Thursday 04.17.14

Event: Take Ecstasy With Me

How to explain this event?…Let me think about it for a second. OK! Got it. First up, it’s a Whitney Biennial event (so yeah). Secondly there’s some very creative people involved. Let me give you some backstory for Miguel Gutierrez (one of the main organizers) whose specialty is creating “evening-length performances.” For this event he’s bringing together a bunch of super cunt artists to create a night of sensory experiences that seek to ask “enduring philosophical questions around who we are and why we’re here.” He says his work is “about desire, longing and the search for meaning.” Sounds deep. Helping him organize the night is Alexandro Segade, of My Barbarian artists collective fame (they’re kind of a big deal). There’s also A.L. Steiner, Kate Bush Dance Troupe and the legendary, talented, exceptionally beautiful (can you tell we’re fans?) Juliana Huxtable. All work for the evening is inspired by the queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz, who passed away last year. The title for the show is not necessarily literal, but if you were looking for an excuse to pop an E at the Whitney...well, you just got one.

$8 General/$6 students, 7:00PM, Whitney Museum, 945 Madison Ave. NY, NY.


Wednesday 04.16.14

Event: Why are you so sensitive?

I’ll be honest, it’s been a long day, and when I first read about this event, I was really having trouble keeping up. Here’s the first thing I read (you’ll see what I mean): Jay Michaelson & Sabrina Sojourner Discuss Seeking Spirituality in the Justice Community… and Justice in the Spiritual Community. huh, right? Well wrong! It’s actually super interesting. Dr. Jay Michaelson is an author, activist, and academic. He’s currently a visiting scholar at Brown University, where he is an advisor to the Varieties of Contemplative Experience project, and the author of five books. Sabrina Sojourner is a facilitator, writer, teacher and speaker on diversity, multiculturalism, leadership and spirituality. She has worked with all sorts of public and private institutions, including the U.S. Department of Labor, National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The point of the discussion is to try and find more ways to bring meditation and contemplation into activism and politics. They’re interested in “contemplative justice” and how to make that happen. As a newbie meditator, I think this is a wonderful endeavor. A little more contemplation in our political system would do a world of good, or more precisely, do the world some good.

PAY WHAT YOU LIKE, 7:00PM, NY Insight Meditation Center, 28 W. 27th St. NY, NY.


Sunday 04.13.14

THE WEEK 4/14-4/20

A guide for Artsluts in NYC


Turn around and you will hear the whisper of an ancient queer telling you the time has come to change the tide and make a run for the future blossoming with brilliant colors in a trippy week waiting for you to discover.


Listen to your W33kly mix on Soundcloud by A Village RaidNever Too Old 13 Final Mix.




HOT FRUIT @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST.) One of our favorite bartenders, Pietro is having a bday and David Sokolowski is pulling out SHOWS to celebrate! URIEL, His Unbearable Beauty and bartenders Pietro and Daniel themselves will give you performances that are sure to start your week on a trippy happy wave. DJ Sokolowski and Econ spin house beats all night long while Ethan Weinstock‘s visuals transform the space. 10:00PM, FREE!



BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE.) Did you know that if you measured all of the cut off foreskin from all the circumcised men in the world, that it would reach from Don Pedro to LA and back? RuPaul’s Drag Race at 10:00PM, Salty Talk at 11:30PM, BathSalts at 12:00PM. Starring Macy Rodman and Severely Mame with a special live performance by Mat Kestella and MOAR. 10:00PM, FREE!




absentMINDER @ THE MELLOW PAGES LIBRARY (56 BOGART ST. 1S) Its officially the future. Absent Mindr is a poetry chapbook by Tommy Pico and the first one made into an APP for iphones/ipads and such–which you can download from yor friendly neighborhood App store starting April 15th. The launch party will showcase some of Tommy’s favorite writers: Max Steele, Maud Deitch, Lauren Wilkinson, Sean H. Doyle ++ Tommy will read a poem at the end and maybe shotgun a pizza pie. 7:30PM, FREE!



