Thursday 07.30.15

Hidden Among the Leaves

Signing & launch with artist Christopher Schulz

Hidden Among the Leaves_GAYLETTER

Printed Matter — that tiny little maze of a store — has everything; feminist, drugs, minimalism, sex and of course, queer work. As we mentioned in an earlier post they’re closing and moving soon, but they’ve still busy turning out events on the daily. Working till the last minute is fierce!


They are having a launch event on Thursday, July 30th, Christopher Schulz will be releasing Hidden Among The Leaves. The zine is 28 pages, printed in Black & white and color comes from Pupa Press, who publish their own content mostly under the zine format. For their 12th issue of their series Básicos (Basics), Schulz has taken images from his periodical, Pinups. It operates primarily based on a single male nude (OK…) that ultimately can be turned into a large-scale poster. Though for Hidden Among the Leaves, he “takes the idea of re-composition further, leading Schulz to cut up the images themselves and present them in new arrangements, creating new narratives of the photo project.” I haven’t seen Pinups in the flesh, because I am fairly new at GAYLETTER, but I do love what I’ve seen on the internet (Google it — The past covers are hot). Maybe I’m biased toward black and white photography, or maybe I just like bears, who knows! Regardless, I’m interested in this work.


The event sounds like a cool thing to check out and no, this heat won’t be breaking anytime soon, so if you must, think of another excuse. The weather is hot. This zine looks hot. We’ll can all shvitz together.


6:00PM-8:00PM, Printed Matter, Inc., 195 10th Ave., NY, NY.

Thursday 07.23.15

Event: Dirty Looks – On Location + Opening Ceremony present From The Doom Generation to Dawn

Greg Araki is one of my favorite directors. Smiley Face starring Anna Faris is one of the most singular and fucking hilarious films I have ever seen. It’s a stoner film that captures the experience of being super, super high, in all its absurdity, so fucking well. Araki’s filmography is long and impressive and this Thursday, July 23 Dirty Looks On Location has teamed up with Opening Ceremony (he recently made a short film for Kenzo, who’s designers also run OC) to screen one of Araki’s best films, the 1995 road movie starring Rose McGowan: ‘The Doom Generation.’ “Blending his early Godardian formal approaches with an MTV flair for blood, guts, and stunt casting (including Margaret Cho, Porno For Pyro’s Perry Farrell, Heidi Fleiss, and former cast members of the Love Boat, The Brady Bunch and Herbie, the Love Bug) Araki’s Doom Generation is the penultimate midnight movie of the 90s, a total cult sensation and the central installment in Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy.” Rose Mcgowan will appear in person at the screening and I’m sure give some fascinating insight into the film and Araki as a director. I’m sure it’ll be a night filled with 90’s teen angst. You’ll love it!

8:00PM, Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave. NY, NY.


Saturday 07.18.15


A long-time GAYLETTER fanboy (that’s how he referred himself and that definitely got our attention) Albert Beniada sent us an email about this event. We were so excited to learn about this non-profit film collective of about 75 filmmakers called FilmShop. “Our main program is our workshop, where filmmakers come together weekly to workshop their passion projects. At the end of the workshop season we throw a big screening party to celebrate, and it’s usually based on a theme that we vote on.” This Saturday, July 18th, you’ll have an opportunity to attend this event. The filmmakers will focus on “the theme of strange bedfellows through a series of short films varied in genre and style. The night’s festivities will also include live performances by electro-pop bands Strange Cat and Loving You and a special collaborative dance performance co-curated with the Creators Collective. An all-vinyl dance party with NYC staple DJ Babyblu will take us into the wee hours.” Check out their promo video here. You’re welcome!

$15, 7:30PM, Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th St., BK, NY


Thursday 07.16.15

LBGT Frida Kahlo night at NYBG


I’m pretty sure you like gardens, I don’t need to ask about costume parties, and I’d bet you a rimjob you already adore Frida Kahlo. So it’s settled. Frida al Fresco is this Thursday, July 16th, at the New York Botanical Garden and it’s got all of those things.


