Wednesday 10.22.14

Event: NYPAC Fundraiser

You’re probably well aware of our love for Justin V. Bond considering we write about V at least 2 to 3 times a day (I kid), however this Wednesday we get to really show some love to V with a night dedicated to honoring the performer and V’s already legendary career. Best of all, it’s all going down at The Cock! The night is officially a fundraiser for NYPAC, a group that supports performance art in NYC, but we’d forgive you if you just showed up for V. Tickets for the main event are a little steep at $150, so if you’re on a budget we suggest you skip that and show up for the after-party where you’ll get music by Juliana Huxtable, Michael Magnan and Sammy Jo, plus you’ll get to hang out with all the rich boys who were there earlier for the pricey part of the evening (where they watched performances by Joseph Keckler, Erin Markey and Casey Legler). I haven’t been to the Cock in a while so am excited to see how they dress up the place for the evening, or dress it down — that’s the best thing about Justin, V fits in anywhere.

Gala $150, After-Party $50, 7:00PM-10:00PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. NY, NY.


Sunday 10.19.14

Event: Queer Stories – An event from I’m From Driftwood

I was chatting to Nathan Manske, the creator of I’m From Driftwood, the LGBTQ Story Archive, about this upcoming event. As a fan of podcasts (I listen to about 30 on rotation each week) I thought the idea of reading queer coming out stories live (and turning them into a podcast — which I told him he MUST do) was a great idea. Turns out the event comes out of a mentoring program with the Moth, the popular storytelling show/podcast, so they’re in good company. This Sunday is the premier of what I’m sure will become a regular event: “Two I’m From Driftwood Video Stories will be screened, and then eight storytellers will tell their stories live with nothing more than a microphone and a spotlight.” Best of all the event is free, and the location, Videology in Williamsburg, will be offering happy hour drink specials. If you’ve spent more than a minute on the I’m From Driftwood site you’ll know what to expect from the night. If you haven’t, let’s just say you’ll probably get a little choked up. Some of the stories are super intense, but in a good way — look at it this way, if they’re able to share it to a roomful of strangers then they’re likely already in a better place #itgetsbetter.  

FREE, 6:30PM, Videology - Williamsburg, 308 Bedford Ave. BK, NY.


Wednesday 10.15.14

Event: Bearded Lady Wednesdays

All the gay boys go crazy for the show American Horror Story, the new season just started and everyone’s running around the city like crazy looking for a place to watch it. I was walking home last week and saw this boy Ryan, who’s part of NYC nightlife, and he was on his way to watch the show at a friends’ place, “OMG it’s gonna be so good...” he said. I saw this event and thought I must help these queens out… The event’s FB page says it best: “Are you a freak? Do you love American Horror Story? Do you love alcohol? Are you too cheap for cable?” If you answer “yes” to at least 2 of those questions then listen up. The Bearded Lady Wednesdays is brought to you by Will Sheridan and Mark Dommu at Gym Bar and it has everything you’re looking for from a AHS viewing party. While Mark hosts the show with trivia and “commentary between commercial breaks,” Sheridan will pour “#GIANT” drinks behind the bar —  Mark adds, “every time someone on the show dies, we offer cheap shots — and this is american horror story, so it's likely that you'll be blackout drunk in the first half hour.” Oh and btw the event is downstairs from the regular bar, just in case you are not in the mood to deal with the tired queens that populate that place. Trust me I’ve been there.

FREE, 8:00PM, THE GYM BAR, 167 8TH Ave. New York, NY.


Sunday 10.12.14

THE WEEK 9/14-9/19

A guide for artsluts

David Rappeneau_GAYLETTER

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh – erotic nightmares beyond any measure, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Can’t you just see it? Don’t dream it, be it.”


Woosh this week is filled to the brim with turn ups, turn downs and faerrie go rounds! We challenge you to go out as much as you can while still staying on top of those art projects and relationships you’ve been cultivating. We’re especially pumped to be hosting Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain on Sat, the last one was one of the best parties we’ve been to all year. Of course we’re working hard to prepare for ROCKY HORROR SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS next week, get your discount $10 ticket now so that you don’t have to pay $15 at the door

♡Mark & Paul♡


Enjoy Thugfucker’s “ROBOT HEART – BURNING MAN 2014” mix as you read.





