Thursday 04.16.15


Please keep this under wraps, but we’re throwing a small, very private launch party for the 2nd issue of GAYLETTER at the Wythe Hotel this Thursday. Everyone who worked on the magazine, and everyone who is featured in the magazine, will be in attendance — it’s gonna be a super cunt evening. As a thank you for being such dedicated readers of the letter we’d also like to extend an invitation to you. However space is tight so here’s how we’re going to do it: the first 15 people to RSVP by April 15th to will be put on the list, we will send you a confirmation that you are on the list, so don’t just show up. The party is upstairs at The Ides, it’s a beautiful space with a stunning view of Manhattan. Peroni was nice enough to provide us with some beers for the evening (Peroni, we love you.) Hope you can make it. xoxo

Free, RSVP ONLY, 7:00PM-10:00PM, THE IDES AT THE WYTHE HOTEL, 80 Wythe Ave. BK, NY.


Thursday 04.09.15

Event: Straight to Hell #68 Launch

We interviewed Billy Miller (the current editor of Straight to Hell) for the 2nd printed issue of GAYLETTER. In the intro to that interview I shared a lot of my personal feelings about the legendary publication. I suggest you buy the issue if you want to read everything I wrote, but I’ll still give you the Cliff Notes. Basically, I think S.T.H. is one of the greatest publications ever produced (I know, I’m a total Stan). There is simply nothing else quite like it — it’s unapologetic, it’s political, it’s a thrill to read and it should be a part of every self-respecting homo’s library. The publication comes out sporadically as Billy Miller is pretty much the only person keeping the ship afloat (he puts it out when he can find the time). Issue #68 has just been released and they are celebrating with a launch event at Printed Matter in Chelsea this Thursday, April 9. They’ll be selling the magazine along with a whole bunch of S.T.H. related art by contributors to the journal. It’s a free event that should be filled with all sorts of filthy, slutty S.T.H. fans. I hope you’ll be one of them.

FREE, 6:00PM-9:00PM, Printed Matter, Inc., 195 Tenth Ave. NY, NY.


Saturday 03.21.15

Event: 3rd Annual Brooklyn Nightlife Awards

We have been nominated for two Brooklyn Nightlife Awards, but weirdly we’ve never won one. This year we are not even nominated, which is extra weird, cos like, who else supports Brooklyn nightlife more than us? I guess if Selma can be snubbed then so can we. Whatevs, we hold no grudges (grudges give you get wrinkles). Once again, the awards are hosted by Merrie Cherry (who also created and organizes the whole thing.) She will be joined on stage by Misty Meaner aka Ryan Skilton and Rify Royalty. Performances for the night include Will Sheridan, Mizz June, Mocha Lite and Horrorchata, Jonathan Clarence, Chris of Hur, Aaron Thomas Dance, The Boobies plus Boy Georgia and Manifestany Squirtz and many more. Don’t cry for us Brooklyntina, just tell that loud bitch Merrie that next year GAYLETTER would like its Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Meryl Streep. Yasssssss.

$10/$12, 9:00PM, Lot 45 Bushwick, 411 Troutman St. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 03.12.15

Event: “I Will Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath: Punk and the Art of Feminism”

While largely dominated by men, punk rock has been a powerful outlet for female artists to express themselves since the genre began in the early 70s (hello! Kim Gordon. pictured) This Thursday, March 12, at the Brooklyn Museum, “The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art presents a conversation about the confrontational forces of punk rock and feminism through the provocative work and personal experiences of multidisciplinary artists, writers, and curators Osa Atoe, Johanna Fateman, Narcissister, Lydia Lunch, and Astria Suparak.” The panel discussion will be moderated by Leah DeVun the “panelists will discuss the aesthetics and politics of punk in their own lives and work.” This is the kind of event you should go to if you’re looking for a smart boy with good taste in music who you can actually have a conversation with after you fuck. Maybe do some research on punk and feminism before you get there though — you‘ll want to be on your A-game for that post-coital conversation.

Free with admission, 7:00PM, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy BK, NY.


Sunday 03.08.15

Rupaul’s Drag Race viewing at Lovegun with MILK


Based on what we saw, last week, during the premiere of season 7 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, this season seems to be a promising one! We are already obsessed with some of the queens — but we are not gonna tell you who we are gagging for, it’s way to early for declarative statements. If you don’t have cable, or a place to watch the show, or if you just want to switch it up a bit, here’s a good option for you.


The bar Lovegun in Brooklyn will be hosting a viewing of the show for the entire season. Join the hosts Merrie Cherry, Bcalla, Horrorchata and this week’s special guest host — one of our favorite queens from last season – MILK. “Every week we will have fun pizes from our sponsor Pleasure Chest, RPDR Trivia, shows from the movers and shakers of Brooklyn.” There’s a happy hour until 9:00PM, I guess they want you to get drunk before the viewing, but please, please, please don’t get loud, no one likes interruptions while they’re are watching TV. Yassssssss!





