Thursday 08.28.14


Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change


Unless you’ve been living in a climate-controlled cave these past few years, you’ll have noticed that something disturbing is up with the weather. People’s Climate March is coming to New York City in a big way next month, and the LGBTQ group Our Fight Too is working to organize the queer community to join in the fight.


On August 28th, a group of performers and DJs are hosting QUEEN/HOUSE/EFFECT: Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change in Brooklyn. From 9:00PM, One Last Shag will be offering performances by Glittered and Mauled, Neocamp, Susana Cook, Red Durkin and Reginald M Lamar and DJ sets by David John Sokolowski and Patrick Robbins. Eric Schmalenberger is in charge of décor and Untitled Queen is “Queen of the Thunderdome” — and it’s all absolutely FREE! So come out, enjoy a few drinks and experience the climate crisis through the eyes and hearts of queer artists and musicians in preparation for the big march. The March is taking happening on September 21th — they say it will be the “largest climate march in history.” Exciting!


Click here for more info.

Wednesday 08.27.14

Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich

Watch the exclusive video interview with Hamm Samwich

Citizen Samwich_GAYLETTER

Queen of Facebook rage and former hardcore rapper Hamm Samwich is giving you Tori moments on August 27th at Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich. Hamm is famous for being angry and smart as f***k and dominating the Brooklyn drag scene, but tonight shit is gonna get intimate. She’ll be playing selections from her upcoming electronic album “Citizen Samwich” with those gorgeous Ars Nova acoustics.


Expect surprise covers, appearances from comedians John Early and Jacqueline Novak and your girl Charlene. Hamm’s brazen intellect will be on full display, with a Q&A and plenty of room for rants. Hamm is a musical force and we’re excited to see her in a venue where we can actually hear the bitch.



Watch the video interview below with Hamm Sanwich about drag, rage, sex and taking yourself seriously — when by profession you are a joke:




Click here to listen to Hamm’s beautiful Solange cover.



Now get tickets for her show – Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich

$15, 8:00PM, Ars Nova, 511 West 54th St. NY, NY.


10th Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition


The Tom of Finland Foundation is calling on you, artistic babies. The foundation, which honors and preserves the legacy of the iconic erotic artist, is returning for the 10th time with its annual Emerging Artists Competition.


Contestants are asked to showcase work that falls in one of five categories — single figure, dual figure, multiple figure, fantasy, photography. However these categories are illustrated is up to the artist. The grand prize is this lovely “Tom of Finland Preparatory” drawing.


The deadline for the contest has been extended to November 3rd, so you have plenty of time to sharpen your pencils and find your muse. Or your daddy.


For more details about the contest, click here.

Tuesday 08.26.14

THE WEEK 8/25–8/31

A guide for artsluts


Summer is almost *officially* over, where did the time go? That means you need to enjoy every last moment of sticky sweet sweaty sexy sumptuous summer fun you can, ya dig? Bid farewell to the hottest season just the way she’d want: by artslutting it up every hour of every day until you pass out from heatstroke—just kidding.

See you after Labor Day, girls!


<3 Mark and Paul


Enjoy SSION’s “The Peach Pit” mix as you read.





APOCALYPSE WOW @ CAMEO GALLERY (93 N 6TH ST) Max Bernstein’s comedy show it’s celebrating its second anniversary with sets by Max, Jes Tom, Tessa Skara, and more. Max is someone who makes us snort whiskey out of our noses every time we see him, so this is certain to be an evening of serious lolz. 8PM, FREE!


BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE) Macy Rodman and Severely Mame gather a motley crew of performers to bring you BathSalts Motel: “.A place where the minibar never runs dry and the hooker tits are eternally sprinkled with cocaine…”  10PM, FREE!


HOT FRUIT @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST) Performances by Sparklez, Molly Rhinestones, Albert Decrvnk, Adam Michael and Cybil War at this weekly queer shindig. Should be an interesting iteration of this ‘idk what to expect’ party 10PM, FREE!