BODYACHE @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Charlene offers therapy to those who need it most (ie: the people of Brooklyn) through drag and drink tickets. JX Cannon does something similar with and airhorn sample. 10PM, FREE!


KITTY @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN) This week KITTY pays homage to Genesis P-Orridge. Jrk Prty will be playing music to get your gristle throbbing, and Cher Noble and SSPS will be thee entertainment ov thee nighte. Come early to get crafty. 11PM, FREE!


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST) LaGanja Estanga takes the stage at the Westway for a hot boxed edition of Westgay. Come stoned, leave inexplicably, but very personally, come for. 10PM, $10.


ON TOP @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH ST) A good run, but it’s time to retire On Top for the fall. Susanne Bartsch has saved the last dance for you. ‘How many free drinks can you get?’ contest in effect all night. 11PM, FREE!


GAY VINYL @ HOME SWEET HOME (131 CHRYSTIE ST) Cakes Da Killa’s birthday party has nasty beats, looks galore, cheap drinks, and hopefully, actual cake. 11PM, FREE!





BEARDED LADY WEDNESDAYS @ GYM BAR (167 8TH AVE) Mark Dommu and Will Sheridan invite you to watch AHS Freakshow with them; we know you don’t have cable, and avoiding facebook (b/c: spoilers) until it’s on netflix is not going to work out at all.Trivia, drinks, freaks, and fun. 8PM, FREE!


SEVERELY MAME’S FREAKSHOW @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) Mame has been collecting her menagerie of freaks for sometime, and would like to show you what they are capable of. Watch the episode, then stick around for shows. 9PM, FREE!


SHELTERING SKY @ MCCARREN HOTEL (160 N 12TH) Heated Rooftop and DJs, a good place to chill; perfect for a pregame, or a turn down. 9PM, FREE!


MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT @ SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE) Vegas in Space: THIS ONE’S PRETTY WILD. A drag fantasy made over the course of 9 years, written by and starring Doris Fish… A spaceship of men gets called on a mission to save the planet CLITORIS…. but to do so they must change gender and become women. 10PM, $5-10 SUGGESTED.


MEOW MIXX: HELL CATS @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON) Crimson Kitty is joined by Rebecca Glasscock  for a feline frenzy of burlesque, drag, dance, and general bacchanalian splendors. Amazing shows at this party, protip.10 PM, $5-$15 SUGGESTED.


MISSTER @ THE WOODS (48 S 4TH) MISSTER is for dancing, cruising, boozing, meeting up with friends, meeting new friends, making out, and whatever else you wanna do on a weds night in a bar full of cute gay people. Amber Valentine and Bonnie Danger moving you all night. 10PM, FREE!


NSFW @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) After your AHS viewing party, dance away all those feelings you don’t want. Music by Jessamess and Matty Beat, bar by true sweethearts. 10PM, FREE!


TRUTH OR BARE @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Brooklyn’s favorite problem child, Lady Simon, is ready to tell you who’s who and what’s what, and why that is. Scarlet Envy will be asking her the real T, this is seriously going to be a shit show.11:30 PM, FREE!








CASA SUSANNA @ WRIGHT (980 MADISON AVE) A preview of collection featuring 340 photographs from Casa Susanna, a resort that embraced the exploration of gender roles during the mid-1950s and early 1960s. Visually striking and intimate, the images capture men playing the roles of many different female stereotypes including the femme fatale, the matron and the proper lady. From doing ordinary household chores to posing for the lens, these candid images reveal a distinct place in time—a world once forgotten. 6PM, FREE!


ALOTA STUFF! @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) Alota McGriddles and Torgy Thor have raided the closet of Milk, to bring you a halloween/drag/fabulous clothing auction. Bring some bills, because the clothes are amazing, and surprisingly cheap. 8PM, FREE!


