Friday 07.25.14

Event: Free Pizza Fridays

Did you read the name for this event? Have you taken it in? Free pizza, that’s no joke — we wouldn’t play you like that. Every fourth Friday of the month Via Tribunali Neapolitan Pizzeria on Ludlow Street in the LES hosts a free pizza night to support a worthwhile cause (what generous homos). This month they’re donating to God’s Love We Deliver, “a not-for-profit organization with the mission to improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition.” Here’s how it works, you show up, enjoy free Neapolitan pizzas, and $3 Peronis, and then you donate a couple of bucks to the cause. It’s the easiest fucking good deed you’ll ever do. Give it girl.

FREE, 5:00PM-7:00PM, Via Tribunali Neapolitan Pizzeria, 122 Ludlow St. NY, NY.


Saturday 07.19.14

Event: This. Is. Balloonacy!

I can’t even imagine myself going to an event like this unless I am a) wasted or unconscious b) blindfolded or c) I was on a “quirky” Internet date. However, after viewing a video of a Balloonacy event I think it could be a lot of (claustrophobic) fun. One room at an art gallery in Brooklyn will be filled with 2,000 LED balloons — creating “New York’s first ever interactive balloon immersion.” It’s inspired by the work of the San Francisco based, Awesome Foundation grantee, George Zisiadis. Expect art from 2:00-5:00PM, dancing from 5:00PM-10:00PM and “balloons will be happening always and forever.” This sounds like a good workout and one of those events you will only ever have the chance to go to once (OK, now I’m completely sold). Go to to reserve a space.

2:00PM-10:00PM, Mister Rogers Art Gallery, 231 Rogers Ave. BK, NY.


Saturday 07.12.14

Event: I’m From Driftwood’s 4th Annual Summer BBQ

I’m From Driftwood is a wonderful site that aims to collect coming out stories from all over the country (and the world). Some of these stories are funny, some are sad, some (like the one I recorded a few years ago) are just plain weird. It’s an amazing treasure trove of shared queer experiences, and something we should help keep alive — which is why we’re happy to do whatever we can to support them. This Saturday is the perfect chance to do just that at the I’m From Driftwood Summer BBQ Fundraiser. Tickets are $100, BUT, if you mention GAYLETTER you’ll get one for $75. There’s only 10 with that discount, so get on to it. The ticket includes an open bar, all you can eat food, cooked by Andy Baraghani, the food editor at Tasting Table (that boy can cook), plus live music, raffle prizes and all kinds of cute, social conscious boys. Last year was great fun, we have no doubt this year will be the same.

4:00PM-8:00PM, Buy tickets here:


Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival


You may have partied hard the way only Fire Islanders can over Pride and the 4th of July weekends, but wait … there’s more gay fun to be had! This Saturday, July 12th, the Fire Island Pines Arts Project is hosting the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival. We know what you’re thinking: poetry party? Well, as if the line up of big names such as Edmund White and Saeed Jones isn’t enough to send you rushing to pack your weekend bag, organizer Adam Fitzgerald insists that, far from a sombre affair, attendees can expect “mosh pits, flying dildos and thongs!”

From 4:00-6:00PM, poets will be reading selected poems of Frank O’Hara as well as their own in celebration and memorial of one of our most iconic gay poets. Sadly, O’Hara’s love of Fire Island took on a tragic hue when he died in a freak accident on the beach in 1966. At only $10 a ticket, this beautiful tribute to a beautiful man is an absolute summer must.


Click here for tickets.

Monday 07.07.14

The boys of Bonnaroo 2014

A photographic trip to the famous festival


Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival nestled in the heart of Tennessee is an 80,000 strong convergence of campers all loyal to the the high-five ideology of “radiating positivity” while listening to some world famous musical acts. Elton John’s set was a showstopper as were those by the amazing Jack White, Frank Ocean, Lionel Richie, Die Antwood, Disclosure, Janelle Monaé and Bobby Womack (his final show before his recent death). All together there were about 100 bands playing throughout the 4 days. But the music itself is only half the Bonnaroo equation. The magic of “being on the farm,” as they call it, is living in a tent, floating around in the heat, and meeting new friends in the bliss of the moment.


Ah, but I’ve been to Coachella, I hear you say. Bonnaroo couldn’t be father from the experience of it’s somewhat superficial West Coast cousin. Sleeping in a tent and living 4 days off-the-grid creates an atmosphere of “we’re in this together” amongst the Bonnorovians.