TRIPS 13 @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST) Monthly queer travel reading and storytelling event. Bailey Williams, Bryn Kelly, Harold David, Irene Snyder, Jessica McCarthy. 8PM, FREE!


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST) It’s Westgay… Neon Hitch performing her new single, as well as a yard sale in the backroom, all benefitting the Ali Forney Center. 10PM, $10!





NEW YORK CITY INFERNO @ THE EAGLE (554 W 28TH ST) Screening of a doc-style porno, an interesting lesson in gay history, and pre-AIDS NYC gay life in 1978. Screening is followed by a Dj set by Derek & Clive and a TBA performance. 8PM, $8.


LECTRUE + DEMO: CITIZEN SAMWICH @ ARS NOVA (511 W 54TH ST) Facebook fan favorite Hamm samwich will give an overview of her new, unreleased album with some talking, some singing, some visual aids, some guests, at least one costume change, and no backup dancers. 8PM, $15.


REVOLTING GRACE & EXECUTION @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE ST) Our bodies are revolutionary…. This episode examines Works in Progress…. every work is always finished, yet always could be in progress and can be returned to in the future.  10PM, $5-$20 SLIDING SCALE.






I DON’T WANT TO THROW RICE, I WANT TO THROW ROCKS @ THE WILD PROJECT (195 E 3RD ST) Nath Ann Carrera returns with a one-night only evening of early extreme sensationalistic story songs penned by Dolly Parton from 1967-1971! Class-Conscious Incest! Teen Delinquent Anti-Authoritarian Murder! Mental Institution Imprisonment! Women’s Lib! Anti-Marriage Retaliation! Outlaw Lovers! Stillborn Suicide! Children Bursting Into Flames While Their Parents Tell Dirty Jokes! And BEYOND! 8PM, $15.


QUEEN/HOUSE/EFFECT @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE) Join a host of queer performers and DJs as they get ready for the People’s Climate March. They’re organizing LGBTQ folks who want to get involved in manifesting a balanced climate and a healthy world, and QUEEN/HOUSE/EFFECT will bring you artists and musicians channeling the crisis through their own eyes, hearts, flesh and bone. 9PM, FREE!


BORDELLO @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON ST) Madame Vivien V presents, “A cluster-fucked night where all your fantasies come true!” Momo Shade, Vagina Slams, Diva Pluree, and Gerry Visco giving shows 10PM, $5 SUGGESTED.





SILHOUETTE @ WISE MEN (355 BOWERY) Whitney Weiss and David Sokolowski spinning disco, funk, no-wave,and italo in a cute bar with nice cocktails. 11PM, FREE!


KUNST @ VERBOTEN (54 N 11TH ST) We were almost ready to take a month off from Kunst after being at all the previous installments, but then we saw this lineup and immediately started planning our looks. Princess Nokia and RobotMoon Juice take the stage for the monthly Bartsch/Dreamhouse joint party. Hosts include the usual suspects—Trey LaTrash, Gage of the Boone, Domonique Echeverria, and more. High ceilings, high glamour, high bitches shaking it on the floor. 11PM, $20.





DRAG HAPPY HOUR @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN ST) Prancing! Drinking! Side-eyes for not tipping well (from Lady Simon)! Kale! 6PM, PRICES VARY.


DIZZYLAND @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE ST) Trey LaTrash’s monthly party, a great place to start your night, end your night, and begin your morning. Come early, leave dizzy.10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$10 AFTER.


RAZOR 5000 @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE) Horrorchata is back with triannual sensation Razor 5000. This time around the focus is Girl Power! A slew of names, including Juliana Huxtable, Amber Valentine, BCALLA, Big Dipper, Aja and Lap See Lam will be there for your enjoyment. The building next to OLS is open for 2X the space and 5000X the carry.10PM, $12 ADVANCE/$15 DOOR.





