Friday 09.26.14


You may be wondering why GAYLETTER would be at the NY Art Book Fair. Well, let us tell you what we have been spending the last 6 months working on. (Don’t you just love surprises!?) Introducing the inaugural issue of GAYLETTER (The Magazine). That’s right, we’ve made the jump from the web to the printed page. It’s everything we love — in magazine form. It’s distributed by the amazing people at Artbook D.A.P, and will be available at all your favorite bookstores (Bookmarc, McNally Jackson Books, MoMA PS1) as well as art museum stores across the world. It features original photo essays by renowned artists and photographers such as Jack Pierson (who shot our cover), Renée Cox, and contributions from people like Justin V. Bond, Tim Murphy, Colby Keller, Thomas Knights, and Gio Black Peter as well as long-form interviews, travel pieces and fashion stories. Before it hits stores you can buy a copy by visiting us at the New York Art Book fair this Thursday to Sunday. We have a booth (A81). Come say hi and pick up the issue. Or visit to order one NOW!

BUY GAYLETTER at the NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY.


Thursday 09.25.14

Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair

We are at booth A81!


Printed Matter’s NY ART BOOK FAIR starts tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Not only is it the biggest, baddest art book fair in the world (40,000+ publications), it’s also our first chance to show off our inaugural issue of the GAYLETTER magazine. We’ve been working on this for the last year and we can’t wait for everyone else to get their eyes, and hands on it.


Come visit us at our booth (A81) and pick up a copy of the magazine along with all sorts of other GAYLETTER supplies. We’re in the gay aisle (typical), along with some other of our favorite people: ANAL Magazine, Massive Goods, Dirty LooksHeadmaster MagazineMassive GoodsOriginal PlumbingDirty LooksPinupsDIK Fagazine and many more.


Also on Sunday night, make sure you check out Sunday Night Fever — the Official Closing Party for the NY Art Book Fair with Karl Holmqvist and DJs. it’s at Santos Party House at 96 Lafayette St., from 10 PM to Late.


Below are the opening times for the fair:

Friday, September 26, 12pm–7 pm

Saturday, September 27, 11am–9 pm

Sunday, September 28, 11am–7 pm


MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY.

Event: High Times Live

Apparently NYC could legalize marijuana as early as next year. There’s currently a bill in the state senate that the New York Times reports having a good chance of passing. The editorial board of GAYLETTER has been in favor of legal weed since 2007. High Times magazine has been in favor of it since 1974. This Thursday the folks at the Wythe Hotel in Broojlyn are hosting an event for the legendary weed bible. There’s going to be games, giveaways, comedy, short film and special guests including Michael Che (SNL, Oddball Comedy Fest), Dave Hill (Tasteful Nudes, WFMU Radio host), Walter Schreifels (Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand), Shockwave (beatboxer extraordinaire) and the incredible Sapphire Jones.” We’d say show up baked but we have a feeling that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to smoke up once you’re there. Stick with sativa though, the event is in the cozy cinema in the hotel’s basement, and an indica strain might put you straight to sleep. Not that you need us to tell you how to get high. If you’re excited for this event, we’re pretty sure you’ve got that shit figured out.

$15, 8:00PM, Wythe Hotel Cinema, 80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Tuesday 09.23.14


A guide for artsluts

Adam Bohemond_GAYLETTER


♡Mark and Paul♡


Enjoy Amber Valentine’s’ “Get Cute” mix as you read.





BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) I Dream of Meaty! The blurb on the event page just says “Genies and Meat!” Something about that exclamation point makes us think that Mame and Macy know exactly what they are doing. 10PM, FREE!


HOT FRUIT @ METROPLITAN (559 LORIMER)  David Sokolowski and DJ Econ bring back your weekly retox with the performances by Jan Tina, Oddly, Lady Simon and Gabe Gonzales. Oddly will be installing his stripper pole into the center of Metro, so things will definitely be getting weird tonight. Come out at live your Showgirls fantasy!10PM, FREE!