I keep hearing about the reimagining of Frida’s “Blue House” and now NYBG is mixing in free Modelo and a Frida look-alike contest. Yes! loads of boys in drag as Frida Kahlo. “Stroll through Kahlo’s beloved Casa Azul in the Conservatory, see rare works in the art gallery, and then transport yourself to Mexico via live music and performance art, all enjoyed with a complimentary Modelo.” Okay. While I’m not sure the claim to out-of-body Mexican authenticity is going to hold up, the art is going to be fantastic, the beer cold, and the unibrows on point. And, if you dress up like Frida, you’re probably going to win a prize. It may or may not be a rimjob.




$25-35, 6:30PM-9:30PM, 2900 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY.

Saturday 07.11.15


We’ve probably mentioned a million times that we loooove an outdoor event, we even go to the park to play badminton sometimes, yeah we got that thirst for the sun! I’m From Driftwood is throwing their 5th annual Summer BBQ fundraiser. We’ve been going to their past BBQs and we always have a blast — an outdoor space, an open bar of rum, corn, beer and vodka, boys to talk to and flirt with, delicious gourmet food prepared by our friend, and the food editor at Tasting Table, Andy Baraghani — what’s not to love? The last time I saw Andy he wasn’t very friendly to me, but I assure you he’s gonna be all smiley and cooking tasty stuff, that homo can cook — I also love that I can call him out in this newsletter. This event is for a great cause, for those of you that don’t know what I’m From Driftwood is, please google it, they are a great site that has been creating a very important archive of coming out stories and spreading the love around America. They recently got this comment from a sweet boy: “As a 15 year old homosexual boy I am often told that I will never live a normal life, these stories help me stay positive and strong. Thank you so much.” Not to mention for GAYLETTER readers, they’re offering a steeeep discount. See you by the grill!

Enter code “GAYLETTER” for 50% off tix, 3:00PM, Hartley House, 413 W. 46th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 07.09.15

Printed Matter, Inc. Moving Sale


In 1976, Printed Matter, Inc. opened its doors with the “mission to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists’ books and other artists’ publications.” Nearly 30 years later, the store continues to support contemporary artists and independent publications. Naturally, they carry GAYLETTER.


The 10th Avenue location is pretty tight, but they’re moving to a corner spot nearly double the size on 11th Avenue and are set to open in September. Like any store really should, Printed Matter is kicking off their final days with a little Wednesday night kiki. Starting today, July 9 and through the end of July, the store will be selling available items at “discounts up to 50% and beyond.” I can’t guarantee they’re hinting at that ridiculous 90% off, but let’s hope? A cute, thick artbook can liven up any space, so here’s your chance to do so while helping out a legendary organization. From 5:00-8:00PM there will be cocktails and refreshments, plus music by RVNG INTL’s Matt Werth and Georgia. Go get a little mid-week buzz on and shop the sale before everything is gone!

Wednesday 07.01.15

Dirty Looks: On Location 2015 – Fire Island Film + Sound

DIrtyLooksOn Location_GAYKETTER

Dirty Looks: On Location is a film series created Bradford Nordeen. Tonight (Wednesday 1st July) he has enlisted Sam Ashby and Ginger Brooks Takahashi to curate the first screening for 2015.  Sam Ashby is a London based artist, designer, writer and he has been a long time friend to GAYLETTER and we can vouch that his taste is unique, and impeccable. He has a great talent of sniffing out under-appreciated queer films that are worth re-watching. His film publication Little Joe has been around since 2010 and is a wonderful “forum for the discussion of film around subjects of sexuality and gender within a queer historical context.”


The event takes place at White Columns on east 13th street. If you’re unfamiliar with the space here’s a little backstory: White Columns is “New York’s oldest alternative art space. It was founded in 1970 by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark as an experimental platform for artists. 


Ginger Brooks Takahashi is the “co-founder of LTTR, a queer and feminist art journal, and projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, a traveling exhibit of artist books and zines. She received her BA from Oberlin College, attended the Whitney Independent Study Program, and is a member of the touring musical act MEN.”


The event sounds super interesting, the films being shown are drawn from Ashby’s archive of movies made on Fire Island, and is “activated through Ginger Brooks Takahashi’s live modular synthesizer soundtrack, Fire Island Film + Sound is an audio-visual experience that explores the Island as a site of queer exile, utopia, sexual liberation and trauma.”


