Monday 09.22.14


The party is back!!!

An Evening With Friends

Hosted by Dave Hill, John Early and Michael Cavadias


Well, it’s Monday again, which means it’s back to the daily grind. The season is changing, the days are slowly getting shorter and, of course, the worst part, as I mentioned — it’s Monday. Lucky for you there’s a sure-fire way to get your week off to a good start. An Evening With Friends is a group therapy, talk show, variety show hybrid ready to bolster you up with giggles to last you at least until Wednesday at 3pm. Celebrated funny-men Dave Hill, John Early (they are going to be dueting Beyonce‘s track “irreplaceable”) and Michael Cavadias, who collectively have starred in the likes of 30 Rock and Girls, will host an evening of stand up, discussions, interviews and musical interludes at Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel.


Performers include comedians, actresses, writers and activists Janeane Garofalo, Amber Martin (she’s gonna be doing her insane character “dottie”), Jacqueline Novac and Daily Show co-creator, Lizz Winstead. Advance tickets are only $10, which is good since the Ace is a fancy place, and after the show Amber Martin will be DJing. So come on down for lots of laughs and a few drinks!


$10/$15, 8:00PM, Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel, 20 West 29st. NY, NY.

Thursday 09.18.14

11 Questions with Paul Jasmin

Zane and Will, Hot Desert Springs, 2006_GAYLETTER

The Los Angeles based photographer has a show in New York City tittled An L.A. Sort of Place that’s now on view at Casa de Costa until October 23rd. This body of work captures “Jasmin’s dreamy and sensuous vision of Los Angeles in an extensive collection of new and vintage prints. The show includes landscapes from Jasmin’s “city of dreams” shown alongside his romantic portraits of young Hollywood stars.” We are fans of his work, so we decided to reach out and ask him a couple questions, and of course show you a preview of what’s on view — Have a look at those dreamy boys and gorgeous breasts… Do yourself a favor and go see the exhibition before it closes.



What specific to LA do you like about working and living there? It’s really all about the weather.



Do you prefer location shoots to studio work and why? A great location, for too many reasons to explain.



Do you shoot digital or film? Both.



What type of camera do you use? For Digital: A Canon Mark 2 / For film: A Contact 645.



What photographer’s had the most influence on your work? Brassaï.



What’s your favorite city? It could be LA ;)



How do you convince your subjects to take their tops off? I say “take your top off.”



How does your new work differ from your earliest work? It’s newer.



Where are you the happiest? In bed.



Who do you despise? Really boring fucking people.



What will you be doing on this day in 10 years? Dead.



Paul Jasmin's Home, Los Angeles, 2009_GAYLETTERPaul Jasmin’s Home, Los Angeles, 2009.


Natalie, Los Angeles, 2009_GAYLETTERNatalie, Los Angeles, 2009.


Josh, Ojai, CA, 2000_GAYLETTERJosh, Ojai, CA, 2000. 


Jason, Los Angeles, 2007_GAYLETTERJason, Los Angeles, 2007.


Jason, LA, 2007_GAYLETTERJason, LA, 2007.


Haddawy Home, Los Angeles, 2006_GAYLETTERHaddawy Home, Los Angeles, 2006.


Clint, Charolette and Oliver, Big Bear,CA, 1998_GAYLETTERClint, Charolette and Oliver, Big Bear,CA, 1998.


Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, 2008_GAYLETTERChateau Marmont, Los Angeles, 2008.


Carver, Bellport, NY_GAYLETTERCarver, Bellport, NY.


Brett, LA, 2009_GAYLETTERBrett, LA, 2009.


Brett, LA, 2009 (1)_GAYLETTERBrett, LA, 2009.


Ben, Los Angeles, 2003_GAYLETTERBen, Los Angeles, 2003.


Ben, LA, 2003_GAYLETTERBen, LA, 2003.


Audi, Hollywood, CA, 1989_GAYLETTERAudi, Hollywood, CA, 1989.


Ben and Matt, Sun Valley, 2005_GAYLETTERBen and Matt, Sun Valley, 2005.