STARLITE @ FRIENDS AND LOVERS (641 CLASSON AVE) Music by DJs Amber Martin and fernanDITO. 9PM, FREE!


DRAGNET @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) 10PM, Halloween is almost here, and Merrie Cherry can’t wait to celebrate, so she’s not going to. Come to Metro for blood, guts, ghouls, ghosts, and witching hour shows by Crimson Kitty, Kimchi, Lady Bearica Andrews, Momo Shade, and Louvel. 10PM, FREE!


HOODLOVE @ PROJECT PARLOR (742 MYRTLE AVE) Sexy beats by J Lamar all night, plus drink specials and cuties! 10PM, FREE!


STRAIGHT ACTING @TNT (108 N 6TH) Masc4same, No Fats, No Fems. Rify Royalty woofs up a group of sissies and fags. Mark Dommu, Apathy Angel, and Manifestany Squirtz perform, with a slew of other boys to fave, and maybe even some to report. Trey LaTrash will be moderating the action from the DJ booth at this sex-positive party. 10:30PM, FREE!



FRIDAY 10/17


COMMUNITY DISCUSSION @ GLOBE (301 GROVE) Long time Bushwick residents who are working-class, of color, and LGBTQ face violence at the intersection of trans/homophobia, gentrification and police violence on a daily basis. This event will be geared to finding community solutions for fighting multiple and simultaneous oppression. A round table discussion will be held. 6PM, FREE!


WHITE DIAMONDS@ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON) Don your favorite fetish attire (Gay apparel) for Jessamess’ monthly champagne dance party! Work out your kinks to the sounds of Trey LaTrash, Jerk Party, and Ms. Mess herself. 10PM, FREE!


SKITTLES @ HAPPY FUN HIDEAWAY Merrie Cherry and David Sokolowski will be chilling at Happy Fun playing music, and eating candy; you’re more than welcome to join. 10PM, FREE!


GIRLS @ LOVEGUN (617 GRAND) If you don’t know what it is, you should definitely go. Music, people, drinks, dance: a textbook Friday rage. 10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/ $10 AFTER.


MOTIVATIONAL NYC @ TRANS PECOS (915 WYCKOFF AVE) The motivation Tour stops in New York, with music by Abdu Ali, Schwarz, Byrell the Great, Kilbourne, and Fluct. It’s all presented by Whatever 21, so expect lots of streetwear-clad babes. MIDNIGHT, $7.





BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST @ LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVES (484 14TH) A DIY event offering self-identified black lesbians a space to sell, share, or trade zines, chapbooks, posters, art, pamphlets, small press books or any other forms of handmade or DIY print based items. 11AM, FREE!


DEBORAH COCKS @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN) COME ON OVER children! We know exactly WHAT A GIRL WANTS here at Deborah Cocks! To get DIRRTY to late 90′s early 2000′s dance music. I TURN TO YOU to come get wasted and feel your most BEAUTIFUL! Special guest performer Elizabeth James giving you SHOW, Mikey Pop serving all your DJ Y2K realness!!! Shain Pop will be running around hosting, being BIONIC, being a FIGHTER, and most likely being really drunk! 10PM, FREE!


THE BUNKER @ OUTPUT (74 WYTHE AVE) Our favorite mixed party is bringing you its second edition this month YAY! The music is always incredible and the crowd is surprisingly chill… this rage is truly all about the music. Queer homies Wrecked, will be holding down the faggotry in the Panther Room with Tad Haes from Occupy The Disco and Virginia from Berlin. The man room promises to fill your techno desires and launch you towards transcendence. 10PM, $15-20 ADVANCE, $30 DOOR.


KUNST @ VERBOTEN (54 N 11TH) Cazwell and Pictureplane want to come get KUNSTY with you! A shitload of hosts, and a shitload of people, and a shitload of sounds make for a party that is anything but shit. 11PM, $20.