We just got back from Fire Island last night. While there, it’s almost impossible not to be conscious of the incredible queer history of the place. It’s kind of a Mecca for gays, and it’s important that we honor its history. Tonight’s event does just that. We suggest you all take a trip through the Meat Rack, grab a drink at Low-Tea and then get on a ferry back to the city and head on over to White Columns on 13th street for a night you won’t soon forget.


8:00PM, White Columns, 320 West 13th St. (Enter on Horatio St.), NY, NY.

Friday 06.26.15

Event: Paris is Burning

It wouldn’t be a GAYLETTER Pride without a Paris is Burning screening. It’s also a great opportunity for those of you that haven’t seen this film. I mean if you haven’t I am not sure what you are doing on this earth, but here’s what it’s about: Paris Is Burning “is an intimate and moving portrait of the Harlem drag balls of the 1980s, which were, and are still held between rival “houses” that served at once as intentional families, social groups and performance teams. The film illuminates a world of sustenance and joy that one group of New Yorkers created in the face of racism, poverty, transphobia and homophobia, and won wide acclaim beyond Sundance.” The feature will be introduced by director Jennie Livingston and by Junior LaBeija and Dr. Sol Williams Pendavis, both of them are featured in the film. After you watch this film you’ll be ready for our PRIDE Ball at the Wythe Hotel (see Saturday). Amongst other things you’ll get to see an amazing presentation by the House of LaBeija and the House of Mugler. We are gonna have a Ball! #shedonealreadydonehadherses

7:30PM, CELEBRATE BROOKLYN!, 141 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 06.24.15

Event: Hebro Pride Party

Do you want a Jewish boyfriend? I do, and we’re both in luck because the fantastic, cutting edge Jewish Museum on 92nd St. and 5th Ave is hosting a Hebro Pride Party this Thursday, June 24th, from 6:00-10:00PM and included in the experience is exclusive access to all the current exhibitions which I had the pleasure of seeing already and they are quite intriguing. "Hebro was established in 2008 by Jayson Littman with the mission of creating a community of gay Jews to celebrate their unique culture and identity.” I say Mazeltov! There’s djs and an open bar for the entire evening. Last year 250 hot men came uptown for a Hebrew kiki. On the ground floor the exhibition is titled "Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television," the first show of it’s kind to "explore how avant-garde art influenced the look and content of network tv in its formative years.” Upstairs Laurie Simmons (Lena Dunham’s mom) has six new portraits in How We See based on the “doll girl” community — you know those crazy people that alter themselves to look like Barbie, baby dolls and Japanese anime characters. I say you can’t plan a better evening out and who knows, you may just end up with a ripped Israeli hunk from Tel Aviv. Go get it!

$35, 6:00PM-10:00PM, The Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Tuesday 06.23.15

GAYLETTER’s Pride Guide 2015


NYC Pride is the perfect opportunity to indulge in some non-stop summer partying while also supporting the LGBTQ community and celebrating our fierce-as-fuck history. That being said, there are almost too many things to do, so GAYLETTER is here to lend a ‘helping hand.’ We’ve made you a definitive list of parties and community events that you can’t afford to miss — if it’s not on the guide, it’s probably not worth going to.


While I know we’re all about equality these days, don’t for one second think there isn’t a party-archy here: the GAYLETTER Pride Ball is all you’ll be doing this Saturday night — they’re ain’t no party like a GAYLETTER party ‘cos a GAYLETTER party is… MANDATORY! We’ve got free tequila, boys on PReP plus we’ll be donating a percentage of the tickets sales to FIERCE an awesome charity that helps support LGBTQI kids of color. Come for the vogueing, come for the surprise guest, or just come for the community. We’ll all be there.


Your Pride week starts now…





PARTY: Azealia Banks at WestGay
The legendary party WestGay is coming to an end. As one of their last events, they’re bringing the super-cunt Azealia Banks. It’s the grand exit for this iconic space, and it’s setting the tone for the rest of pride week. WestGay will not be forgotten.
$20, 10:00PM, The Westway @ 75 Clarkson Street, New York, NY.