DRINK N’ DRAW @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Like Basic Drawing but with liquor! TNT provides a model and booze, and you scribble frantically trying to impress everyone! This week lady Simon will be shooting you sustained dirty looks for extended periods of time. Bring some tips for your model, and take full advantage of the concurrent happy hour. 7:30PM, FREE!


COSMAL @ ARLENE’S GROCERY (95 STANTON) Live music and art with more of a psychedelic flair by COSMAL, Chromatropic and Teddy Midnight. Ali Laz will be making some beautiful live art, too! 8PM, $5 PRE-SALE/$10 DOOR


THE MARY JO CAMEL SHOW @ THE C.O.W. (21 S CLINTON) The last show sold out, so get tickets early. Seriously, she puts on a show. We don’t know what to expect, but we are ready to take it, poppers in hand. Mary Jo’s live late night talk show features Thorgy Thor, Di Ba, Cecilia, Candy Shell, Fancy Man, BPro, Brittany Campbell, and more. 8:30, $20 ADVANCE/$25 DOOR


WESTGAY @ WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON) Adore Delano at Westgay! If that’s not enough for you, Nita Aviance and JonJon Battles should be,you greedy whore. 10PM, $10
GAY VINYL @ HOME SWEET HOME (131 CHRYSTIE) It’s LIKE vinyl, but GAY. Sadaf and BK UNO headlining. 11PM, FREE!


ON TOP! @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH) YASS HENNY, you clutch at those fleeting moments of summertime sadness. Go romp around on a rooftop in search of free drinks before it starts raining everyday and you commit yourself fully to pumpkin spice latte, close-toed slingblack wedges, and cozy wool snoods. 11PM, FREE!
SUSPENDED ANIMATION @ LIT LOUNGE (92 2ND AVE) Free music, beer shot combos! Good LES hangout, could be a chill out, or a turn up, depending on your mood. This week beats courtesy of Indigo Club and Jaw Line, with resident Virginaire.11PM, FREE!





SHOW & TELL @ MADAME X (94 W HOUSTON) It’s exactly what is sounds like, bring something and talk about it. We’ve never been to this, but it sounds like an interesting thing to do if you have some spare time. 6:30, FREE!


IN MEMORIAM @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) Sadly both our beloved Jack and Tristan have passed away and it is time for us to give these two a lovely send off to the great beyond! Their friends and loved ones will be gathering to see them one last time and read them for filth. Readings by Severely Mame, Macy Rodman, Emily Francis Lesser, Avery Noyse, Cheno, and more.11PM, FREE!


NSFW @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) Matty Beats is back from Europe, and has the instagram pics and perspective on the shortcomings of american culture to prove it. We hope he picked up some new tracks to share. 10PM, FREE!


TRUTH OR BARE @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Aja (MRS. WILLIAMSBURG) joins Scarlet Envy, for an interview that will leave her completely nude (again) or give you twitter-fuel for at least 3 days. It’s like Secret App, except not completely devoid of substance. 11PM, FREE!










THE NY ART BOOK FAIR PREVIEW @ MOMA PS1 (22-25 JACKSON AVE) Printed Matter, Inc. presents an occasion for art sluts and bibliophiles! The lineup of events is stacked, and its worth the train ride. 6PM, FREE!


STARLITE THURSDAY@ FRIENDS AND LOVERS (641 CLASSON) Good morning Crown Heights, welcome to your weekly queer dance party. Music provided by Dj Kevin Graves, with shows from Stars On 33. 9PM, FREE!


GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES @ PYRAMID CLUB (101 AVE A) Suzie Hart, Amber Von Toxn and Alec Borroughs host the legendary Pyramid Club; dark, 80s, goth, industrial, but nothing too serious. Blondes really do have more fun, you know. 9PM, FREE! BEFORE 11/$6 AFTER.


DIAL UP @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) HELLO, You’ve got a new party. DJ David Sokolowski spins 90’s and Noughties for naughty 90’s kids. Shows by Cybil War. 10PM, FREE!