HOLY MOUNTAIN @ SLAKE (251 W 30TH) This Party is loaded. Juliana Huxtable & LE1F, La’fem Ladosha, Hari Nef, DiCap, Honey Dijon, Gayletter, Ryan Burke and 4X more hosts and DJs. Performances by Rye Rye and a secret guest. Ladyfag might have actually outdone herself, because Culture Whore will be casting spells in the Obsidian Room. THIS. IS. MAYA. 11PM, $10 BEFORE 1AM/ $15 AFTER.


HEY QUEEN @ LITTLEFIELD (622 DEGRAW) THE LAST HEY QUEEN. What a long strange trip it’s been, but all good things must come to an end. Join the Hey Queen family for their farewell bash, reunite with old friends, make some new ones, and celebrate every kind of queen on the spectrum. 10PM, $5 BFORE 11/ $7 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/ $10 AFTER.



SUNDAY 10/19


SWEET DARKNESS & THE PLOT TO DESTROY EARTH @ 126 GRATTAN ST A reading of a backyard space odyssey drawn from the best of 60′s sci-fi and contemporary roommate comedies. Sweet and Dark are two roommates on opposing ends of the 20-something experience, whose relationship gets even more complicated with the purchase of a boyfriend-bot and the crash-landing of two gay aliens. 4PM, FREE!


ALICE @ SLIPPER ROOM (167 ORCHARD ST) ALICE has been working hard letting out the waistline on the trousers of perception and raising the hemline of reality. Expect stunning acrobatics, incredible musicians, the finest performance artists and the more curiously talented of their ilk. With Performances by:Rob Roth with Amber Martin, Jonathan Nosan, Amanda Topaz, Trixie Little, Poison Eve, Nicholas Gorham, Crista Marie Jackson, The Maine Attraction and more TBA9:30 PM, $10 ADVANCE/ $20 DOOR.


Saturday 10.11.14


Gio Black Peter is inviting us all to come with him to hell and this time he seems very serious about it — with an exhibition titled See You in Hell that opens this Saturday at 7:00PM at the Bureau of General Services  — Queer Division. The exhibition will showcase some of Gio’s paintings and drawings including his series of paintings on NYC subway maps. Gio told me over a very intimate Facebook chat how it all came about: “It all started with the idea that the life of art depends on the viewer’s willingness to suspend his or her rational thoughts and play into the believability of lies and realistic falsehoods." Expect a live performance by Gio (of course his peen will be on display) The Morning Star, Max Steele, Brian Kenny, Jordan Hall, Tyler Stone, Lady Simon, Gordon Beeferman and more. We heard that Gio will be at the Bureau every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday working on new art for the duration of the show, feel free to go there and say hi — he’ll love it, we promise!

FREE, 7:00pm-10:00pm, BGSQD AT The Center, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 NY, NY.


Sunday 10.05.14

Event: Half Straddle Benefit Party

The talented cisgender actress Erin Markey sent me an email to tell me about this awesome event, a benefit for the Half Straddle, which as Erin explains it best is a “queerish mostly weird girl-obsessed theater company.” The benefit will be hosted at the Kitchen and the main goal is to raise money for an upcoming production tittled Ancient Lives that will also take place at The Kitchen. At the fundraiser Erin will be performing along with drag queen Kimberly Clark, Adrienne Truscott, the band Gold Dime and hip-hop duo Yackez. This is a great opportunity to contribute to some cool underground culture, tickets start at $50, but of course you can make that cash back easy, yes, there’s an open bar, food and a silent auction and of course there will be a dance party hosted by DJ Kimberly Clark. With a $100 ticket you can attend the pre-party cocktail with Artistic Director Tina Satter and Company, plus you’ll receive a Half Straddle Tote Bag, that just sounds super fancy, a press gift package, and more. The most important thing is that if you pay $100 you can meet some rich people and potentially a person that can also fundraise your life... events like this can be a real investment!  

$50-$100, , FOR DETAILS:, THE KITCHEN, 512 W. 19th St. NY, NY.