Remember Strut? We do too. The pride edition is happening at Acme, a fabulous restaurant famous for attracting fashion queens. It all feels very “classy.” Acme is low-key, and the event has lots of nightlife staples like Sophia Lamar, Zachary Taylor, Mikey Hafez, Beverly Sage and Zach Ligas, to name a few. Start off pride week right — this place knows how to make a martini.
FREE, 10:00PM, 9 Great Jones St. New York, NY.


PARTY: 1969: A Gay Odyssey
Come to the Stonewall Bar to see Linda Simpson perform a “her-storical” recreation of the night of the infamous riots. But you better be high as fuck because you’re about to travel back in time with an ensemble cast that includes Amber Martin, Bailey Stiles, Macy Rodman and Merrie Cherry as they embark on a “nutty extravaganza” on the eve of history. There will drinks and Go-Go dancers and if you tell the doorman “I’m broke” you get in for half price. I just don’t know what else you could ask for?
$5-10, 8:00PM, 53 Christopher St. New York, NY.






EVENT: Hebro Pride
Still looking for a Jewish boy to bring home to your mother? I’m not even Jewish, and I am. Whatever. Hebro has your quota taken care of. Taking place on the Upper East Side at the Jewish Museum, this event has got Charlotte York written all over it. There’s an open wine & beer bar and plenty of art to be seen, plus the space is gorgeous. Between the boys and the ambiance, you’ll be fully satisfied.
$25-35, 6:00PM – 10:00PM, 92nd and 5th Ave. New York, NY.


EVENT: Hunting Season Bar Crawl

I was originally dissuaded by the lack of information on the Facebook page, but I think we can just do a quick analysis of the event name for this one. Join the cast of Hunting Season  for a bar crawl from Bar Catalina to Barrage to Boxers to Atlas Social Club to Therapy and then finally to Flaming Saddles. Every bar will have a drink special. You’re getting increasingly drunk with a group of “hunters.” Everyone’s looking for fresh meat. You’re on all fours.

5:00PM, Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY.






EVENT: Velvet Gloves X highline: Pride edition
So, I’m inclined to go to this just to watch boys hit each other. Velvet Gloves has teamed up with the High Line for some pride-week boxing catharsis. With Francisco Liuzzi from Innervation Fitness, you will be lead through warm-up, technique, mitt/glove work, and cool-down. It’s sure to be sweaty, so make sure to bring water and wear appropriate clothing. I’m thinking singlets. Just don’t forget your own 180” handwraps. There will be no fist to face contact, so you can still look cute for the weekend. Beginners welcome.
FREE, 7:00PM, 14th Street Overpass on the High Line, New York, NY.



PARTY: Pat Pride
All you have to do is look at the list of DJs: Lady Miss Kier, JD Samson, Aaron Clark, Amber ValentineVicki Powell, and Robi D Light. Plus, Union Pool’s front and back offer plenty of space to find your next Brooklyn hook up. We’re not totally sure if the decor is a gimmick, but this place is always playing the best music and hosting our favorite DJs, so we don’t read too much into it.
FREE, 10:00PM, 484 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY.



Barefoot Wine Bear Garten Pride Celebration
What queen doesn’t love the idea of a free wine event during Pride? Be real. We know, it’s Barefoot, but DJ Kevin Graves is in charge of music and it’s hosted by Miss Holly Dae, so just get over it. Also Rupaul’s Drag Race winner and everyone’s favorite narcoleptic Jinkx Monsoon will be performing (not sleeping) with fan fave Alaska – hiiiiiiiiiiiie!
Free, 7:00-10:00PM,  The Park, 118 10th Ave,  New York, NY 10011



DUH NYC is kicking off the weekend with their signature Thursday night banger, and they’ve stepped it up for all the fresh homos here for pride. “Young Bloods” anyone? Anyway, they’ve got MIA’s protege Rye Rye performing, along with Chapman, Stezus Christ, and Ray Ray. The hosts include Gitoo, Corey Wash, Rembrandt Duran, and Jeff Dorsman. There’s an open bar. There’s a cotton candy machine. It’s Not “duhrassic park” themed. All signs say yes.
FREE,11:00PM, 244 West 14th St. New York, NY.