There’s plenty to do at the festival besides listen to music. Just take a walk to “This Tent,” “That Tent” and “The Other Tent.” This year there was comedy from Broad City, a giant waterside, World Cup broadcast on giant a screen under an artsy color wheel tent, and of course, the Silent Disco. If there was ever a worthy contender to Woodstock, Bonnaroo might be just be it. This year I got lost there photographing all manner of freaks and geeks, and some wicked hot boys too.


Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__00043 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__00075 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_2A_00072 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_2A_00105 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00003-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_4_00004 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00004-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00004 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_4A_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5_00006 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00005 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5A_00043 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_5A_00102 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_6_00007 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00006 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_6A_00104 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00007 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_7A_00067 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_9_00136 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_9A_00098 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13A_00097 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14A_00060 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14A_00093 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_15_00161 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_15A_00092 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16_00129 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16_00162 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_16A_00231 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_17_00017 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_17_00128 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_18A_00056-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_20_00166 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_21_00022 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_32A_00247 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_33A_00005 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_33A_00041 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00039 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00044 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00074 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00081 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00147 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00150 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00169 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00174 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_00245 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__2A_00040 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__3A_00072 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__5A_00105 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__6A_00101 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__7_00066 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__10_00011 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__10_00189 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__22_00023 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__22_00168 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00024-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00024 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__23_00122 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__24_00121 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__24_00170 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__27_00046 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__27_00173 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__28_00045 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__30_00031-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__30_00115 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__31_00210 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__32_00032 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__32_00211 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__33_00179 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__34_00180 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__35_00181 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__37_00038 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER__37_00074 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00076 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00077 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00085 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00088 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00089 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00092 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00100 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00102 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00103 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00107 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00183 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00186 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00188 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00197 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00201 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00206 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_---_00216 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8_00008 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00046 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00066 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_8A_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10_00010 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10A_00100-2 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_10A_00100 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00027 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00049 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_11A_00099 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12_00012 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12_00013 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12A_00062 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_12A_00095 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13_00013 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_13_00159 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_14_00160 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_19A_00234 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_21A_00053 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_23A_00051 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_23A_00238 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_24A_00014 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_24A_00050 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00049 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00050 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_25A_00082 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_26A_00084 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_27A_00048 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_27A_00080 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_32A_00070 Bonnaroo_GAYLETTER_35A_00039

Tuesday 06.24.14


Start drinking plenty of water before you start reading...


NYC Pride is a wonderful week in which you can fully commit yourself to some non-stop summer hedonism, while also supporting the LGBTQ community and celebrating those who make it easier for all of us to be homos. But when it comes to deciding what to do, there are a hell of a lot of options. That’s why GAYLETTER has stepped in to give you the definitive list of parties and community events for the week. If it’s not on the list, it’s probably not worth going to.


But before you get started don’t forget we want to celebrate with you at our second annual GAYLETTER GAY PRIDE BALL! Get tickets and get excited for a wild night — it all happens Friday June 27 at the gorgeous Wythe Hotel, you can find more info below.


We asked the illustrator Chad M. Weaver to create some original art for our extensive and super useful Pride Guide 2014.




Lulu’s Pride and Diversity Night

This cute Midtown hotspot is putting on a five-course, Pride Week banquet to raise funds for the Ali Fornay Center — those amazing people who aim to make NYC a safer place for homeless LGBT youth. Their tasting menu, which sounds incredible, will be accompanied by a “selection of beers and wines.” So you’ll feel better knowing your shameless gluttony and drunkenness is helping others for once! $65, 6:30PM, LuLu & Me, 253 5th Ave. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



The Wizard of Oz’ Outdoor Screening

This is the first official NYC Pride event of the week, and it sounds pretty damn delightful. It’s ‘Family Night’ — so whether that means your drag family, your fag family, or your actual family, grab a blanket and your favorite people for an outdoor screening of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I mean Judy Garland’s funeral basically started at the Stonewall Riots (…right?), so it seems only fitting.

FREE, 7:30PM, Hudson River Park at Pier 46, Charles St. New York, NY. INFO



2nd Annual Big Gay Gay Camp Talent Show

We’re going to be honest, we went to The Duplex by accident on a recent Friday night and… it was awful. But what Pride Week would be complete without a pilgrimage to Christopher St, where it all started. Pop into Stonewall and then head next door to The Duplex for a talent show full of boys that can hopefully sing as good as they look.