RITUAL @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN ST.) MILF episode. The sensational Manifestiny Squirts’ monthly Bushwick drag show featuring performances by Annie Witch-Way, Boy Georgia, Chris of Hur, Nicholas Gorham and Viva Bodyroll. Riki Razo and BCALLA will serve you witchy beats until you find that hot older “lady” to take home and worship. 11:00PM, FREE!



WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST.) We are so pumped for our sister #GIANT Will Sheridan’s first official performance at Westgay! She’s been hosting the fuck outta the place for months and now we invite you to join the court of tranimals as will assemble to serve “sex on a platter” and so much more. Internet sensation Fly Young Red will also perform. DJs Jon Jon Battles and Michael Magnan will keep you dancing all night long. 10:00PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT.





END OF THE HUMAN RACE RIOT @ LA GROTTA BJ Dini is presenting the first cut of a new film he is very excited to share. Featuring performances by a slew of friends and nightlife creatures, the film explores BJ’s vision of the future while deconstructing civilization, gentrification and the cosmos. The screening is also a celebration of BJ’s birthday and a farewell fundraiser for the provocative artist who will be leaving the city for awhile. 8:00PM, SUGGESTED DONATION.



SCREAM QUEEN @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE.) Severely Mame’s very own American horror story is Carrie-ing this week with a screening of the classic Stephen King horror tale. Shows by Mame, Macy Rodman, Mark Dommu and more follow once the witching hour has struck. 10:00PM, FREE!




FULL MOON SHOW @ LA MAMA ETC (74 A EAST 4TH ST.) In this homage to the moon goddess Luna Macaroona on the occasion of the April Full Pink Moon, AUNTS presents a stellar lineup of performances and a touch of mayhem. Featuring appearances by Lumberob, Brooke O’Harra and Sharon Hayes, Diana Y. Greiner and Heidi Dorow, Stan Baker “The Human Television,” Salley May, Antonio Ramos and The Gang Bangers, Matt Romein, Chris Tyler (who we can tell you will be deconstructing RENT the musical), Katy Pyle, The Impact Addict, and video tributes by Love Everyone Movement and Becca Blackwell. 10:00PM, $15.




DRAGNET @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST.) Hooray it’s the 2 year anniversary of Merrie Cherry’s monthly Drag Competition! She’s premiering a new “performing art collective” with her sisters Horrochata and Untitled Queen called TURNTUP TRIFECTA and that has us intrigued. Also performing are seasoned Brooklyn queens Darrell Thorne, Miz Jade, Minnie Cupcakes, Aja Nicole Marie, Elle Emenope, Lady Simon, Charlene Issa Israel and much more. Beats by Jessamess. 11:00PM, FREE.






WITCH CAMP @ THE WILD PROJECT (195 EAST 3RD ST.) Amber Martin and Nath Ann Carrera transport you through drop-off, Learning Yurts and beyond, while ridding the room of chode intentions! Grab your baggie full of hair and your black latex glove and gather around the fireside for a battle cry against the patriarchal rape heads in this ONGOING inquisition! We saw this show a few months ago and were blown away by these extremely talented performers as they are both ridiculous and completely serious at the same time. 8:00PM, $15.


FANCY @ THE HO_SE (28 LAWTON ST.) Shane Shane’s basement arty party is back and this edition is super STUDLY, so get your chaps dry-cleaned or whatever the fuck you need to do to clean cum out of leather. Performances by Big Huge, Adrienne Anenome, Pearl Hunter and Tom Barranca, with a sneak preview of The Hussy’s new music video ‘Studs in Love.’ 9:00PM, $6.


DIZZYLAND @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE AVE.) WHEN A GIRL WALKS IN WITH AN ITTY BITTY WAIST AND A ROUND THING’S IN YOUR FACE YOU GET #SPRUNG. Trey La Trash’s monthly is getting extra #turnt to celebrate the beginning of spring, so wear as little as possible (it get’s hot in that little mirrored room, girl!) and enjoy performances and music by BOYWOLF, Rify Royalty, G H O U L S, Poolboy92, Lady Miaou, Mind Dynamics and many more. 10:00PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT, $10 AFTER.