ALICE @ THE SLIPPER ROOM (167 ORCHARD ST) Brian Joseph Ferree and Eric Laurence Schmalenberger would like you to join them for ALICE part deux. Once again you’ll travel over the rainbow and through the glory hole with a night that boasts acrobatics, music, performance, and a loss of inhibition. 9:30PM, $10 ADVANCE/$20 DOOR.


UP AND DOWN SUNDAYS @ UP AND DOWN (244 W 14TH ST)  New party! Two floors, two vibes, and evening of juxtaposition and stairs. Up DJ Gavin Russom, and Down DJ Valissa Yoe. Upstairs is a sexy, glam turn up and downstairs is a throwback, luxury house party vibe, complete with trapdoors and secret rooms. OPEN BAR 10-11! 10PM, FREE!


HORSE MEAT DISCO @ CIELO (18 LITTLE W 12TH ST) This will be really, really gay! London DJ collective famous for spinning at the Eagle makes a stop in NYC to give you an excuse to grow out a mustache, skip your shower, and put on a pair of boots. 10PM, $20 ADVANCE/$25 DOOR.


BOTANICULT @ GILDED LILY (408 W 15TH ST) New Susanne Bartsch party offers a nice mix of Brooklyn and Manhattan familiars in a chic space with a giant rave-chrysanthemum hanging from the ceiling. The sound system at gilded lily is amazing, but the best part of the whole things is Thorgy Thor behind the bar. 11PM, FREE!

Monday 08.25.14


10 tracks for your respective back-to-school ecstasy/malaise


It’s hard to believe, but summer’s just about over. The weather was mild, the parties were wild, movies and TV pretty much sucked, and now it’s time to buckle down for the fall. That’s not all bad, though. The next few months mean it’s back to warm sweaters, hot coffee, and, for many, one of the most essential touchstones of the season: the back-to-school hustle. We know this can go either way, depending on your personality. You either love the hallowed halls and fragrant smell of new textbooks or you’re dreading the sleepless nights and exams you have no intention of studying for nor passing. But hey, look at it this way: you’re bound to learn some sort of life lesson whether it’s from a professor or someone else, and that’s definitely worth something.


No matter your academic inclinations, we have a special treat for all of you going into a new semester or school year this month. We’ve whipped up a new mix of 10 songs to help you get through your respective ecstasy/malaise of back-to-school season. Keep your head up and your eyes peeled, boys: you never know what (or who) you might get up to in the next few weeks.


Listen if you like: crushes, calculators, Jennifer Paige, chapstick, male cheerleaders.


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Sunday 08.24.14


Susanne Bartsch does not need sleep. Susanne Bartsch does not get tired. Susanne Bartsch has parties to throw. Susanne Bartsch is the most energetic middle aged woman you’ll ever meet. And this Sunday she’s launching a new weekly party at The Gilded Lily. This venue is in the Meatpacking District. It’s a downstairs space with a real “club” feel to it. So, what to expect from the evening? Well first up we’re told there’s “no silly admission fee!” (I can just imagine Susanne saying that in her cunty Swiss accent). Susanne says she wants us to save our money for drinks (I like where this is heading). Music is by Amber Valentine & Michael Magnan with a surprise performance. Hosts for the night include Anthony Bourgeois, Amanda Lepore, Dominique Echeverria, Gage of the Boone, One Half Nelson, Trey La Trash, Jessica Love, Dylan Monroe, Horrorchata and Brandon Olson. The party starts at 11:00PM and goes for however long it takes you to feel guilty about being out late on a Sunday night. Have fun!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Gilded Lily, 408 W. 15TH st. New York, NY.