THE WEEK 10/6-10/12

A guide for artsluts

Olaf Martens_TheWeek_GAYLETTER

The freaks and witches and demons and ghosts and zombies and mummies and monsters are starting to pass through the veil and join us once more—if, in fact, they ever left. Are you getting as weird as you possibly could be? We’re here to help.


♡Mark & Paul♡


Enjoy William Francis’ “CUBED” mix as you read.





MONDAYS ARE A WITCH @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE) Something wicked this way comes. For the month of October, OLS will be showing witchy movies, starting with Death Becomes Her. There has been a debate about whether or not this is truly a witch video, but who really cares?!8PM, FREE!


APOCALYPSE WOW @ CAMEO GALLERY (93 N 6TH ST) Nobody likes a dad joke. Join comedians Joe Castle Baker, Jordan Carlos, Bruce Bundy and Brendan McLaughlin for Sorry Dad. 8PM, FREE!


BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE) Dumb and Dahmer: For Macy Rodman and Severely Mame, every day is a no brainer, and that’s because they’ve removed their brains in order to create sex robots out of young, taut boys. Come celebrate venerable DJ Brik Olson’s birthday with “special” guests like Lady Simon, Jack Raymond, Tristan Viner-Brown, and MORE! 10PM, FREE!


HOT FRUIT @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST) Sweep your case of the Mondays under the rug with cheap beer and DJs Econ and David Sokolowski. Performances this week include natural chemistry by Lucy balls and Untitled Queen, with natural vocal talent by Louvel and Max Steele.10PM, FREE!


MONDAYS! @ TNT (108 N 6TH) IT’S JUST SO BAD! Ruby Roo and Thorgy Thor leave the worst tasting taste in your mouth, with awful shows, bad jokes, and tacky audience participation. Gross. The worst thing to happen to Monday, since Monday.11PM, FREE!





MORE BLOOD @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON) “This month the Bushwick Burlesque crew, have teamed up with Cyclone Jack Sullivan and we have set out to break the world record for Bloodiest Burlesque Show of all time!! Follow the folklore to more and more gore, sure to cure you of your bores. Each act designed to fill our specially modified stage to collect the buckets of crimson vital fluids as they flow like rivers of the damned, all at Bizarre Bushwick.” 8PM, $7-20 SUGGESTED DONATION


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST) Lina joins the fam at Westgay! Late night shows, and feelings by Reverso and Bailey Stiles! The Culture Whore is in the house, so come say heeeeeyyy. 10PM, $10.


TARD V. TARD @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN ST)Hamm Samwich and Cher Noble race against the clock to put two guests in drag before their finale lip sync battle, to the death, royale, boots, the house down, werq, yass, henny, mama. Come talk shit, come steal make-up techniques, come talk shit about makeup techniques. 11PM, FREE!


ON TOP @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH ST) Summer has had it officially, but that just means that you won’t sweat your ass off when you’re wearing a fur on the roof. Susanne Bartsch’s party continues for a bit longer. 11PM, FREE!





BEARDED LADY WEDNESDAYS @ GYM BAR (167 8TH AVE) Run away to the circus with Mark Dommu and Will Sheridan. A screening of American Horror Story, with cheap shots every time someone dies… you’re gonna get hammered. Let your freak out every week! 8PM, FREE!


QUEER/ART/BROOKLYN @ THE WEST (379 UNION AVE) Come rub elbows with visual artist Carrie Moyer, curator Ted Kerr and performance artist Chris Udemezue for a conversation that will bounce around. Dress for art in the forecast. 8PM, FREE!


SEVERELY MAME’S FREAKSHOW @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) Gay boys celebrate twice a year, during Pride and when AHS starts (what is a Christmas??) Severely Mame invites you to scream with her for the premier. Drag/freak shows to follow. 9PM, FREE!


HENRY’S @ HENRIETTA HUDSON (438 HUDSON)A new throwback party in a bar that looks like a bar and not a like a bar pretending that it’s something besides a bar! 9PM, FREE!