PSYCHIC SPRING @ MISTER ROGERS (231 ROGERS AVE.) Caling all Queerdos, Faeries, Freaks, Soul Searchers and Cosmic Travelers: Paul Leopold and David Sokolowski compel you to awaken the dawn of our dreams! In an expansive symphony of vibrations carefully selected by some of Brooklyn’s most robust DJs and paired in tag-team duos with 2-hour sets, this party will give you the freshest incremental sonic experience of the season featuring DJ Sokolowski + Mikey Hefez, JLamar + JX Cannon, Jacky Sommer + Vivian Baron and Riki Razo + A Village Raid. There are so many hosts we can’t name them all here but rest assured EVERYBOOTY will be there. Psychedelic portals to the unknown will be opened and explored through special light installations, moments of spoken word and inspired physical actions facilitated by Paul Leopold and his performance group DESCENT. The bar will go beyond the basics with a specialty cocktails, telepathic treats and late-night libations. Skylights will illuminate the morning glow as we usher in the HIGH HOLY DAZE. 11:00PM, $8 ADVANCE, $12 DOOR.





420 @ THE SPECTRUM (59 Montrose Ave.) Assuming you haven’t slept since Thursday night and you’ve just ate some kinda mushroom and you’re mind is feeling, well, ya know… there is a place to go… Bearcat invites you for “green tea” at The Spectrum. Featuring music by Calore, Sexoesthetic, A Village Raid, Sadaf and Dreamboat Crusaderz there will be hot dagz and faerie cake. 2:00PM, $10.



Friday 04.11.14

Launch of The Tenth Zine Vol.1

A bi-annual publication that documents the Black Gay Community

Thursday 04.10.14

Petronio 30th Anniversary Gala

The Stephen Petronio Company's cocktail reception at Spice Market

Sunday 04.06.14

The Week 4/8-4/13

A guide for Artsluts in NYC


Over the rainbow and through the hood to find transcendence we roll along ~ Catch us if you can… Join us if you dare!


Enjoy your W33KLY MIX on Soundcloud by BOYWOLF x JX CANNON: BOYWOLF EP



EVRIPIDIS & HIS TRAGEDIES @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST.) Expect piano-driven everyday tragedies about doomed affairs, ghosts, lazy summers, the secrets of the moon, the after hours life, love, lust and loss, always seasoned with a healthy mixture of pain and humor. 8:00PM. FREE.


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST.) Drag Race star PhiPhi Ohara plays Selena and the awesome rap duo Double Duchess from San Francisco will make your head toss like a salad. Guest DJs Michael Magnan and Cody Chritchole of Ssion join resident Jonjon Battles for a night of dancing and debauchery. 10:00PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT.



NOT TOO SOON @ THE POETRY PROJECT (131 E 10TH ST.) AIDS, upscale transients, and other hilarious musings by the inspired Jack Waters with numbers from the Jackie Kaye Songbook. Images by Peter Cramer. On the program with Judy Grahn. 8:00PM. FREE?


WIRED @ WRECK ROOM (940 FLUSHING AVE.) A monthly showcase featuring performance artists leaning towards the experimental + House beats and those essential grooves to keep ya movin all night long! Midnight shows by Chris Tyler, Gabe Gonzalez, Issa Israel and Tom Barranca. DJs David John Sokolowski and Mikëy Hefez will keep you grooving and grinding. 10:00PM. $5 SUGGESTED DONATION.



STARLIGHT @ FRIENDS & LOVERS (641 CLASSON AVE.) This cute Thursday night “queer social” is HOT right now. If you haven’t checked it out yet this week is your chance. Cunt cosmic rap duo Double Duchess joins the forever cute and juicy Big Dipper for a night that just might leave you lost in the stars. Hosted by Machine Dazzle with beats by Dandylion. 9:00PM. $8.


SATURN BOUND @ TBA BROOKLYN (395 WYTHE AVE.) Good vibes, an amazing community, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Highlighting local artists who are creating the sounds of the future in a low-key environment. No pressure, no snobbery. A playground for the underground. Music by Prism House (Ceremony), Spheres, Rob DeLitta and Headphonist. 10:00PM. FREE.



