Saturday 07.19.14

SUPERM FRUIT Opening Reception at the gallery Please Do Not Enter in LA

The solo presentation marking 10 years of the fruitful collaboration between Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny — The exhibition is on view until August 15th.

Friday 07.18.14

The Dirty Triff at Le Baron

Hosted by Issa Israel — with Juliana Huxtable, Merrie Cherry, Will Sheridan, Charlie Klarsfeld, Mark Dommu and more...

Thursday 07.17.14

Batty Boy

A New Summer Party!!!


The Summer seems to get Gio Black Peter worked up and in a horny mood, that’s why he’s back with a brand new party on July 17th at a secret location. He told me that it’s “a dance party that started in his apartment last Summer and since my apt has a max capacity of 66 boys (remember my last house party?) … I’ve decided to bring the party to a bigger spot to accommodate all my horny gay and bisexual friends.”


Music will provided by Gio himself and Drrty Pharms, plus there’s a special performance by the adorable Tyler Ashley — who will be previewing his upcoming show Kidnap Me (it premieres on July 21th at Dixon Place) plus Jessica Yatrofsky of fame is also doing an installation to set the mood.


I highly recommend you attend Batty Boy — trust GAYLETTER with this one. Gio is going to take his pants off at some point during the night, so you are guaranteed to see some peen. What else is happening? Gio adds: “You can expect cute guys with boners in basketball mesh shorts on the dance floor dancing, drinking, making out and performing other fun activities…” OK, got it, we would expect nothing less from you Gio.


RSVP for secret location at, 10:00PM.

Wednesday 07.16.14

Julian Zigerli’s ‘Life is one of the Hardest’

Backstage images from the Spring/Summer 2015 Show at Milan Fashion Week

Tuesday 07.15.14

Joey Arias T-shirt Launch and the party: Strut


There’s a lot going on tonight at ACME on Great Jones St. First up, at 9:00PM, is the T-shirt launch for the legendary (we don’t use that term lightly) Joey Arias. Who knew that Joey was into T-shirts? Whenever I see her, she’s usually clad head-to-toe in some custom Mugler. I guess these t’s are for when she has some downtime — they’re to be worn around the house, or for a casual walk around the neighborhood. I digress. The T-shirts are in collaboration with Robert W. Richards and Deryck Todd.  Which speaking of Todd, he’s the man responsible for the whole night. He’s enlisted Flotilla Debarge to DJ the event and Joey will also be performing live.


After the T-shirt launch stick around for Strut (ACME’s new-ish weekly party). From 11pm onwards, Todd has pulled together an impressive group of hosts for the night (and I’m not just saying that because we’re involved…well maybe a little, but trust it’s a cunt lineup). Here’s who to keep an eye out for: Joey Arias (of course), DJ David Sokolowski, Leo Gugu, Earl Dax, Sam Jones, Matthew Gagnon, Kevin Gallo, Ezra Xavier, Maddelynn Hatter, Damn the Light, Shawn Paul Mazur, Sophia Lamar, and YOU.


There’s going to be an ugly sweater contest, and all sorts of trill trouble. Call your dealer, call your dad, we want to see you strut!


 FREE (Mention GAYLETTER), 9:00PM-late, ACME, 9 Great Jones St. NY, NY.


Monday 07.14.14

Hi, Jemar


Jemar is a 22-year-old from Minneapolis, MN. He’s still living there, but he’s moving to LA at the end of the year. He went to California Institute of the Arts for a couple years to study Theater and Acting. “I’ve been acting since I was 14, my dream job is to be a sucessful actor…” He’s lived with his boyfriend for about 3-months now; they met at a photo shoot. His first sexual experience with a guy was when he was 15. “Most people think I’m straight when they meet me… I’m never afraid to correct them.”


When it comes what he likes it’s a boy who’s smart and motivated, “someone who has a drive to be a successful somebody and who’s into fitness.” Jemar works out about 5-6 times a week. His favorite part of his body is his butt, “beause it’s juicy and I can make it clap lol. I get great compliments on it.” That’s a great skill to have in 2014 with all the twerking competition out there. On other guys he likes a nice chest. Also, when it’s time to sleep he goes to bed naked.


His ideal date would be “during the day, maybe a day festival/fair or something with adrenaline, then maybe a nice dinner, then go out dancing…” 
His go-to cocktail is a Moscow Mule. He’s the most happy with the company of great friends, acting, working-out and good food. He enjoys being outdoors, he likes to frequent “any moving body of water. There’s something about moving water that relaxes me. I like to go down by the river here.”


We asked Jemar to take a few selfies wearing our classic GAYLETTER t-shirt, and some without it. He looks rather sexy, have a look.





















Saturday 07.12.14

Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival


You may have partied hard the way only Fire Islanders can over Pride and the 4th of July weekends, but wait … there’s more gay fun to be had! This Saturday, July 12th, the Fire Island Pines Arts Project is hosting the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival. We know what you’re thinking: poetry party? Well, as if the line up of big names such as Edmund White and Saeed Jones isn’t enough to send you rushing to pack your weekend bag, organizer Adam Fitzgerald insists that, far from a sombre affair, attendees can expect “mosh pits, flying dildos and thongs!”