FREE, 7:00PM, The Duplex, 61 Christopher St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX






Uncivil Union

We have a major crush on the ‘Broad City’ girls. Their debut series is easily the funniest show of the year, they’re backed by Amy-fucking-Poehler and they’re outspoken allies of the LGBT community. SRSLY WE LOVE U. Our point is that Ilana and Abbi will be performing at this Pride Week comedy gala alongside W. Kamau Bell, Nikki Glaser, Eliot Glazer, Carrie Keagan, Jillette Johnson, Mates of State, Wakey!Wakey! and more. Your ticket sales go to supporting The Ally Coalition, Broadway Impact and New Alternatives, so you better have a damn good excuse not to go.

$35, 8:00PM, Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleeker St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



Spin Cycle Pride Kickoff Celebration

You’ll be rolling pretty deep in Pride Week shenanigans by this point, but yeah, sure, lets pretend this is the “kickoff.” It’s set to feature a performance by Rupaul-annointed Drag Superstar and one of NYC fave Bianca Del Rio, plus a special surprise guest show and Mimi Imfurst on the decks. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly are sponsoring the event — does that mean free booze? We sure hope so.

FREE, 7:00PM, Arena, 135 West 41st Street, New York, NY. INFO + TIX



Bronx LGBTQ and Allies Awards 

Honey if there was a gay club in the Bronx we would be all up in that shit every weekend hitting on some papis and fearing for our lives riding the 6 train super late home. Unfortunately there is not, so we’ll take any excuse to go to a gay event in the boogie-down. What better excuse than this — the Bronx Borough President’s Office and Boogie Down Pride come together to honor local LGBT activists, allies and artists at this awards ceremony. The “light refreshments” served afterwards really sealed the deal for us.

FREE, 6:00PM, Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.






OUTlook: Rea’s Pride BBQ

Come rub shoulders with this year’s NYC Pride Grand Marshall Rea Carey, who is taking an afternoon off her normal job as Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to BBQ some meat for us. All funds go to supporting the Task Force, plus if you were going to meet your A-Gay future husband anywhere it’s probably here. And if you don’t, there’s always the Grey Goose open bar to drown your #foreveralone sorrows. Happy Pride!

$35, 6:00PM, Loft 25 Rooftop, 420 West 25th Street. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



Throb – Unity Kickoff Party

Sankeys is a beautiful midtown venue that is filled with even more beautiful men every week for the party, Sunday Service. This Pride, some of the city’s biggest event promoters are putting their formidable partying powers together to form Unity — a series of events that are bound to feature the biggest DJs, muscles and pupils in the city. It all kicks off here at Sankeys, for a night of hip hop, reggae and house.

FREE, 10:00PM, Sankeys, 29 W36th St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



Night of a Thousand Inches 

Not gonna lie — the name alone is giving us a semi. It’s hardly a surprise that things are going to get down and dirty at The Cock over Pride, so a party celebrating big dicks is right on the mark. Featuring “extra big dancers” who get “paid by the inch” (best phrase we’ve ever heard), there will also be prizes for audience members who are packing 8+ inches. See you there, power bottoms of New York!

$10 before 11:30PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. New York, NY. INFO




Ariana Huffenstuff and DJ Hertz van Rental are throwing a very special Pride edition of their monthly queer variety party, celebrating Brooklyn’s best sluts. Expect all kinds of performance — burlesque, boylesque, drag, striptease, musicians, genderfucks —from underground artists, newbies, old hats and just the best Brooklyn has to offer. Special guests include Charlene, Aja, Momo Shade, Rify Royalty, Shane Shane and Manifestany Squirtz.

FREE, 10:00PM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.







***Wythe Hotel and GAYLETTER Gay Pride Ball 2014***

Okay, we’re going to be generous and give you a few other places to go this Friday night for Pride, but we’re betting none are going to be as fun as our PRIDE BALL 2014. You’ll be enjoying the beautiful indoor/outdoor space at the Wythe — gagging with all the beautiful people and the xtravaganza, plus we’re filling the night with pageantry, trophies, voguing by a bunch of houses including the House of LaBeija, cakes, special performances and DJ sets by the likes of Amber MartinJuliana Huxtable, Casey Spooner and more. The event will is hosted by us, yes hunty, with guest hosts Frankie Sharp and Leo Gugu. We’re also throwing you a one hour open bar, thanks to Milagro tequila, to really get your Pride weekend started. We’d love to see you there.