MALL GOTH @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN) HEY, so like while you were talking with boys and drinking Jamba Juice, Mark Dommu and Chris Tyler—whoops, Danica and Ashleigh—were working really hard to get a job, so they can buy clothes, so that they can be popular, so that boys will like them and they can buy Jamba Juice. Luckily, like, Claire’s hired them, so, like, yeah. They’ll be interviewing potential employees Gabe Gonzalez, Molly Rhinestones, Ryan Streit, and Amber Alert in the cruel and unforgiving teenage tundra that is the American mall. 11PM, FREE!





MATURE THEMES BOOK LAUNCH @ THE NEW MUSEUM (325 BOWERY) Adam Durbin releases his first book with readings by Harry Burke and Juliana Huxtable, a video by Jesse Darling and a screening of Reifying Desire 6 by Jacolby Satterwhite (you’ll actually die).7PM, FREE!
I FEEL…THE FLYING CARPET @ SECRET TBA LOCATION! (???) Looks like a pretty high production value party with “dreamy timeless sounds” creative costumes, visuals, and installations… it’s an Aladdin Rave…we think. 10PM, $30-$35.


GIRLS @ LOVEGUN (617 GRAND ST) Frankie Sharp’s new party is getting cuter every week, this edition has DJs DiCap, Taul Paul, and Mark Holcomb. We’re still waiting for a naked Lena Dunham to show up with a box of cupcakes..maybe Merrie Cherry will instead? 10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$10 AFTER.
THE LIBRA RAGER @ CLUB REPUBLIC (990 BROADWAY) HAPPY LIBRA! It’s hard to balance sexy and smart, but somehow they manage. Join Jungle Pussy, Lauren Devine, Julianna Huxtable, La’Fem LaDosha, Kay Rizz, Mess Kid and Joey LaBeija as they celebrate with libra bbs De Se, Spencer Cherasia, and Adam Radakovich. So many other hosts. 11PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$10 AFTER.





“DRAG” HAPPY HOUR @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN) Seriously, this is such a good recharge before doing anything on saturday, even if your plans are a date with netflix. Casual shows and antics by Lady Simon, bar by Mary Jo Cameltoe, good food. 6PM-10PM, PRICES VARY.
PAPI JUICE: PAPI SEXO @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN) Oscar Nñ and Adam Rhodes spin music for a room full of guapos, Pero Liiiikkkkke celebrating queer POC. Guest djs this edition are STUD1NT and Tikka Masala, wit Hostess Kimberly Smallz-LaBeija.10PM, $5.


SISTERS OF THE AGES@ LA MAMA (74-A E 4TH) Through fantasy, history, costume, and drag two souls forge a relationship from the beginning of earthly time… Travel with these queens in lands formed, settled, and undone, where a lifetime is only the beginning. Merrie Cherry and Untitled Queen with Cheno Pinter and Charlene. 10PM, $18





PEER SUPPORT GROUP @ BROOKLYN COMMUNITY PRIDE CENTER (4 METROTECH) Come join us for the next meeting of QMHI’s ongoing drop-in support group! We’ll discuss mental health-related issues in a supportive, friendly environment. This is a peer-led group, i.e. meetings are not facilitated by paid mental health professionals.3PM, FREE!
CHECK YOUR VERNACULAR LAUNCH @ MOMA PS1 (22-25 JACKSON AVE) Dirty Looks NYC celebrates the release of our first publication – CHECK YOUR VERNACULAR– at Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair with a performance and screening event featuring work by Dynasty Handbag, Narcissister, Colin Self and Chris E. Vargas. CHECK YOUR VERNACULAR situates the work of these four artists in a central camp – assembling these diverse and richly documented hirstories. 5PM, FREE!
SHOW SHOW SHOW @ LA MAMA (74-A E 4TH) A part of The Queer New York International Arts Festival 2014. “An immersive cacophonic multi media blitz morphing TALKSHOW/GAMESHOW/TELEVANGELIST/NEWS TV Variety show formats into a live interactive environment with live music and DJ mixes,” all brought to you by Jack and Peter with help from David Sokolowski. Featuring Boy Wolf, Chris Tyler, Joe Castle Baker and visuals by Ethan Weinstock. 6PM, $13 STUDENT/$18 GENERAL


UP & DOWN @ UP & DOWN (244 W 14TH) Another party with a lot of babes, Kenny Kenny and Brandon Voss join forces for a freak-show/ circuit boy explosion. PRO TIP: UP&DOWN and Gilded Lily are like 3 blocks away, go to both for maximum effect. 10PM, FREE!