EKPHRAZEIN @ ARAS (28 E 39TH ST.) An evening of ekphrastic poetry, video, and music. Coming from the Greek ek, “out,” and phrasis, “speak,” the verb ekphrazein means to call a visual object by name. It is the description of one artwork by another medium, thus allowing each form to illuminate and enhance its other. Come see what new forms arise as nine artists confront image with text, sound, and video. The contributors will interpret and reveal artworks related to the archetype of the Map. 7:00PM. DONATIONS SUGGESTED.


IN YOU. (AND YOU?) @ BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE (421 5TH AVE.) Everyone has voices in their heads: mundane obsessions, cereal commercials, abstract fear. Superficial worries escalating into apocalyptic anxiety before the first cup of coffee. An existential vortex gutting the morning routine. Written and performed by the talented Melanie Jones, IN YOU. (AND YOU?) mines the transformative potential of discord. 8:00PM. $15 General or $8 Low Income.


THE BUNKER @ OUTPUT (74 WYTHE AVE.) She’s baaack! Our favorite big time NYC club night is calling you. Cool people from all over converge at Output for incredible electronic music on the best sound system in the city. We can’t wait to queen out in the Panther Room to Mike Servito and Wrecked. In the main room Minilogue (Cocoon | Sweden) will play an extended live set and Eric Cloutier (The Bunker | Berlin) will keep the beat alive. 10:00PM. $20.



BODY @ ROCK BAR (185 CHRISTOPHER ST.) #GIANT Will Sheridan invites you to celebrate life, art, live music and BODY baby! Live stunts by Neo Camp, Shane Shane and Will Sheridan. DJs Lorant, Kurt Jo and Good Goose will have you on the dancefloor spinning with host Merrie Cherry. 10:00PM. $5.


LUNAR ECLIPSE @ BODY ACTUALIZED CENTER (143 TROUTMAN ST.) Come gather under one roof, for one night, as we celebrate, in love, in dance, in each other, the uniting of a full moon and full sun, emanating energy towards an entire night of abundant talent and beauty. Music by Aurora Halal, Volvox, Umfang and Panax with rituals by Moon Church Collective. 10:00PM. $10.



SELF WORTH @ CULTUREFIX (9 CLINTON ST.) Art by Avery Noyes, Aaron Kolfage, Frank Oswald, Andy Wong (CH Eno), Alex Salmon Bubafina Hess, Sophie Larrimore. Sound by Erica Landerholm (SLUTCORE), Dan Spagnoli (Dan2600) and YUNG PUP. Each artist in the show has there own unique approach to “painting,” uncategorized in many ways. The work is primarily expressionistic, with a light symbolic reference. 8:00PM. FREE.


DANE TERRY @ SIDEWALK (94 AVE. A) An intimate set of songs in a lovely room sung by a beautiful soul. 7:00PM SHARP. DONATION.


Wednesday 04.02.14


There was a “womyn’s” room at my college (yes they spelled it with a y — fuck the patriarchy!) but honestly the only reason I ever went in there was to use their microwave. I would have gone in more often, but I never really felt that welcome. The thick curtain they hung over the doorway always made entering feel like an intrusion. This Wednesday the doorway at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division is wide open to all who wants to attend a feminist tea party to discuss Angry Women.” Angry Women was a legendary 90’s feminist text that influenced the Riot Grrrl movement along with many other prominent feminists from that time. Over tea and cakes you can join a discussion about the issues the text raised and how it relates to the feminist discourse of today. The discussion is followed next week by a performance on April 9th titled Angry Women REvisited which is “a fifteen-person ensemble multidisciplinary performance re-exploring the 1990s classic feminist text, conceived and directed by J Dellecave.” If you don’t come away from either of these experiences without a little more sympathy for the way women are treated in our society then you should probably go listen to some Le Tigre and read some Germaine Greer, and stop being such a you stupid myn.

FREE, 4:30-6:30pm, BGSQD, 83A Hester St. New York, NY.


Tuesday 04.01.14

THE WEEK 3/31-4/6

The artsluts weekly guide to NYC


SHIT IS GETTING REAL, GIRL. The lights are brighter, the music more hypnotic, the paint more colorful, the people more beautiful. Life feels like a disco ball right now, spinning and shining and soaring towards the heavens. Any and all of the happenings this week will help you journey to that place with us, so LET’S GO BABY.