$20, 7:00PM-1:00AM, Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY. INFO + TIX



The Rally (OFFICIAL)

Everyone’s favourite fair-bosomed bitch, Michelle Visage from 80’s B-list pop fame and Rupaul’s Drag Race, hosts this annual kickoff to NYC Pride. First occurring a month after the Stonewall riots in 1969, it is a wonderful tradition which will also include performances from Sharon Needle’s new face and the gorgeous Betty Who. So come down and enjoy that loving community vibe, before you get into what Pride is really about: hitting the clubs, judging each other and blacking-out.

FREE, 6:00PM, Hudson River Park, Pier 26, New York, NY. INFO



2014 NYC Drag March

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, The NYC Church Ladies for Choice and those wonderful Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be organizing their annual drag march from the East Village to Stonewall. Dress up or simply turn up and see some of the most extravagant, ridiculous drag our city has to offer.

FREE, 7:00PM, Tompkins Square Park, 500 9th St. New York, NY. INFO



A Decade of Resistance: Trans Day of Action 2014

The past 12 months have been pretty landmark in terms of the Trans community gaining the worldwide visibility they deserve — from emerging Trans celebrities to public conversations about the word “tranny.” Come celebrate a decade of resistance, revolution and resilience to kick off Pride weekend with this vibrant, essential part of our community.

FREE, 2:00PM, Christopher St Piers, New York, NY. INFO



Hot Rabbit – Bunnyfuckin’ Pride Edition

If you’re looking for a place to go out in the West Village on a Friday night, Monster Bar is always a pretty good bet. It can get wall-to-wall crazy busy with slutty boys, who are all pretty drunk thanks to $5 drink specials downstairs and the city’s strongest (and cheapest) margaritas upstairs. On top of that, resident monthly party Hot Rabbit is regularly named one of the best in the city, simply because it’s cheap. They’re throwing this very special Pride party, featuring award-winning DJs, performances by Crimson Kitty and Sir Honey Davenport, photo booths, giveaways, sexy go-gos and… did we mention cheap drinks that will fuck you up?

$10, 10:00PM, The Manhattan Monster Bar, 80 Grove St. New York, NY. INFO



Horse Meat Disco

Hosted by Marco Ovando, Cameron Cooper and Occupy The Disco, and featuring an opening set by Museum of Love (DFA), this is the party for retro-minded disco lovers. You’re probably familiar with the HMD vibe — famous around the world for their musical excellence, and it takes place at Cielo which is one of the gayest little nightclubs in the Meatpacking.

$35, 10PM, Cielo, 18 Little West 12th St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX




BPM is getting so fancy — she’s an Official NYC Pride Party this year! Featuring Ivan Gomez and Tony Moran in the main room and the brilliant Wayne G in the Rosebud lounge — this is one of the biggest parties of the weekend. One of our writers actually met his husband on the dancefloor of BPM one night at 3am. YOU COULD BE NEXT.

$20, 10:00PM, BPM, 516 W 42nd St. New York, NY. TIX + INFO




…and on the other end of the spectrum to HK dance parties and gay marriage, we have Riot — an iconoclastic orgy of queer radicalism, art, performances and drag queen wrestling. Presented by our favourite people at The Culture Whore and David Sokolowsi, this party is the most fun you can have while celebrating queerness and giving the collective finger to the corporatisation and homonormativity that have come to define NYC Pride. Plus a portion of the door sales goes to New Alternatives. Honey EVERYONE will be there (after they leave the GAYLETTER party) trust.

$10-$20, 11:00PM, Ivy House, 1040 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY. INFO + TIX



Tarab NYC: Pride Weekend Kickoff

Tarab NYC, a group for Queer North African and Middle Eastern Fabulousness, are inviting you to kickoff Pride weekend with a kiki at Madame X. The cover charge includes a drink and proceeds go towards Tarab NYC marching on Sunday.

$20, 9:00PM, Madame X, 94 W Houston, New York, NY. INFO



Turnt Up

During the summer all you need to do is mention rooftop and we’re pretty much gonna turn up. Kicking off at 10:00pm and having no clear end time — the blurb promises “24 hours of non-stop partying” — I think we can safely presume this party is going to live up to its name. Hip hop, R&B and reggae will get you grinding until you see the sun come up over that amazing skyline.