FILM: Paris is Burning
If you haven’t seen Paris Is Burning, I’m not sure where you’ve been, but here’s your chance. BRIC and Celebrate Brooklyn are screening the film in Prospect Park. Naturally, there is a ball to follow. There will be an introduction from the film’s director Jennie Livingston, and cast members Junior LiBejia and Dr. Sol Williams Pendavis. Vjuan Allure is DJing both ends of the event so voguing is expected. Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza and Jose Disla Xtravaganza will present The Houses United Ball post-screening. Members from the Houses of LaBeija, Xtravaganza, Mizrahi, Khan, Infinity, Milan, Princess will be there. That’s a lot of bolded names. What we really mean to say is: it’s going to be everything hunties…
7:30PM, 141 Prospect Park W. Brooklyn, NY.



PARTY: Everybooty
As you can see by the size of this post, “less is more” has nothing to do with Everybooty. This event covers all four floors of the BAM Fisher Building — from basement to rooftop, its got everything from booze, to art, to readings, to performances. Curated by SPANK, Sarah Jenny, and Big Art Group – they’re not kidding when they say “more-is-more.” The list of performers is so big we don’t even have a cute way to work them into the post: Will Sheridan, Mizz June, The Feath3r Theory, Turnt Up Trifecta (Untitled Queen, Horrorchata & Merrie Cherry with special guest Lady Quesa D’illa), I AM A BOYS CHOIR, Bianca Dagga, BB Heart, The Incredible, Edible Akynos, The Dance Cartel, DJ Sean Be (SPANK), DJ Matty Horrorchata (BE CUTE), DJ Deputy (XANADUDE), and DJ Sveta Spins. It’s a lot. The last three years have sold out so it’s set to be a kickass night. It’s Brooklyn’s take on pride and naturally sounds artsy as fuck. Yas for visual arts!
$20-25, 8:00PM, 321 Ashland Pl. New York, NY.



PARTY: Fantasy: Burlesque Masquerade
The two things we think of when we read Burlesque Masquerade are Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera and Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo + Juliet.  We’ve got the full twink to daddy spectrum here. The event is at NYC’s queer hot spot the Diamond Horseshoe and they’ve invited some out-of-towner DJ’s, so put on a kinky facade and come pick up an anonymous person to go home with.
$39-59, 10:00PM, 154 Christopher Street, Suite 1D, New York, NY.



PARTY: Oasis
In our heaven, IRL and URL combine” is the best and worst thing I’ve ever heard, but regardless I’m interested. Factory Girls and The Culture Whore are hosting, and there are performances by Yolo Ono, JX Cannon, David Sokolowski, J Lamar, and Charlene. The party seems to be pushing the idea of gender fluidity while blurring internet and real life personas. Come as whoever the fuck you want. You might meet an Instagram crush or maybe just your local Grindr troll. But it’s nice to put a face to a username, right? Could be love.
$10-20, 11:00PM, 43 Scott Ave. Brooklyn, NY.



PARTY: Priday
Hot Rabbit teamed up with Live Nation for pride which is pretty mainstream but we can get into it. They’ve turned the old Gramercy Theatre into a two floor, four bar venue so you will be able to cruise left, right, and center. Jiggly Caliente is performing. Remember when she walked the runway swinging the fake, severed leg? Mmhhmm, us too. Hot Rabbit was voted best in queer nightlife by a bunch of different media outlets so they’re going all out for this pride event.
$20-25, 11:00PM – 4AM, Gramercy Theatre, 127 E. 23rd St. New York, NY.
EVENT: Coffee Grinder
The poster for this event features sprinkles which are gay but they also vaguely look like popper bottles which are even gayer. Yas isopentyl nitrate! The event says they’re going to have your usual drinks but also sweets so if you like wine and dessert this event is a yes. Plus, it’s early in the evening so just get a little tipsy and get a leg up on the sugar daddy search.
FREE, 8:00PM – 11:00PM, Baked, 279 Church Street, New York, NY 10013






This is the only place you need to be on Saturday night. We’re coming back for another Pride Ball at the Wythe Hotel. Expect the hottest, horniest and friendliest boys in New York City and a one-hour open tequila bar. Yes God! Need we say more? With performances by HOUSE OF LABEIJA, HOUSE OF MUGLER, JAY BOOGIE, and A SURPRISE GUEST, you should be celebrating pride with us. DJ sets by MICHAEL MAGNAN, JOEY LABEIJA, and UNiiQ3. Our guest hosts include FRANKIE SHARP, LEO GUGU and more… It’s going to be a voguing extravaganza. Plus it’s for a good cause! You better sisssy that walk. See you then.
$20, 7:00PM-1:00AM, 80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.






EVENT: Pride at The Bellhouse
When I saw Alice from the Brady Bunch as the poster-gal for this event, I assumed it was going to be lame as fuck. But it turns out this event is for a fabulous cause! All proceeds go to SAGE, an organization that supports LGBTQ seniors. Featuring John Early, Jemima Kirke and other writers, actors and drag rappers — the Bellhouse booked everyone. The performers even include some GAYLETTER favorites: Cole Escola, Isaac Oliver, and Hamm Samwich, with a special guest Julie Klausner.“What if ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ were hosted by four Mirandas?” Honestly, we have no idea how to even begin answering that, but go support a great cause and find out!
$16, 8:00PM, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY



After 12 years in Berlin, Tel Aviv, London & Belgium, PAG has finally landed in NYC for a post-parade blow out. The DJs for the night are Mikëy Hefez (MTV israel) and Sammy Jo (Scissor Sisters), and the hosts include The Culture Whore, Merrie Cherry, The Dauphne of Bushwick, Domonique Echeverria, and more. If you couldn’t read the poster because of the “bunnies butt-fucking” font it’s written in, you’re not alone. But we get the point — this party is going to be wild.
4PM – 12AM, The Park, 118 10th Ave. New York, NY


EVENT: Dance on the Pier
Do gay people like Ariana Grande? Regardless, Dance on the Pier is in it’s 29th year and who better to celebrate with than that little tiny Italian girl and the LGBTQ community. Hopefully she performs Break Free because One Last Time floats no one’s boat. All proceeds go towards LGBT pride events and local LGBT community organizations. Yes for small business and yes for helping out all of our fellow queers! Fireworks end the night, just in time to usher in July 4th weekend.

$25, 3PM – 10PM, Pier 26, New York, NY. 10013
PARTY: The Unofficial Pier Dance After Party, Glow In The Dark Blacklight Party
So when you aren’t quite done dancing after your time at the Pier, the afterparty is at the Griffin. If you haven’t been, it’s a fieeerce “5 million dollar venue.” Wear whatever feels most EDM-chic: neons, white, kandi, molly… it’s a black-light party so everyone’s going to be fucked up anyway. As a bonus, 50% of door proceeds will be donated directly to the Hetrick-Martin Foundation (Supporter of the Harvey Milk High School) and two outside corporations are matching the final donation, so the total will be TRIPLED. Money, money, money, honey!
$25, 3PM – 10PM, Pier 26, New York, NY. 10013



PARTY: Foxy Brown

Seriously, WestGay is going for it before they close out. Presented by Frankie SharpDiesel, and of course The WestWay, this party has a mean line-up and an actual list of the beautiful people that will be there. Performers include Juliana Huxtable, Joey Labeija, Cazwell & Friends, and Foxy Brown herself. The faces that will grace the evening are Lafem Ladosha, Amy Cakes, Kayrizz, Will Wikle, Chris Harder, and Levi Karter, to name a few. Yes, “beautiful people lists” are everything we want to hate, but what if that list started to overlap with your “fuck list?” I smell social capital!

$25, 10:00PM, 75 Clarkson St. New York, NY.



It’s the annual T-Dance BBQ pride daytime rager. I’m not totally sure what that means, but I know there is going to be music and food and day drinking. Fine, fine and fine. Could be the perfectly masc way to close out a week of faggery, or maybe one last meat fest. Make of it what you will, it’s going to be hot.
$10, 3:00PM – 12:00AM, 18-20 Flushing Ave. Ridgewood, New York, NY.