your own poppers lol).” That sounds promising. You’ll end up killing some brain cells, but if you are a smart boy that’s fine — you have plenty to spare. Poppers in public bring a room together — a straight friend of mine is now using them when he hangs out with other straight people. Shocking I know! I love that I am making this post all about the poppers. It’s a pretty straight forward event, the Facebook description explains it best: “The party will be at this hot underground play-club in Brooklyn. Dance and play at this party benefiting the opening of Doce, a new coffee shop in Chelsea…The party is themed after some old clubs from the golden era of gay nightclubs in NYC (J’s hangout, Zone DK, The Anvil, Manhole, etc). Rooms, glory holes, slings and many play areas available...” Coffee, poppers, dancing, glory holes. Thank god for gay people!

Email for tickets, details and address, 10:00PM, BK, NY


Thursday 08.27.15



Party: Owl at Julius

Julius throws one of our favorite parties: Mattachine, hosted by John Cameron Mitchell, but it’s not the only fantastic party the tiny west village bar hosts. There’s also Owl, created by my friend David Orton and Nick Schiarizzi, who throws the massive Rhonda parties. So what can you expect from this month’s edition? I’ll let David fill you in on the specifics: “You can expect an evening of dancing, burgers, lust, jealousy, rejection, and disco-induced diarrhea. No other party guarantees to send you home smelling like beef. WE DO.” I mean Eau de beef, what else do you need? How about free therapy sessions? Well, yeah they also have that! “Mini therapy sessions are on offer, from an actual therapist. Because you’re crazy.” Tell me about it! Fix my life Iyanla! But first let me get a vodka soda. I don’t do therapy unless I have a bit of a buzz!

FREE, 9:00PM, Julius, 159 W 10th St. New York, NY.


Wednesday 08.26.15


When I first read about ‘Gayzer Tag’ I thought it was a sex party or a celebration for an adult film. Then I continued reading and figured out that it’s actually a gay laser tag event, happening at Chelsea Piers and put it all together. I’d say get off Grindr for one night and go check it out, it should be an interesting way to meet men. I am so curious to know what men are playing lazer tag in NYC. I know, it sounds a bit silly, but I find that sometimes the best way to have fun is to act silly. We act silly all the time, even if you never see us smiling in photos. This is a monthly event and apparently besides the lazer tag, it also features: “unlimited pool, unlimited bowling (if spots are available), vodka cocktails, $14 PBR pitchers, full dinner and snack menu.” The event is curated by Guy Social which is an organization that “curates unique weekly, monthly, and seasonal events all over NYC.” I’d recommend you to be friendly, you never know who you’ll end up tagging.

$15.00:, 8:00PM, Chelsea Piers, Pier 60 NY, NY.


Tuesday 08.25.15

Teaser: Mr. Bruce LaBruce by Slava Mogutin

A preview for the short NSFW film made about our Bruce LaBruce shoot for GAYLETTER Magazine Issue 3.

Monday 08.24.15

John and Paul Physioc — The Physioc Twins Film Project Fund

The up and coming film explores the idea of masculinity in America


We got an email mentioning twins and naturally we didn’t hesitate to open it. John and Paul Physioc are twin brothers turned film makers currently working on their first major project together. After spending four years on separate coasts and working on various other projects, they have joined together to shoot “a series of films across the American landscape that will cast non actors in real time blurring the lines between reality, documentary, and fiction. The films will explore American identity & masculinity in the form of folklore and myth.”


Their gofundme page features a topless photo of the tattooed Physiocs and a short trailer for the film that includes a Lana del Rey quote and a picture montage featuring a bunch of masc boys. Need they really say more? The Physiocs are planning to shoot the film later this year all across America and are asking for your support to help fund production, equipment, and post-production.


We had the opportunity to asked them some questions to learn more about their past, their present, and their film’s future.


Did you guys come out of the closet together, or did one come out before the other? Who was first? We each had our own personal complicated journey of coming out.