Tuesday 09.16.14


A night of freaks and oddities...


Expect some weird magic tonight at Friends and Lovers. The queer Brooklyn venue hosts Culture Whore’s Bi-Monthly (and far more than bi-curious) “freak circus” bringing all sorts of strange and enchanted creatures to 641 Classon. Hold on tight but don’t be scared, this month’s edition melds the usual party-til-late mentality with a more performance-based showcase to comfort the nerves of those unwilling to get the club turnt up on a Tuesday.


If you want to let your freak flag fly and maybe find some likeminded strangers Sideshow is the place to be. Mark Dommu, half of the founding duo of The Culture Whore wrote us “this month we have more freak than ever: drag darlings Lucy Balls (pictured), Madame Vivien V and Momo Shade; synth mistress Louvel; up-and-coming rap sensation Dick Van Dick; experimental dancer Tyler Ashley; and performance art from The Culture Whores themselves, Boywolf and myself. David Sokolowski will be playing weird grooves all night so you can let loose on the floor between shows…” Come experience a miracle, feel the magic and revel in the drag of it all because who needs to wait ’til hump day to see some freaky shit on a stage.


$10, 9:00PM, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Ave. Brooklyn, NY.





Saturday 09.13.14

An evening with Holly Woodlawn


There are not a lot of Warhol superstars left alive, Edie, Viva, Candy DarlingTaylor Mead and Jackie Curtis just to name a few have all perished BUT thankfully there is one star still shining and her name is Holly Woodlawn. As part of the unique series Genderfluid, Ms. Woodlawn will be interviewed by none other than Michael Musto tonight, September 13 at 8:00PM at the Nagelberg Theatre at the Baruch Performing Arts Center.


Director Paul Morrisey from the Warhol filmmaking entourage will introduce Holly who will also be sharing rare clips from her own collection of film, stage and tv appearances as well as perform a few songs live. I hear she’s also singing the classic “Walk On The Wild Side” that Lou Reed wrote about Holly!


I looked up Genderfluid out of curiosity and found this fitting explanation “a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl.” A definition that suits Ms. Woodlawn who is truly a living legend and a superb closing to Genderfluid, the weeklong festival of performance, film and art that ends tonight. Grab a ticket and take a ride to the wild side.


$25, $50 VIP includes preferred seating and backstage photo op, 8:00PM, Nagelberg Theatre at Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Ave. (enter on 25th St.) NY, NY.

Thursday 09.11.14


In celebration of their listing with NASDAQ with a special performance by Nick Jonas

Tuesday 09.09.14

Rochambeau Spring/Summer 2015 Presentation

Scenes from the runway and backstage at NYFW

Monday 09.08.14

Devon Halfnight Leflufy & Pyer Moss S/S 2015

Scenes from their presentation at MADE Fashion Week — NYFW

Saturday 09.06.14

DEGEN Spring/Summer 2015

Scenes from the collection at Pier 59 Studios during NYFW

Friday 09.05.14



Here’s something truly novel to do. Artist extraordinaire Oliver Herring is hosting his first free, open to the public TASK party in Madison Square Park this Saturday from 6:00-9:00PM. What is a TASK party you may ask? It is “an improvisational art experience where participants follow two simple rules.” Firstly, you write down a task on a piece of paper and add it to a designated “task pool.” Then you pull a task from that pool and interpret it using the provided props and materials. Once you have successfully completed your task, you write a new one down and add it to the pool, pull a new task to execute and the party goes on.


“TASK is also a means to creatively connect people to one another and their immediate environment” Herring adds. There will be DJ Kristine Barilli spinning vinyl to keep things popping followed by DJ Prestige who will also be spinning discs. And if all the action makes you hungry, not to worry there will be food and refreshments for sale. I say throw caution to the wind, take a break from the US Open (I love tennis) and come out to Madison Square Park for a happening like no other, you will be intrigued for sure.


FREE, 6:00PM, Madison Square Park at 26th St. between Madison Ave. and Fifth Ave. NY, NY. Click here for more info.