Thursday 08.28.14


Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change


Unless you’ve been living in a climate-controlled cave these past few years, you’ll have noticed that something disturbing is up with the weather. People’s Climate March is coming to New York City in a big way next month, and the LGBTQ group Our Fight Too is working to organize the queer community to join in the fight.


On August 28th, a group of performers and DJs are hosting QUEEN/HOUSE/EFFECT: Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change in Brooklyn. From 9:00PM, One Last Shag will be offering performances by Glittered and Mauled, Neocamp, Susana Cook, Red Durkin and Reginald M Lamar and DJ sets by David John Sokolowski and Patrick Robbins. Eric Schmalenberger is in charge of décor and Untitled Queen is “Queen of the Thunderdome” — and it’s all absolutely FREE! So come out, enjoy a few drinks and experience the climate crisis through the eyes and hearts of queer artists and musicians in preparation for the big march. The March is taking happening on September 21th — they say it will be the “largest climate march in history.” Exciting!


Click here for more info.

Wednesday 08.27.14

Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich

Watch the exclusive video interview with Hamm Samwich

Citizen Samwich_GAYLETTER

Queen of Facebook rage and former hardcore rapper Hamm Samwich is giving you Tori moments on August 27th at Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich. Hamm is famous for being angry and smart as f***k and dominating the Brooklyn drag scene, but tonight shit is gonna get intimate. She’ll be playing selections from her upcoming electronic album “Citizen Samwich” with those gorgeous Ars Nova acoustics.


Expect surprise covers, appearances from comedians John Early and Jacqueline Novak and your girl Charlene. Hamm’s brazen intellect will be on full display, with a Q&A and plenty of room for rants. Hamm is a musical force and we’re excited to see her in a venue where we can actually hear the bitch.



Watch the video interview below with Hamm Sanwich about drag, rage, sex and taking yourself seriously — when by profession you are a joke:




Click here to listen to Hamm’s beautiful Solange cover.



Now get tickets for her show – Lecture + Demo: Citizen Samwich

$15, 8:00PM, Ars Nova, 511 West 54th St. NY, NY.


10th Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition


The Tom of Finland Foundation is calling on you, artistic babies. The foundation, which honors and preserves the legacy of the iconic erotic artist, is returning for the 10th time with its annual Emerging Artists Competition.


Contestants are asked to showcase work that falls in one of five categories — single figure, dual figure, multiple figure, fantasy, photography. However these categories are illustrated is up to the artist. The grand prize is this lovely “Tom of Finland Preparatory” drawing.


The deadline for the contest has been extended to November 3rd, so you have plenty of time to sharpen your pencils and find your muse. Or your daddy.


For more details about the contest, click here.

Monday 08.18.14

Mega T-Dance at Montreal Pride

Images from the outdoor dance party at Place Émilie-Gamelin

Sunday 08.17.14

The 2014 Montreal LGBTQA Parade

Scenes from our visit to the colorful march

Wednesday 08.13.14

Hi, Jordan


Jordan is 29-years-old and originally from Southern California. He grew up in Los Angeles in a city called Rancho Cuacamonga. He is now living in Brooklyn, NY. He came to NYC almost 10 years ago to go to performance art school. He describes himself as a vocalist and performance artist. He realized he liked boys when he was in High School… “I had a really good friend, who is straight and was like a brother to me. I never felt anything romantic towards him but one night we went out for fast food and he acted like he was my boyfriend and pretended to pick a fight with me. I was so embarrassed and wouldn’t play along. I went home that night and was like, oh….” Sounds sweet.


For those of you that want a piece of Jordan, he’s not single, he has been dating a guy for a few months — they don’t live together, but they see each other often since they live close by. Jordan is a romantic boy when it comes to the perfect date, “I like romantics — Not sorry about that — sunsets, walks around the city and conversations… But the perfect date is probably a trip somewhere. Camping or maybe Montreal…that place is incredible. It’s only 6 or 7 hours from NYC on a bus and there’s a million things to do from art, to nature, to nightlife, to extreme nightlife.”  His go-to cocktail is whiskey on the rocks. He keeps in good shape by doing cardio, lots of dancing, “never lifting too heavy…”


His favorite part of a man is his face, “a good face is a good face.” When it comes to his body he likes his height, “It’s not at all average,” and his lips “I like that my lips are a bit thin. I used to wish I had more pronounced lips but then I had my first real kiss and realized that they’re just fine.”  He told us that one of the things that really turns him on in a boy is a good sense of humor, “make me laugh and I’m bound to want to know more about you.” Things that make him happy “laughing with friends — like, laughing to tears, pop concerts, good story telling…” When it’s time for Jordan to go to sleep he told us, “I actually prefer briefs but every now and then I like how my comforter feels wearing nothing.” 


We asked Jordan to take a few selfies wearing our GAYLETTER Classic T-shirt, below is what he sent to us from Brooklyn — We are really into that hair!


















Monday 08.04.14

Flamingo Rampant

The Gaybies need your help!


The world is made up of millions of families, each with their own unique story. However, when these stories are written in books for kids, they too often illustrate a singular image or definition of what it means to be a family.


Flamingo Rampant, a micro-press based in Toronto and operating out of Philadelphia, is looking to change that. Through a subscription service of six different books that “celebrate the great and wide variety of LGBTQ2S kids, families, and communities,” readers will receive brand new stories written specifically for Flamingo Rampant.


Often stories written for these communities focus on difficult issues like bullying and self-acceptance. Flamingo Rampant wants to offer a different perspective, one focused on celebration and joy, and show what is great about families. “[These books] give small humans positive images of LGBT people to drift off to dreamland with,” says Flamingo Rampant co-founder Bear Bergman. “That’s good for queerspawn and gender-independent kids because it’s validating. Happy snuggly dreams, little gaybies!”


To do this, these folks need your help. Gosh, the GAYBIES need your help. With just a week left in their Kickstarter campaign, Flamingo Rampant needs a total of $49k pledged. You’ll be funding sweet stories for families and little queerlets around the country. Plus, Bergman told us the books will arrive in a bright pink envelope, and “almost certainly with some glitter.”


So, dear readers, click here and help these kiddos color their world.

Friday 08.01.14

Tyler Ashley’s Birthday Day Rage: SHOWZ & Slip n’ Slidez

An event presented by Dauphine of Bushwick

Tuesday 07.29.14

Newfest Closing Night Gala with Bruce LaBruce’s Gerontophilia


Just when you think you’ve see it all, along comes a film to totally blow your mind, flip your equilibrium and open up tracks of thought you never imagined possible. The film I’m talking about is Canadian provocateur Bruce LaBruce‘s Gerontophilia, a love story about a gorgeous young man named Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie) who has a relentless appetite for men of the geriatric persuasion. To satiate his needs, Lake takes a job at a nursing home where he falls hard for one of the residents named Mr Peabody (Walter Borden).


In this revolutionary tale director La Bruce, “…dares us to look beyond fetish to embrace the beauty of all stages of life.” The closing night gala includes the New York Premiere of this film, a pre-screening cocktail party, a Q & A with the director and a private after-party. Come with your guns fully loaded it’s sure to be a banging affair.


$15 screening only/$45 Gala ticket, 5:30PM cocktails, 7:00PM screening, Walter Reade Theatre 165 W. 65th St. NY, NY.

Sunday 07.27.14

Joey Arias’ Official T-shirt launch & the party STRUT

The event was presented by Deryck Todd, with special guests Robert Richards and Earl Dax, plus a special performance by Joey Arias at Acme