NSFW @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER)After some weeks of illness, Jessamess is back! Not that we didn’t love DJ Merrie Cherry… Come dance, drink and something-else-with-a-D, every Wednesday at Metro! 10PM, FREE!









ANY SIZE MIRROR IS A DICTATOR @ MOMENTA ART (56 BOGART) In a recent HuffPo feature, one of the co-directors advised audience members to “ignore any feelings that you are invading the performance space [with] and get in there, and read the writings on the walls. And read the book. That will help you—they are there to help you.” Get out of your comfort zone and take a chance; this sucker is free! 3PM, FREE!


GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES @ THE PYRAMID CLUB (101 AVE A) Suzie Hart, Amber VonToxn, and Alec Burroughs invite you to take a walk on the wild side, for a night of darkwave, 80’s, and industrial. The drinks will flow at one of NYC’s most legendary oases. 9PM, FREE UNTIL 11PM/$6 AFTER.


DANDY DARKLY’S PUSSY PANIC @ THE COW (21-A CLINTON ST) Sexy and sinister, the show is sure to excite, repulse and school every member of the audience. Expect sparkles, gore, and feminist critique. 9:30PM, $20 ADVANCE/$25 DOOR.


CALENDAR GIRLS @ TNT (108 N 6TH ST)This month at Calendar Girls we celebrate Halloween! Normally Lucy and Untitled dress like they’ve came back from the dead with makeup likened to a jack o‘lantern carved by five year olds…but this month they’ll fit right in. Expect ghosts, guts, witches, sluts, vampires, rats, busted drag queens, and black cats! 10PM, FREE!



FRIDAY 10/10
QUEERCOPIA @ THE CENTER (208 W 13TH) After Friday’s New York Comic Con, come to a reception and reading celebrating the diverse writings of LGBTQ New York Comic Con writers. Readers include Maria Burnham, Dylan Edwards, Jeff Krell, Amber Love, and Jennie Wood. 7PM, FREE!


UNDER SIEGE @ LESLIE LOHMAN PRINCE ST PROJECT (127-B PRINCE ST) In marrying images of the erotic to movement, Lindell asks us to explore freedom after bliss; to strip away the articles of bondage, both social and sexual, in the pursuit of personal transcendence. Who do we yearn to become when the orgasm has subsided? Also featured in this show is the debut of COVERS Magazine, a homage to life amongst the Radical Faeries. 6PM, FREE!


A RIDE ON THE IRISH CREAM @ MARTIN E. SEGEL THEATER CENTER (365 5TH AVE) The description sounds crazy, so definitely read that because it’s hard to take poetry and turn it into a tweet. 8:15PM, FREE!


GIRLS @ LOVEGUN (617 GRAND) Who’s in charge of the GIRLS?! Frankie Sharp proves true party-prowess with a fling that needed no gestation period. Expect a mixed crowd, like Hell’s Kitchen gays, but with some Brooklyn flair. A good party to lose yourself (and your friends, shirt, and cigarettes) at. 10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/ $10 AFTER.


HOT RABBIT @ MONSTER (80 GROVE) SWEET LESBIANS BATMAN! Fridays at Monster Bar are hot! This week DJ TRx will be moving you, as Madge of Honor moves for you at midnight! 10PM, FREE! ENTRY WITH PASSWORD.


SHALLOW @ @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE) Ariele Max and friends return to Bed-Stuy for this totally #clam rage, with music by JX Cannon, Jubilee, Brian Whatever, and No Eyes. Labanna Babalon performs and some of our favorite cuties—Andy Pandy, Jason Jick, Lindsay Leonard—are hosting. 10:15PM, FREE!


DOODZ @ MACRI PARK (462 UNION AVE) Brooklyn high glamour hairball Chris of Hur has locked down hur own show! The night is stacked with performances by Patti Spliff, Amber Von Toxn, Glace Chase, Laura McMillian and Chris Hurself. Music promises to be a break from the ‘top 40, house, top 40 house remix’ pattern that leaves many pulling out their own hair. 11PM, FREE!