Have you ever ended up dating the same guys? Not really…


Have you guys always lived together, or relatively close to one another? We have been living on opposite coasts for the  the last couple of years.


Who do you think the American people believe is their ideal man? Athleticism will always represent some form of idealized masculinity because of the heightened levels of testosterone is the body. Basic chemistry.


How is that image of the quintessential American man changing? The image is still the same, just packaged in different ways.


When did you start working on this project? Probably since we were about 7 or 8, but the ideas came together this past year.


How did the idea for this film come about? We were sitting on a flight back from visiting our sister and ended up brainstorming for the entire 6 hour flight. It came down to we have to make this film.


What do you think is the most important thing to know about your film? Buckle up.


What inspired the film? John Lee Hooker, Broken Noses, Japanese denim.


When did you decide to explore cross-genre film making? We’ve always been more interested in setting and tone than genre. It was more of an instinct born with the idea rather than a conscious decision.


How did your own ideas of American masculinity change after coming out? We started to question the story.


How has this project changed your ideas of American masculinity?  Ask us after the project is finished.


Why should people donate to this campaign? It’s a chance to support young filmmakers and experience a new type of dialogue from a creative duos debut.


Help them out here! 

Friday 08.21.15

Heels Intensive


We’re tired of wearing flats when we go dancing. Thankfully, The Ailey Extension is offering a Heels Intensive this weekend, August 21st – 23rd, to teach you how to pop lock and drop in your favorite Louboutins. The classes are taught by three incredibly talented and beautiful instructors, Yanis Marshall, Danielle Polanco, and Aisha Francis. When we say incredible, we’re not kidding. These teachers get tweeted about by Beyoncé, dance with Usher and Ciara, choreograph Cirque du Soleil, and are the stars in Dancing with the Stars, to name a few of their many accolades.


Plus, if you haven’t heard of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a 2008 U.S. Congressional resolution literally declared the Company a “vital American cultural ambassador to the world.” Alvin Ailey celebrates African American experience, culture, and enrichment of modern dance. This shit is no joke, just don’t forget to bring your heels.


$30-100, ALL WEEKEND, 405 W. 55th St. New York, NY.

Thursday 08.20.15

Mykki Blanco Introduces Dogfood Music Group

The performer releases a new short film


Earlier this year, Mykki Blanco announced via Facebook that he had grown bored of rap music and was searching for a different artistic outlet to inspire fans. Nevertheless, he performed at our GAYLETTER Pride Ball to a packed room that was transfixed by his every turn. Though Blanco leaving music was naturally suspect, he has since launched Dogwood Music Group and announced the label’s first release, C-ORE — a compilation set for a September 18th release — introduced alongside a new short film featuring Blanco and label signees Psychoegyptian, Yves Tumor and Violence.


“C-ORE follows four vigilantes as they track down a wanted techno-junkie in the middle of developing a new way for users to experience old earth. After liberating it and trying it for them-self, they fall into a maze of nightmarish parallel realities. Now indoctrinated into C-ORE – they seek to escape the drug by traveling to the limits of their new reality.”


The film is trippy as hell, with locations ranging from a gritty nightclub, to a remote beach that is eerie in a metaphoric re-birth type way. Like most of what Blanco does, the short is non-stop high energy, infused with interesting fashion, and — save some middle scenes — storyboarded correctly.


Directed by Jude MC, the short comes at a time when what we know to be music is completely changing. FKA Twigs just put out a completely visual album, and everybody and their mom remembers when Beyoncé dropped her latest with a video for every damn song… Many musicians are entering a cross-genre world that experiments with visuals as much as it does audio.


For his next path, Blanco has seemingly assembled a gender-bending, fashion-junkie brat back to usher in his new era of “documenting and writing about homosexuality and gay culture in remote corners of the world.” WERK BITCH! It’s 2015!


Watch the video below: