Friday 01.23.15

Event: BOTTOMS 12”

Some of the boys at GAYLETTER are obsessed with this band, Patrick, one of our magazine editors told me that I must include them in this letter. I was already considering it, but he convinced me: “they are intense and weird...I like that they are danceable but also punk rock...they are dark and real and talk about hating their bodies…” They are also under the label of one of our favorite musicians JD Samson, who’s gonna be djing before their performance along with Ryan Smith (Wrecked) and Cartel (Body). Macy Rodman (from the party Bathsalts) will be taking care of the door. Bottoms (I mean you gotta love that name!) are celebrating the release of their EP ‘Goodbye.’ With all these people involved it’s guaranteed to be a super fun night. Here is what their FB page says about the band in case you’ve never heard of them: “Bottoms are a gender-problematizing goth dance band, made up of Simon Leahy, Michael Prommasit, and Jake Dibeler. Leahy, co-founder of the annual Bushwig festival, spearheaded the new “drag explosion” in the Bushwick nightlife scene. Leahy’s prior band, t3eth, has toured internationally.” Ok, enough said. Bring on the Bottoms!

$15, 10:00PM, SECRET PROJECT ROBOT, 389 MELROSE ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Drag Race Season 7 Pep Rally


Winter can be SUCH a drag. But just as the post-holiday blues are setting in, RuPaul’s Drag Race is back to lift you right up. That’s right, honey. Season 7 is officially here, and you’re invited to kick it off on January 23, 2015 with the NYC Pep Rally.


RPDR Season 7 is already promising to give us something different. Ru has traded in the glitter and sequins of seasons past for a much more minimal look, with a crop of diverse and quirky queens.


“This year we have some of the youngest and oldest contestants in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory,” RuPaul said in a statement. “Study each queen closely. Do not underestimate anyone. The girls that make it to the top this season will shock you.” Oh yas, mama. C’mon!


Presented by Brandon Voss & KennyKenny, tonight’s event will feature performances by the three New York queens: Mrs. Kasha Davis, Miss Fame, and Pearl. Each lady is giving us upstate, uptown, and downtown, respectively. Lady Bunny and Valissa Yoe will be DJing, and Milk will be the hostess for the evening.


It’s all going down at Fever Fridays at The Attic Rooftop & Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen. Sponsored cocktails will be served from 10:30-11:30PM.


And, if you haven’t already, get to know your NY ladies in Logo’s “Meet the Queens” videos here.

Thursday 01.22.15

François Sagat’s Kick Sagat clothing launch


The French, former porn star, actor and director François Sagat is launching his clothing label Kick Sagat this Thursday, January 22 at International Playground at 463 Broome St. from 7:00PM-9:00PM — and yes! Francois will be in attendance. We are so excited to see this man in person, we’ve been counting the hours. Although we might not recognize him with clothes on.


The event will be hosted by Becca McCharen of Chromat and Sonia Agostino. DJ for the night is Christine Tran of Witches. Expect Champagne, hopefully half-naked men and lots of queens running around trying to get a photo next to Sagat’s ass.


Afterwards, for only $5, you can join the after-party celebration at 10:00PM at Eastern Bloc (505 East 5th St.) with music by Casey Spooner and Frankie Sharp. Hosts for the evening include Mickey Boardman, Gio Black Peter and Melissa Burns. This is gonna be one hell of a sexy event!












Sunday 01.18.15

Event: Massive: Gay Erotic Manga & the Men Who Make It

This is one of the coolest events happening in New York City this week and I don’t care if you don’t agree with me. The hyper-masculine world of Japanese gay Manga comes to one of our favorite bookstores in NYC, McNally Jackson Books. They are hosting the event Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It — which is “a survey introduction to a diverse and important group of men responsible for some of the most emblematic gay manga drawn for fellow gay (and non-gay!) readers.”  Some editors and designers behind the anthology will be in attendance including Anne Ishii - Massive, editor and the publisher of The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame, Graham Kolbeins, editor and designer at MASSIVE, a super cool label inspired by Japanese gay art, and Chip Kidd (just google him, he’s famous). The book signing starts at 7:00PM and according to the press release there’s something for everyone: “as the book also provides a rich background to each of the artists and a brief history of gay erotic arts and illustration.” See you there.  

FREE, 7:00PM, McNALLY JACKSON, 52 Prince St. New York, NY.


Sunday 01.11.15

Event: Red + White Party!

If you live in New York and don’t care about performance art, or simply are not familiar with the Performance Space 122, then now is the time to pay attention. Performance Space 122 is a very important East Village non-for-profit organization that’s been around since the 80’s — they are known for showing experimental and provocative work. For example, a while back, I went to their space and saw Vaginal Davis eating a girl’s pussy out on stage as part of her show… This Sunday they are hosting their Red + White Party, held annually at Spin New York. This year the event will be curated by WoahMone, they are the adorable Nath Ann Carrera and Nica Ross. Nath Ann “plays music from across ages and genders” and Nica “projections combine a pastiche of found films, homemade amateur videos, and YouTube classics.” They are a great combo, trust me. The VIP tickets are expensive, but includes “10 tickets and a ping-pong table of your own all night.” So if you have a birthday to celebrate do it there. You’ll be supporting a great organization and likely have a ball. Expect lots of surprises, it’s a party!

Single tickets $30; VIP tables $500, 8:00PM, SPIN NEW YORK, 48 EAST 23 ST. NY, NY.


Wednesday 01.07.15

Event: STUFF

Some of you might have a long resolution list that you’re hoping to complete by the end of the year. Some of you might be good at completing your goals, but let’s be honest, we already know for most people a lot of that stuff is not gonna happen (‘workout 6 days a week’, please!). You are probably reading this rolling your eyes saying “bitch please, I am gonna do it...” No worries, I am on your side — I am just keeping it real. Here’s something that might be help you. It’s an event called ‘STUFF,’ which is “a weekly self-care workshop to help you set goals and process stuff.” It takes place at the “queer D.I.Y. and community space” The Spectrum. I spoke to Corrina MacKoul who is leading the workshop and she told me that everyone is welcome. “It’s called ‘Stuff’ because we are usually dealing with pretty stressful challenges that people have. Stuff that maybe they’d be seeing a therapist for. This workshop is about helping people claim some power for themselves, and helping each other as part of a community.” This sounds like a great idea, we all have issues that we need to take care of, we’re human, and who knows, it might help you stick to all those resolutions. If you are interested you must RSVP at 917.957.6239 by 5:00PM Wednesday.

$15 SUGG DONATION, 8:00pm–9:30pm, The Spectrum, 59 MONTROSE AVE. BK, NY.


Monday 12.15.14

Black Lives Matter: Millions March NYC Protest

Sunday 12.14.14


Just like the protests for injustice that are going on at the moment, this is also a very important issue. There are thousands of people with no homes and food out there, and that’s not only because they lost control of their lives, but also because the rent is so damn high. The Bowery Mission continues to serve the homeless and hungry in New York City. This year, The Bowery Mission provided more than 392,000 meals to men, women and children, 98,000 nights of shelter and 45,000 articles of clothing, as well as showers, haircuts, and expert medical and optometric care.” They do a lot, which costs money. This Sunday they’re hosting the annual L.E.S. Art Drive. It’s a one-day silent auction and their first fundraiser of this kind. Basically a bunch of artists with ties to the neighborhood will donate art for you to bid on. The event will be hosted at the New Museum’s ground-floor space at 231 Bowery. This is a great opportunity for you to acquire some new art, you can turn up on the day or bid at their online auction, If you are not into art or auctions just go to the mission and help however you can!

BID PRICES VARY, 1:00PM-6:00PM, The New Museum’s ground-floor, 231 Bowery NY, NY.


Friday 12.12.14

Event: Secret Behavior Exposed – A Night of Readings & Art

Secret Behavior is a very smart magazine that on first glance seems to be all about sex (maybe a little like our magazine) but if you spend a little more time with it you realize it’s actually about intimacy. Intimacy can be found through sex, but it’s not the only way. Intimacy can be found through a gentle glance, a reassuring word, through revealing one’s truth. Intimacy is all around us. We just have to reach for it. This Friday the magazine is hosting an event filled with “poetry, art, booze, merriment” and surely plenty of chances to engage in an intimate moment or two. The poets performing at the event are Farrah Field and Paige Taggart, and the featured artists are Juliana Sabinson and Slava Mogutin. It’s at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, in of course Brooklyn. I haven’t checked out their space but from the photos I’ve seen it looks lovely and intimate.

FREE, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, 126A Front St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 12.05.14

Event: IFP’s Screen Forward presents THE FOXY MERKINS!

So I kind of scanned over the information for this event (it was late, I was a little drunk) but here’s what jumped out at me — “lesbian hooker comedy” “Sundance hit comedy”performance Artist Joseph Keckler performing live.” I mean what else do you need to know? OK, so a bit more of a backstory might help. Basically it’s a screening for The Foxy Merkins, the aforementioned “lesbian hooker comedy.” Joseph and classical violinist Dan Bartfield (who composed the film’s score) will perform live before the movie, then after there’s a Q and A with the film’s director Madeleine Olnek, Producer Laura Terruso, Composer Dan Bartfield and Joseph Keckler —  and cast and crew, including lead actor Lisa Haas! I mean you had me with Joseph Keckler and “lesbian hooker comedy.” Oh, also your ticket gets you in to the opening night party at “the fabulous SUPERFINE restaurant!” ...with complimentary Hors D’oeuvres. Sign me up!

$11, 7:30PM, Made in NY Media Center by IFP, 30 John St. BK, NY.