BOTANICULT @ GILDED LILY (408 W 15TH) It’s official—this is the carry. Like actually. Looks, booze, music, babes, floral prints. 11PM, FREE!

Monday 09.22.14

An Evening With Friends

Hosted by Dave Hill, John Early and Michael Cavadias


Well, it’s Monday again, which means it’s back to the daily grind. The season is changing, the days are slowly getting shorter and, of course, the worst part, as I mentioned — it’s Monday. Lucky for you there’s a sure-fire way to get your week off to a good start. An Evening With Friends is a group therapy, talk show, variety show hybrid ready to bolster you up with giggles to last you at least until Wednesday at 3pm. Celebrated funny-men Dave Hill, John Early (they are going to be dueting Beyonce‘s track “irreplaceable”) and Michael Cavadias, who collectively have starred in the likes of 30 Rock and Girls, will host an evening of stand up, discussions, interviews and musical interludes at Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel.


Performers include comedians, actresses, writers and activists Janeane Garofalo, Amber Martin (she’s gonna be doing her insane character “dottie”), Jacqueline Novac and Daily Show co-creator, Lizz Winstead. Advance tickets are only $10, which is good since the Ace is a fancy place, and after the show Amber Martin will be DJing. So come on down for lots of laughs and a few drinks!


$10/$15, 8:00PM, Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel, 20 West 29st. NY, NY.

Sunday 09.21.14

Event: People’s Climate March

According to the dude who introduced the idea of climate change to the world, James Lovelock, we might be too late to do anything about the effects it’s having on the planet. James is famous for saying in a 2008 Guardian interview that we should just “enjoy ourselves” because in 20 years it might be all over. Forget about recycling and buying a Prius, according to him that’s not going to make a difference. The biggest polluters aren’t individuals they’re industrialists and governments. The only glimmer of hope he gave was that if we made drastic, massive changes right now, we might have a shot at slowing it down. Which is where this event comes in. This September “world leaders are coming to New York City for a historic summit on climate change.” No one thinks they’ll actually achieve anything...unless we force them to. This Sunday let your voice be heard. “Take to the streets to demand the world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet. A world safe from the ravages of climate change.” If you’ve had enough of these stupid polar vortexs’ and way too mild summers, then now is your chance to do something! So go do it god dammit!  

FREE, 11:30AM, Central Park West, between 65th and 86th New York, NY.


Sunday 09.07.14

Future Feminism Benefit Concert

Catch CocoRosie, Antony, Kembra Pfahler and more at Webster Hall


In case you haven’t noticed, the past year has seen a seemingly endless flow of media attention toward feminism. While a good bit of the endless think pieces and diatribes have been in praise of the ideology, there exist countless more still debating its relevance and existence. In the midst of trying to figure out whether Beyoncé silhouetting herself phenomenally in front of a glowing ‘FEMINIST‘ sign at the VMAs last month is empowering or pandering, many have lost sight of what feminism, in its most basic form, really stands for. Luckily, for those of us in NYC, this month is providing an exceptional platform for discovery. Future Feminism is a 13-night collective exhibition that runs from September 11 to 27 at Bowery art gallery The Hole, comprised of lectures, conferences and performances led by an impressive alliance of renowned artists and future feminists: Antony, CocoRosie, Kembra Pfahler, and Johanna Constantine. The group developed the exhibition over 3 years of intensive retreats, presenting what they designate as a ‘call to arms to reorganize ourselves as a species and affirm archetypally feminine values‘. If you need any further clearing up of the power of feminism and why it’s still necessary, look no further than the first of the group’s 13 edifying tenets behind the movement: ‘THE SUBJUGATION OF WOMEN AND EARTH IS ONE IN THE SAME‘.