CABANA @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN) JX Cannon and Aja join Merrie Cherry for a monthly that is sure to get absolutely ridiculous. Large personalities on a small stage are always a good time. 10PM, FREE!
PSYCHIC ◯ FRIENDS @ MILLER’S TAVERN (2 HOPE) Wreck Room reunion! Dance Dance Dance! DJs Jrk Prty, Crystal Visions and Sissy Spaceship would like to tell you that the truth is out there. 10PM, FREE!



OCTOBERFEST @ SECRET PROJECT ROBOT (389 MELROSE) BEER! PRETZELS! WEINERS! A whole slew of people, things, bands, and artists embrace Autumn for a day rage at SPR! 2PM, FREE!
THE GOOD FESTIVAL @ FRIENDS AND LOVERS (641 CLASSON AVE)The 4th biannual Good Festival celebrates good food initiatives and good music. It inspires New Yorkers to make, cook, and do right in their own kitchens and backyards. Throughout the night, bands will perform as the Local Roots NYC community shares their skills between sets. 5:30PM, $12.


SEE YOU IN HELL @ THE CENTER (208 W 13TH ST) Gio Black Peter celebrates the opening of an exhibition with a live performance of THE MORNING STAR. 7PM, FREE!


CLOUD SOUNDS @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE ST) Easter, Bunny Michael, DJ Bearcat, Rua Dreach and Crush take over The Spectrum for a night of experimental music at your favorite queer community haven. 9PM, $10.


YOU NAME IT @ RADIO BUSHWICK (22 WYCKOFF AVE) From the makers of Hot Rabbit comes a party that isn’t really sure what it is yet! Djs Roze Royce, and M.O. are joined by AB Soto and gogos. If you name the party, you can win free entry forever! 10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$8 AFTER.


DIZZYLAND @ SECRET BROOKLYN LOCATION Dizzyland moves to a new location to kick off its 3rd year! The line up is stacked with hosts and performers, plus a special guest that will turn a warehouse into a truly magickal kingdom. Watch the page for the location. HINT: IT’s off the L train. 11PM, $ BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$10 AFTER.


CHER NOBLE’S MELTDOWN @ HAPPYFUN HIDEAWAY (1211 MYRTLE AVE) R.e. Shatterz and Charlene cause spontaneous combustion, as BK’s favorite unnatural disaster clomps around pretending she can see beyond her lashes. Cheap booze, hipster trade, cheap cigs a block away; one big, loving, nuclear family. 11PM, FREE!

SUNDAY 10/12


TAROT SOCIETY @ CATLAND (987 FLUSHING) A whole slew of readers join together to showcase individual talents. Look to the future! 7PM, $5-30 SUGGESTED PER READING.


BOWIEBALL @ POISSON ROUGE (158 BLEECKER)Deryck Todd presents the Fall 2014 installment of BowieBall: celebrating the apex of electric excess. BowieBall pays homage to the definitive rock icon: David Bowie, in an anything-goes charity extravaganza bringing together the best in music, art, fashion, and entertainment. 9PM, $20 IN LOOK/ $25 GENERAL.


HORSE MEAT DISCO @ OUTPUT (74 WYTHE) The official soundtrack to Tom of Finland! Horse Meat Disco invades Output to show you what fagheaven sounds like, the Carry Nation will be providing back up. 10PM, $15 PRESALE/ $20 DOOR.


BOTANICULT @ GILDED LILY (408 W 15TH) We’ve really drank the Kool-Aid on this party. It’s pretty good. If you feel like the light is giving you a seizure, or suddenly the drinks have dried up, you’re just around the corner from Up & Down, for a breather. 10PM, FREE!
UP & DOWN @ UP & DOWN (244 W 14TH) This party really varies from week to week, which we aren’t complaining about. The hosts are all super nice, and the back stairwell is almost like magic. You won’t know what to expect til you get there, so pack accordingly. 10PM, FREE!