HOT FRUIT @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST.) This lineup is everything! Boywolf, Lady Simon and Earl Dax (as MorriSHE) are giving you shows to die for. Boywolf will be premiering a dreamy new track so you do not want to miss this. Music, as always, by Econ and David Sokolowski. Video art by Ethan Weinstock, photos by The Think Theatre. $2 tallboys and hopefully some tall boys. 10:00PM, FREE.



BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE.) This week’s Bathsalts theme is “The Real Housewives of Bushwick” so expect big hair (twelve cans worth, at least), table flipping and wine throwing galore. Shows by Macy Rodman, Jack Raymond, Tristan Viner-Brown and Severely Mame. 9:00PM, FREE.





STUCK IN WONDER OUT FOREVER TRYING @ COOPER UNION (41 COOPER SQUARE) After 4 arduous years of ingesting an art education, Jose Joaquin Figueroa and Jessica Robbin are thrilled to invite you to a night full of delights and celebration. Come hungry, wine and pork (ham!) will be served. 6:00PM, FREE.
MARRY/FUCK/KILL @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN ST.) This month Cher Noble celebrates Manhattan with the best of the best. The list of people involved is lengthy (and possibly fictional), including Amber Alert, Lady Simon, Trey LaTrash, Manifestany Squirtz, Chris of Hur, Severely Mame, Susanne Bartsch, Joey Arias and Amanda Lepore. 10:00PM, FREE.


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST.) Mykki Blanco live!! If that’s not enough to get you into Manhattan, Trinity Kardashian Bonet from season six of Rupaul’s Drag Race should help sweeten the deal. DJ Michael Magnan and Jonjon Battles. 10:00PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT.




YES! @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH ST.) Melissa Burns and De Se’s weekly party in heaven has a live show from Ian Isiah and resident DJs The Good Kids (HD/AHARAW/TIKI SHACK FUNHOUSE). 10:00PM, FREE.


WOAHMONE @ VON (3 BLEECKER ST.) Enter a beautiful underground cave of queers and dance all night to music by DJ Sandy Bottoms and DJ Moanna. Presented by the triumvirate of DJs Nath Ann Carrera and Savannah Knoop and Ass Troll Projections by Nicaross. 10:00PM, FREE.


MIKE SERVITO @ BOSSA NOVA CIVIC CLUB (1271 MYRTLE AVE.) Get down! Tough Homme presents…fresh from his Panorama Bar debut, the one and only…Mike Servito (The Bunker/ Ghostly International) the bright eyed and amorous Alvin Aronson (White Material) and last but not least, your polite yet nefarious host Max McFerren (Shoot The Lobster / Sci Fi & Fantasy). “Get yourself nice..” 10:00PM.




ROUTE 666 @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON ST.) The best way to understand this party is it’s narrative, as told by it’s evil mastermind, Chris Tyler: “Dane and Derek Dinglewhip (Dane Terry and Derek Smith) are two brothers who lost their mother on US Route 491, formerly Route 666. Now they host a monthly talent competition to find her replacement. She may have been abducted by aliens or apprehended by the government…probably. But basically it’s going to be a #SHOW.” We’re assured it’s going to be “uncomfortably charming and ceremoniously sinful”…sold.  SHOWSSHOWSSHOWS by Nicholas Gorham and JanTina Parker, beats by DeeDeeRex and photos by Mars Hobrecker. 8:30PM, $5 SUGGESTED.


DZTYOM SCREENING @ CANTOR FILM CENTER (36 E 8TH ST.) Nikie Belliveau unveils her long-in-development, experimental improvised movement piece, DZTyOM. An urban fairy tale told with a trippy, hip-hop infused score by Ryan Thibeault, and fluid cinematography by Jake Saner, DZTyOM follows two groups of young people who work the streets. Jacq (Rebecca Margolick) escapes this life to be with her lover, Kait, a faerie (Stephanie Thompson), but must return to the urban wasteland run by a fabulous madam, MaMA (Pooya Mohseni), and the despicable LuBug (Sol Goode) who has infested the city with the deadly drug Om. 5:30PM, $3.