Thursday 02.19.15

Event: DRAGnet – Cycle Four

If you are having some major Rupaul’s Drag Race withdrawal like me then this event is greatly needed. If case you are not familiar with DRAGnet then pay attention. The fierce queen Merrie Cherry (pictured) is hosting her drag competition for the fourth year with a brand new cast of “amazing performers,” Vic Sin, Anthony, Rachel Ratchet, Beverly Sage, Sparklez and who knows who else might show up. Merrie explains what’s going down best: “Every month for six months new and seasoned performers will grace our stage to show us all what they are working with! At the end of those six months, the winners from each month with fight to the death during a gulling semi-finalist competition, where the winner of Cycle 4 will be announced.” Judges for the night are Heidi Glum aka Miles Morrissey DeNiro, Daphne Sumtimez and Ryan Talamantes, music will be provided by DJ Jessamess.“Tis’ the season for drag queens, kings, and other bitches that wear makeup to twerk it out on stage and compete for the DRAGnet crown.”

FREE, 11:00PM, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Monday 02.16.15

RUFSKIN X Tom of Finland Collection Launch

Scenes from the NYC event celebrating the athletic collaboration

Wednesday 02.04.15

Event: An Evening With “Friends”

There’s nothing better than spending an evening with your friends, especially if they are good friends, those you can call family. Michael Cavadias (one of the organizers of this event) wrote to us to say he’s bringing his friends together for the 2nd year in a row of this event. Michael tells us we should expect “a variety, talk show, psychotherapy session for all the family.” This time around Michael, Dave Hill and John Early will welcome friends Jill Pangallo, Lady Bunny, Bridget Everett and more. I am not sure what the more is, but when Bridget Everett and Miss Bunny are involved you should always expect something extra — those two bitches are wild! It’s going to be a very fun and intimate night at the Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel which is a fantastic location. Expect performances, lots of surprises and mini interviews with the performers after their acts. Chose carefully who you bring — no bitches allowed — this is a night for real friends only!

$12, 8:00PM, LIBERTY HALL AT THE ACE HOTEL, 20 W 29th st. NY, NY.


Thursday 01.29.15

Event: The Coven Magazine Issue No. 3 Release Party

I am so glad that there’s a biannual art publication produced by real witches, well, it’s by an agency called Witches —  a Brooklyn-based creative group specializing in events founded by Christine Tran. They’ve had this magazine for a little while now...“It’s purpose is to introduce readers to the people that are creating ground-breaking and unique projects. Each issue contains 13 features, in addition to contributing photographers, artists and writers that comprise the dynamic framework of our cultural movement.” Issue 3 is about the “celebration of Goddesses” and it features some amazing people including Juliana Huxtable, Arabelle Sicardi, Sir New York, IO Tillett Wright, Ms. Fitz, Minka Sicklinger, Amber Ibarreche, BOND Hardware, Thurmon Green, Sarah Tricker, Kim Anh, Abel Macias. At the issue launch party this Thursday, January 29th, expect music by A.E. Zimmer and ABBY. The issue will be on sale at the event. Go support this publication, if you care about printed media, contribute to keep it alive.

FREE, 6:00PM-9:00PM, Stream Gallery, 1196 Myrtle Ave. BK, NY.


Friday 01.23.15

Event: BOTTOMS 12”

Some of the boys at GAYLETTER are obsessed with this band, Patrick, one of our magazine editors told me that I must include them in this letter. I was already considering it, but he convinced me: “they are intense and weird...I like that they are danceable but also punk rock...they are dark and real and talk about hating their bodies…” They are also under the label of one of our favorite musicians JD Samson, who’s gonna be djing before their performance along with Ryan Smith (Wrecked) and Cartel (Body). Macy Rodman (from the party Bathsalts) will be taking care of the door. Bottoms (I mean you gotta love that name!) are celebrating the release of their EP ‘Goodbye.’ With all these people involved it’s guaranteed to be a super fun night. Here is what their FB page says about the band in case you’ve never heard of them: “Bottoms are a gender-problematizing goth dance band, made up of Simon Leahy, Michael Prommasit, and Jake Dibeler. Leahy, co-founder of the annual Bushwig festival, spearheaded the new “drag explosion” in the Bushwick nightlife scene. Leahy’s prior band, t3eth, has toured internationally.” Ok, enough said. Bring on the Bottoms!

$15, 10:00PM, SECRET PROJECT ROBOT, 389 MELROSE ST. Brooklyn, NY.