$10, 10:00PM, Ash Rooftop, 53 Eagle St. Brooklyn, NY. INFO + TIX




This party returns to BAM to celebrate Pride weekend Brooklyn style. Featuring some recognizable LGBT artists and DJs, the evening will be curated by Spank, Hey Queen!, Earl Dax and Big Art Group. Expect installations, music, performances, dancing and drinks filling BAM from basement to rooftop until 2:00AM.

$25, 8:00PM, BAM Fisher, 321 Ashland Pl. Brooklyn, NY.



Room Service America: Pride Weekend

Room Service returns to New York for a brand new chapter of this worldwide party. Room Service America launches in a massive, brand new venue and this Pride party features DJs Marco Da Silva, Serving Ovahness, Cazwell and performances by Gia Gunn and many more. We know you just want to go because of those airbrushed photo-booth shots you’ll receive of yourself, but good for you girl.

$20+, 10:00PM, SlateNY, 54 W 21st St. New York, NY.








The Haus of Mimosa @ KTCHN (Dining)

With all the things you’ll be putting in your mouth this week, it may slip your mind that you need to eat. KTCHN is putting on a Pride brunch featuring drag queens, hot guys, comedy, delicious food and those magic brunch words: unlimited mimosas. Get down there, get drunk and get your Pride Saturday started on the right foot.

$30, KTCHN, 508 W 42nd St. New York, NY.



Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run

Or, if getting day drunk is not your thing, you can start your Pride Saturday with a breezy 5mile run! Now in its 33rd year, the Pride race takes place in Central Park with over 5000 runners ranging from marathon pros to utter novices. Also – this is your last chance to shred before the weekend’s Pride parties, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Anti-Violence Project.

8:30am, Central Park (East Side & 102nd St.) New York, NY. INFO



Harlem Pride

There are a whole week of events from June 22 for Harlem Pride, celebrating Upper Manhattan’s vibrant (and, lets face it, pretty damn sexy) LGBT community, but it all culminates in this outdoor daytime celebration. There’ll be performances, markets and DJs all day. Afterwards you can head to Bloom, a party celebrating gay pride in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Apparently the vibe and music are like nothing else in NYC – so you can count us in. It goes down at Mist from 4PM (46 W 116th St.), and is followed the next day by a closing party at the trendy Harlem eatery/bar Red Rooster.

FREE, 1:00PM, Jackie Robinson Park, 148th St. & Bradhurst Ave. New York, NY. INFO



SummerStage Presents: Club Classics Live!

The daytime fun continues with NYC Parks getting in on the Pride action. They’re transforming their SummerStage spectacular with a very special Pride edition set to echo iconic NYC dance clubs of years gone by. Whatever — all you need to know is that you can be partying in Central Park to live performances from Ultra Nate, Sam Sparro, Kevin Aviance, the original CHIC members, and DJ Andre Collins. It doesn’t get much more NYC Pride than that.

FREE, 2:00PM, Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, New York, NY. INFO



GUMBO Pride Pool and Rooftop Party

The folks at GUMBO have been reimagining gay nightlife for over three years now, and their Pride Pool parties are an essential pitstop on any respectable Pride Weekend. From 1-8PM you can party by the pool, and then until 3am you can celebrate on the rooftop with DJs Hannah Rad, Jon Ali and Steven Paul. We don’t really trust a 7-day forecast, but it’s supposed to be 82’F this Saturday, so this will be the place to be.

$20, 1:00PM, Sixty LES Hotel, 190 Allen St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



KUNST Pride!

We have raved about this new monthly party, so by now you should know why we’re so excited. If you haven’t been to Susanne Bartsch’s newest night out then make Pride Weekend your cherry-popping visit – its an incredible space filled with DJs, drag madness, live shows and just about every gay person you want to see on a good night out (including our boy Gio Black Peter, who’ll be celebrating his birthday). Get your tickets early, because you don’t want to have to deal with that door situation.

$20, 11:00PM, Verboten, 54 Nth 11 St. Brooklyn, NY. INFO + TIX



The Bunker

We want you to go to this party simply because of the talent on the decks. In Output you have Discodromo, Boris (Berghain), and our favourite hotties from Wrecked, while in The Panther Room you have Carlos Souffront, Mike Servito and Aaron Clark. If you’re serious about your music, this is where you’ll need to be.