COUNTRY NIGHT @ ROCKBAR (185 CHRISTOPHER ST.) Venture into manhattan for Rockbar’s monthly night of queer country music. This month’s hoedown tunes are supplied by The Wily Gaby Band and Culture Whore‘s Justin Vahala and Jared Kaminski. 7:00PM, $3.





UP CLOSE & PERSONAL @ FUCHS PROJECTS (56 BOGART ST STUDIO 1E) A group exhibition curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel based on a photography series of his by the same name . The exhibition aims to explore the relationships of several artists to their close, intimate and very personal with their art creations. 6:00PM. FREE.


BROKE CITY @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON ST.) This classic Bushwick rage is sure to set you rolling into the weekend. Music by Pictureplane, Logan Takahashi, Hollagramz, Sleepyhead, Poolboy92 & Dunes. 10:00PM. FREE.





PILLOW FIGHT NYC @ WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK Pillows fly and teddies soar as you converge for a giant urban pillow fight! Swing and whack as you evade pillow-wielding assailants. Bring a soft pillow and wait for the signal. Dress as your favorite superhero or villain from comic books, movies, anime, the internet, or your imagination. Pillow fight! 3:00PM. FREE


BE CUTE @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE.) The one year anniversary of this adorable party thrown by the delightful Horrorchata. Performances by Untitled Queen and a special surprise guest. DJs Amber Valentine, Jessamess & Merkin Muffley. 10:00PM.


OVA THE RAINBOW LAVENDIN @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE AVE.) Let’s go way up high and celebrate the beauty of Lavender. Live music from Aquamarinez and Bright Future. Live performances by Dreamhouse and Macy Rodman. DJs iZ HeroIQ, Dem $craper Boiz and Riki Razo. LAVENDER LEUKS Encouraged. $5 BEFORE 1:00AM <OR ALL NIGHT IF UR IN LAVENDER/ MAKE AN EFFORT/BRING LIFE TO THE PARTY $10 AFTER 1:00AM W/O MAKING THAT EFFORT. NO SHADE.





KWEERBALLAH @ LA GROTTA  Week 4 of the radical, spiritual queer think tank is all about “THE JEWISH QUESTION:” The Origins of “Anti-Semitism,” “Holocaust Denial,” The “Thought-Crime” TRIALS of David Irving + David Cole, “Jewish Bolsheviks and the Soviet Holocaust,” the United Nations, Elders of Zion “EL-ites” and Is-Ra-El, Ashkenazis vs. Khazarians, the building of the Third Temple + WW3 and the Facts on who *really* owns the Anglo-American Media-Military-Money Establishment: “To find out who controls you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” 8:00PM, $5 SUGGESTED.



EARL DAX & FRIENDS @ JOE’S PUB (425 LAFAYETTE ST.) Celebrate downtown impresario Earl Dax’s birthday with some of his most vibrant playpals. Joey AriasMachineDazzleNick HallettJohn KellyPhoebe LegereAmber MartinCitizen RenoJustin SayreMax Steele. That is one magical fucking lineup, and to top it off MorriSHE will be working it with a live band! 9:30PM, $20.


WHEN IN ROBE GOES DEEP @ BODY BY BROOKLYN (275 PARK AVE.) Spa party! Your ticket includes access to a hot tub, saunas, steam rooms, cold plunge, and massage treatments. You receive a locker and a robe, change into your bathing suit, get handed a free glass of champagne, and enter the party. We have full lighting, top notch sound, a full bar, and tons of room to dance. Music by special guests Sepalcure (Machinedrum + Braille Sounds), as well as resident Subset. 9:30PM, $30.







Saturday 03.29.14

Red Beans & Rice with ‘Put A Egg On It’

New Orleans style dinner with the food, art and literary publication cooked by PAEOI editor Ralph McGinnis.

Wednesday 03.26.14

ITNA PRESS Book Launch event at Dixon Place

Hosted by Bruce Benderson with readings by Slava Mogutin, Christopher Stoddard and La JohnJoseph