Saturday 08.23.14

Party: MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2014

Wow! I can’t believe the summer is almost over, I just started wearing sandals — there’s never enough Summer in NYC — it just makes me very sad — I know I’m being dramatic. Oh well, it’s mother nature and whatever that temperamental bitch decides that’s what we are going to get. For the final weeks of Summer I am going to be looking for outdoor NYC events, like this one — MoMA PS1 Warm Up, which is one of my favorites. For those of you that have been to this you know what I am talking about, and for those of you that haven’t, pay attention to this post. Warm Up takes place at MoMA PS1 in Queens, it involves lots of sun, dancing, people watching and plenty of day drinking (all my favorite things combined). The party has a rotating roster of DJs and performers, this week it features Kevin Saunderson, Éclair Fifi, DJEarl, Shamir (live), The Range (live), Gifted & Blessed (live). Go and get loose and enjoy the last of the summer — it’s almost gone :(  

$20, 11:00AM-6:00PM, MoMA PS1,


Friday 08.22.14

Performance: COOL

Richard Kennedy brought this event to 54 Below a few months ago, but this time around he’s way more excited because the event is happening at Joe’s Pub — this venue carries lots of history of experimental downtown performance. “It’s such an important cultural space for all of us, so we really couldn’t be more excited. It’s going to be so very COOL!” Richard team up with Mark Dommu and Paul Leopold (aka Boywolf) from The Culture Whore to make this event happen. Paul and Mark are performing in or involved in events almost every week, so they seem like the right match. They have put together a great line up of performers and experimental queer nightlife personalities that includes Psychoegyptian, Babi Audi, Donna Vivino, John Arthur Greene, Macy Rodman and Chris Tyler. Plus, Richard, Paul and Mark will be performing together, awwwww! cute. These homos are interested in bringing together “the two extremes, Broadway and underground performance.” Mark adds, “we were such little theater faggots in high school who have grown up to be the ultimate queerdo party boy artsluts.” Looks like their dreams will continue to come true this Saturday night!

$15 ($12 Food/Drink Minimum), 11:30pm, JOE’S PUB, 425 Lafayette St. NY, NY.


King of Arms Art Ball 2

The art ball goes down this Sunday at Riverside Park South Piers

King of Arms Art Ball 2_GAYLETTER

We love a good ball here at GAYLETTER. It’s the whole reason we threw one of our very own this past summer for Pride at the Wythe Hotel. Lucky for us, there’s another one coming up this Sunday that is a must-see: Rashaad Newsome is throwing the King of Arms Art Ball 2, serving up art, music, fashion, activism, and vogueing on the piers at Riverside Park South.


Focusing on art history for each of its five categories, this ball is certainly not for the culturally naïve. Categories include: Samuel Fosso Realness (recreate one of the photographer’s iconic portraits, or create your own), Runway (looks inspired by figures from Renaissance paintings with a modern twist while incorporating African prints), Face (painting your mug to depict abstract expressionism), Sex Siren (looks that show off that body-ody-ody, with a twerk-off to determine the winner), and Performance (teams of two creating a routine inspired by the Nicholas Brothersincredible routine in the 1943 film Stormy Weather). That’s a lot to take in, but trust us, you’ll wanna see what people will be turning out: the grand finale prize is $2,000, along with a surprise gift.


The event will be hosted by Ousmane Wiles and Dashaun Wesley, with DJ Michael Cox spinning and Kevin Jz Prodigy on the mic. As it says on the Facebook page for the event: “choose your partners wisely and may the odds be forever in your favor”.


The King of Arms Art Ball 2 goes down this Sunday, August 24th at the Piers at Riverside Park South. Registration is required to compete in the Ball.

Thursday 08.21.14

Do: Picnic at Grand Central

This is one of those random, only-in-New-York events that we love to write up. It’s also one of the best (or potential worst) first date ideas out there. Basically Vanderbilt Hall (that name is sooooo Gossip Girl) at Grand Central station is being transformed into a giant picnic space. From 7:00AM to 7:00PM they’re laying down Astro turf and setting up checkered picnic tables. There’s going to be all sorts of food vendors selling tasty treats, and entertainment from musicians and even magicians (ah, ok). There’s even free WiFi, so if your date is a disaster you can immediately go on Facebook and complain about it. It’s all free (well not the food) and it only runs till this Friday. So get moving!  

FREE, 7:00AM-10:00PM, Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station NY, NY.