From 4:00-6:00PM, poets will be reading selected poems of Frank O’Hara as well as their own in celebration and memorial of one of our most iconic gay poets. Sadly, O’Hara’s love of Fire Island took on a tragic hue when he died in a freak accident on the beach in 1966. At only $10 a ticket, this beautiful tribute to a beautiful man is an absolute summer must.


Click here for tickets.

Wednesday 07.09.14

Free Concert: New York Philharmonic in Prospect Park


Who doesn’t love a picnic? Pack up the wine, cheese, deviled eggs and a bag of cherries and head over to Prospect Park tonight around 7:00PM, lay down your blanket and pop that cork because the fucking NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC is putting on a free concert that starts at 8:00PM sharp. I’m bringing some lovely tomme de savoie, a baguette and a bottle or two of organic Malbec that I plan on having all to myself, unless you’re cute in which case I’ll share.


The program for the evening will include some Strauss, Smetana (Widely regarded in his homeland as the father of Czech music, I googled) and the overture fantasy from Romeo and Juliet, by none other than Pyotr Tchaikovsky. I also hear, although it may be a rumor, that there will be fireworks. The brilliant conductor and music director of the Philharmonic Alan Gilbert will be at the helm so be assured it will be an impeccable night of music. Arrive on the early side to secure a good spot, I’m sure the savvy New Yorkers will come fast and hard for an opportunity like this!


FREE, 8:00PM, Prospect Park at the Long Meadow Ballfields.

Monday 07.07.14

The boys of Bonnaroo 2014

A photographic trip to the famous festival


Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival nestled in the heart of Tennessee is an 80,000 strong convergence of campers all loyal to the the high-five ideology of “radiating positivity” while listening to some world famous musical acts. Elton John’s set was a showstopper as were those by the amazing Jack White, Frank Ocean, Lionel Richie, Die Antwood, Disclosure, Janelle Monaé and Bobby Womack (his final show before his recent death). All together there were about 100 bands playing throughout the 4 days. But the music itself is only half the Bonnaroo equation. The magic of “being on the farm,” as they call it, is living in a tent, floating around in the heat, and meeting new friends in the bliss of the moment.


Ah, but I’ve been to Coachella, I hear you say. Bonnaroo couldn’t be father from the experience of it’s somewhat superficial West Coast cousin. Sleeping in a tent and living 4 days off-the-grid creates an atmosphere of “we’re in this together” amongst the Bonnorovians.


There’s plenty to do at the festival besides listen to music. Just take a walk to “This Tent,” “That Tent” and “The Other Tent.” This year there was comedy from Broad City, a giant waterside, World Cup broadcast on giant a screen under an artsy color wheel tent, and of course, the Silent Disco. If there was ever a worthy contender to Woodstock, Bonnaroo might be just be it. This year I got lost there photographing all manner of freaks and geeks, and some wicked hot boys too.


Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__00043 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__00075 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_2A_00072 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_2A_00105 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00003-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_4_00004 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00004-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00004 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_4A_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5_00006 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00005 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5A_00043 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5A_00102 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_6_00007 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00006 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_6A_00104 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00007 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_7A_00067 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_9_00136 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_9A_00098 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13A_00097 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14A_00060 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14A_00093 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_15_00161 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_15A_00092 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16_00129 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16_00162 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16A_00231 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_17_00017 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_17_00128 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_18A_00056-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_20_00166 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_21_00022 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_32A_00247 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_33A_00005 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_33A_00041 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00039 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00044 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00074 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00081 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00147 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00150 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00169 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00174 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00245 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__2A_00040 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__3A_00072 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__5A_00105 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__6A_00101 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__7_00066 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__10_00011 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__10_00189 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__22_00023 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__22_00168 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00024-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00024 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00122 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__24_00121 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__24_00170 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__27_00046 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__27_00173 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__28_00045 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__30_00031-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__30_00115 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__31_00210 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__32_00032 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__32_00211 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__33_00179 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__34_00180 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__35_00181 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__37_00038 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__37_00074 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00076 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00077 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00085 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00088 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00089 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00092 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00100 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00102 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00103 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00107 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00183 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00186 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00188 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00197 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00201 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00206 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00216 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8_00008 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00046 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00066 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10_00010 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10A_00100-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10A_00100 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00027 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00049 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12_00012 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12_00013 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12A_00062 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12A_00095 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13_00013 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13_00159 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14_00160 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_19A_00234 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_21A_00053 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_23A_00051 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_23A_00238 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_24A_00014 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_24A_00050 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00049 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00050 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00082 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_26A_00084 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_27A_00048 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_27A_00080 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_32A_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_35A_00039

Friday 07.04.14

A CLUB CALLED RHONDA at The Gansevoort Hotel

The “pansexual” party from LA comes to NY for Gay Pride