$20, 10:00PM, Output, 74 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY. INFO + TIX




The Ace Hotel is such a chic little spot and we love that they’re putting on a traveling Pride party at their international locations. The one and only JD Samson brings her collective of DJs and performers to this NYC edition — including Lauren Flax, Sveta, W Jeremy, Amber Valentine and many more — for an “all-inclusive Midtown bacchanalia.” Best of all it’s free, just be sure to RSVP.

FREE, 10:00PM, Ace Hotel, W 29th St. New York, NY. INFO + RSVP



A Night In (Hans) Berlin

Daniel Nardicio and his long-time cohort, porn mogul Owen Hawk, are throwing this one night only, clothing optional “love fest” at a super exclusive space in HK. They’re promising porn papa Hans Berlin and a cavalcade of guys to provide “wall to wall sausage.” So this is one to bring your mum to, for sure.

$25, 11:00PM, 250 W 40th St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX








A Club Called Rhonda co-hosted by GAYLETTER

We liked this LA party so damn much we’re also co-hosting it. We’ll be there, have a little drink, a little chat and maybe even a little dance — but most of all we’ll be adjusting the lighting so you don’t see how haggard we look from a week of Pride partying. But for real, this pansexual party palace is going to be THE PLACE to be on Sunday. Join us on the roof of the Gansevoort for a night of unrepentant glamour, featuring every chic creature in NYC.

FREE, 10:00PM, Gansevoort Hotel, 18 9th Ave. New York, NY. INFO + TIX




There are a lot of different opinions about what Pride is today – but whatever it means to you there are a lot of people who work very hard and are very empowered by this celebration. That’s why we always like to head down for the March, which trails from 36th St & 5th Ave to Christopher & Greenwich St. Sure, it looks like a lot more fun to participate in than watch, but the vibe of celebration and community is pretty damn special. Other official NYC Pride events of the day include PrideFest (11am, Hudson St), which combines LGBT street vendors, entertainers and activities for local families and residents, along with the Dance on the Pier (4pm, Hudson River Park, Pier 26) which may not be particularly enticing with its headliner of Demi Lovato (after Cher last year? Damn.) but remember all proceeds go to funding Pride and grants for small community groups.

Free-$$$, All Over The City.



LogoTV Pride Party

We’re still a little sad the Rupaul’s Drag Race finale party was in Vegas this year, after being spoilt attending them in NYC the past few years. But this Pride, Logo are making up for it with an official party featuring your fave Season 6 finalists including Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Ben De La Creme plus a host of queens from the other seasons that we’ve started to forget. If Drag Race is your thing, then this party is where you need to be. Plus when it’s over it rolls into…

$50, 8:00PM, Liberty Theatre, 233 W 41 St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



Supreme: Red Light District

Things are gonna get a little frisky at this Pride closing party. Supreme Festival, Brandon Voss and Jake Rescinow aren’t playing shy, hunty – they’re showing you the full goods with peep shows, sex shops, an adult theater and Pride’s most ubiquitous phrase – a “surprise performer”! Plus Danny Verde and Steven Redant will be spinning, and if nothing else we promise you’ll be into them.

$25+, 11:00PM, Liberty Theatre, 233 W 41 St. New York, NY. INFO + TIX



QP@QD: Drae Campbell Hosts a Queer Pride Party at Queer Division

If you want to escape the melee of the Pride March come and celebrate at one of our favorite queer spots on the LES. Mistress of Ceremonies Drae Campbell will host a smart and sexy crew of performers, including Kaitlyn Holland, Lady Quesa’Dilla, Shane Shane and Max Steele, and a day of festivities around an array of queer books, art and zines. Plus $20 gets you all you can drink! Now that’s a Pride deal.

$5-$20, 4:00PM, Bureau of General Services-Queer Division, 83A Hester St, New York, NY.



Color Me Queer

SALGA, Tarab NYC, Q-Wave and GAPIMNY join forces to bring you the biggest party for queer people of color this Pride. These folks know how to celebrate, so head down for gorgeous party people and a mix of Arabic, Bollywood, pop, hip hop, reggae, soca, chutney and more from DJs Sue, Bashar and dynAMITe.

$15, AVA Lounge, 210 W 55th St. New York, NY.