In anticipation of the exhibition, CocoRosie, Antony, Pfahler, The Girls of Karen Black, and Constantine are collectively putting on a benefit concert this Sunday, September 7, at Webster Hall. It’s one of the few chances to catch the CocoRosie sisters supporting last year’s haunting, beautiful Tales of a Grass Widow, as well as a matchless occasion to catch Antony in concert if you’ve never had the pleasure. There’s no question that the benefit is going to be an unforgettable show, so help contribute to this innovative iteration of the feminist movement and grab your tickets now.




Future Is Female. 16_GAYLETTER


Future Is Female2_GAYLETTER




The Future Feminism benefit show happens this Sunday, September 7 at 8:00PM, and the Future Feminism exhibition begins on September 11 at The Hole.

Saturday 09.06.14

Event: BUSHWIG 2014

Drag is a true art form and no one does it better than the queens at Bushwig. The annual New York festival of Drag returns for it’s third year with an event that celebrates “the whole spectrum of ‘Drag’ and per-formative gender expressions.” Because it was such a big deal the last two years (I mean, with a name like ‘Bushwig’ how could it not be?) they’ve decided to hold it over 2 days this year. “Performances, musicians, and DJs will entertain on two stages, with additional late night events, including a Saturday night afterparty at a secret location.” There’s going to be over 150 performers, live music, DJ sets, BBQ, crafts, a photo booth, games, and prizes. It’s an all-ages event so bring your mom, bring your granny, bring your kids — drag is for everyone. And if you’ve never done drag, then this event is the perfect opportunity to start. Don’t worry about looking flawless — there’s nothing more fun than a sloppy queen. Trust me I have some experience.

$20 per day ($30 for a 3-day pass), 1:00pm-12:00am, SECRET PROJECT ROBOT, 389 MELROSE ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 09.05.14



Here’s something truly novel to do. Artist extraordinaire Oliver Herring is hosting his first free, open to the public TASK party in Madison Square Park this Saturday from 6:00-9:00PM. What is a TASK party you may ask? It is “an improvisational art experience where participants follow two simple rules.” Firstly, you write down a task on a piece of paper and add it to a designated “task pool.” Then you pull a task from that pool and interpret it using the provided props and materials. Once you have successfully completed your task, you write a new one down and add it to the pool, pull a new task to execute and the party goes on.


“TASK is also a means to creatively connect people to one another and their immediate environment” Herring adds. There will be DJ Kristine Barilli spinning vinyl to keep things popping followed by DJ Prestige who will also be spinning discs. And if all the action makes you hungry, not to worry there will be food and refreshments for sale. I say throw caution to the wind, take a break from the US Open (I love tennis) and come out to Madison Square Park for a happening like no other, you will be intrigued for sure.


FREE, 6:00PM, Madison Square Park at 26th St. between Madison Ave. and Fifth Ave. NY, NY. Click here for more info.

Thursday 08.28.14


Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change


Unless you’ve been living in a climate-controlled cave these past few years, you’ll have noticed that something disturbing is up with the weather. People’s Climate March is coming to New York City in a big way next month, and the LGBTQ group Our Fight Too is working to organize the queer community to join in the fight.


On August 28th, a group of performers and DJs are hosting QUEEN/HOUSE/EFFECT: Queer Performance and Music Responds to Climate Change in Brooklyn. From 9:00PM, One Last Shag will be offering performances by Glittered and Mauled, Neocamp, Susana Cook, Red Durkin and Reginald M Lamar and DJ sets by David John Sokolowski and Patrick Robbins. Eric Schmalenberger is in charge of décor and Untitled Queen is “Queen of the Thunderdome” — and it’s all absolutely FREE! So come out, enjoy a few drinks and experience the climate crisis through the eyes and hearts of queer artists and musicians in preparation for the big march. The March is taking happening on September 21th — they say it will be the “largest climate march in history.” Exciting!


Click here for more info.