Off Tha Grid

Get out of the NYC grid for a little Pride away from Pride. $10 promises you 12 hours of sound, dancing, madness, glory, love, lust and libations. And if you don’t get that dirty feeling when you leave a club at 8am Monday morning after Pride then you are doing it all wrong. There are too many amazing DJs and performers to mention, but this is where you’ll find us stumbling around the dancefloor having the BEST DAMN TIME.

$10, 8:00PM, The Spectrum, 59 Montrose Ave. Brooklyn, NY.

Thursday 06.19.14

Event: COOL

This half party, half show seems super Cool, it’s a celebration of “merging today’s downtown stars with tomorrow’s Broadway stars…” The event is curated by Richard Kennedy and it intends to bring to life “a night reminiscent of Studio 54... resulting in a jam packed evening of music and art!” With so many parties happening in NYC, it makes sense that if you are going to throw a new one, you have to offer something extra or else why even bother? The location of this party is below what was once the legendary nightclub Studio 54, that alone should make you feel like you are tripping on something next to Andy Warhol or at least you can pretend you can see his ghost. The party will be hosted by De Se, with musical direction by Rashonda Reeves, and it features a whole bunch of peeps including La’fem Ladosha, Juliana Huxtable, Neil Haskell, CUNTMAFIA, Brian Charles Johnson (Spring Awakening, American Idiot), Jessica Hershberg (Little Women, Cinderella), Lesley McKinnell (Wicked), Rahel, Preston Boyd (Bullets over Broadway, Big Fish), A N M L and VIOLENCE. Practice your show tunes and go help them keep the spirit of Studio 54 alive!

$15, 11:00PM, 54 BELOW, 254 W 54th st. New York, NY.


Saturday 06.14.14

American Express + Uber celebrate their new partnership

Featuring a special performance by Chromeo and hosted by Emmy Rossum

Friday 06.13.14

Lower Eastside Ladies

A drag fundraiser for Maddox Madison


When someone you know is having a rough time you usually bringing them a cup of soup, watch some Golden Girls with them, do whatever you can to make them feel better. When that person happens to be a legend of the downtown community, soup is not enough.


Maddox Madison, a long time performer and staple of the East Village has recently been stricken with skin cancer. The community is rallying together to support her fight against this deadly disease. As many may know, skin cancer in African Americans is so rare it comprises only one to two percent of the population.”


On Sunday a bunch of her amazing friends are getting together to throw her a benefit, because healthcare in this country is fucked and she needs some coin to continue her fight against this disease.


If you can’t make it but still want to support Maddox then go to the GoFundMe page. There’s prizes from Reed Krakoff, Fendi, Organic Avenue, The Wendy Williams Show, Nickelodeon, just to name a few. “Those that attend will be in for quite a show, one which will be a true testament to the type of person Maddox is.”


With DJ duo’s The Carry Nation (Will Automagic & Nita Aviance), H.A.M.B. (Michael Magnan & Juliana Huxtable), William Francis & Jeffrey Chatterton and Sammy Jo. Hosted by Stephanie Stone, Dina Marie, Domonique Echeverria, Christie Maass, Alissa Brianna and Matthew CampRyan McNally will be collecting Donations. Plus, one night only go go appearances by Jay Roth and Rowan Pierce.


Be there, and be there for Maddox.


Give what you can, 10:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 east 6th St. NY, NY.


I once heard someone talking about how the ultimate goal for all humans is to be shameless. Because when you think about it, being shameless, meaning free of shame, is true freedom. It’s the greatest, purest state to live your life in. It’s weird that our society attaches negative connotations to that word. And it’s time we took it back. This event is a good start. It’s a “showcase of bravado, absurdity, love, death, sex and filth brought to you by renowned producer Jen Gapay of Thirsty Girl.” The night is hosted by a fellow Aussie, the “Drag Idiot” Shivannah. You can expect performances from some shameless legends like Amber Martin, Captain Kidd (AU), Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey, Glitta Super Nova (AU, pictured), Jenny Rocha & The Painted Ladies, Diety Delgado, Dee Dee Luxe, Cheeky Lane & more! It’s all going down at Drom, an unusual, but surprisingly spacious space on Ave A. Get your tickets in advance and save some cash. You gotta be shameless about these things.

$20 in advance/$25, 7:00PM, Drom, 85 Avenue A. New York, NY.