HUSTLABALL @ SLAKE (251 W 30TH ST) This is it ladies, provided you can scrape together the funds (or find someone who will for you) you’ve got access to a night where all lines are ignored (except the one at the front door). Pornstars, escorts, gogos, and DJs bring you a night you’ll probably forget completely! 11PM, $50.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




The Culture Whore is queering up your Halloween once again with ROCKY HORROR SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS, a celebration and deconstruction of everyone’s favorite transsexual science fiction fantasy. Starring drag sensations Merrie Cherry, Charlene, Untitled Queen, Lucy Balls, Lady Simon, Chris of Hur, Manifestany Squirtz, Rify Royalty, Crimson Kitty, and 2013 Mr(s) Williamsburg winner Macy Rodman; mystifying performance artists Boywolf, Mark Dommu, Gabe Gonzalez, Carolyn Gilliam, and Chris Tyler; and enigmatic, rising-star rapper Bunny Michael. A trio of DJs—William Francis, David Sokolowski and JX Cannon—will be giving deep house, hip hop, nu disco, electropsych, rhythm+bass, and ballroom beats, to keep you dancing well past sunrise.



Saturday 10.04.14


The Bureau of General Services — Queer Division is one of our favorite places to visit. They sell all sorts of wonderful queer literature that you should be reading. I know most of the shit they sell you can find online, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than holding a book in your hands, flicking through its pages. It’s something that’s harder to do these days. So let’s support the people who are keeping the tradition alive. The Bureau previously had a space on the lower east side, but starting this week they’ve moved to west 13th st at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. This Saturday they’re throwing an event to  celebrate the grand opening. Lady Quesa’Dilla (aka Alejandro Rodríguez - pictured), one of the charming information & referral specialists at The Center’s front desk, will preside over our Grand Opening, which will feature original CocketteRumi Missabu, visiting from San Francisco, along with local friends of the Bureau Stephen Boyer, Cristy C.Road,West Vargina (aka Heather Acs), Dust Tea Shoulders, Drae Campbell, Mizz June, Max Steele and DJ Jade Payne.” Come stop by for a drink and say hello to the crew. Queer books rule!

$10 SUGGESTED DONATION, 7:00PM-11:00PM, BGSQD, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 NY, NY.


Monday 09.29.14

THE WEEK 9/29-10/5

A guide for artsluts

Barahona Possollo_GAYLETTER

Are you creating art everyday? Are you going out and meeting new people and manifesting the life you always wanted to live? Now is our time babies. More is more at The Culture Whore!

♡Mark and Paul♡


Enjoy Mic Raygun’s new song “IM SAVED” as you read.





PERMUTATIONS @ EYEHEART GALLERY (502 W 22ND ST) An exhibition of work by New York photographers Brett Lindell and Hunter Canning, that probably relies heavily on that body-ody-ody. 6PM, FREE!


STARLITE THURSDAY@ FRIENDS AND LOVERS (641 CLASSON) The lovely and fabulous Ana Matronic is back at F&L alongside her husbunny DJ Seth Ninja. Disco classics and rarities all night!9PM, FREE!


THICK @ WOW CAFE (59-61 E 4TH) It’s THICK… Good, sweet, and thick: juicy round voluptuous breasts packed in sequins nice and neat.THICK ain’t missing any meals and is proud of it! THICK is Hottentots and healthy-bodied boys grinding it with the heat turnt all the way up! THICK features Jan Tina, illusionist Magic Max, and striptease antics by Sita Johnson, Lillian Bustle, Viktor Devonne and MothaFuckin (MF) Akynos. 9PM, $15 GENRAL/ $24 FOR TWO/ $100 VIP FOR FOUR.


SUGI + SAMI ONE NIGHT ONLY @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN AVE) Your pals Sugi and Sammy are simultaneously fundraising for top surgery and have decided for ONE NIGHT ONLY to join forces and create a one of a kind SUGAMMY PARTY! 8PM, FREE?


HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR @ VERBOTEN (54 N 11TH ST) Hercules and Love Affair live, with sets by The Carry Nation!10PM, $25.


TAKE IT OFF @ TNT (108 N 6TH) $5 whiskey all night, and a free drink when you take your pants off! that’s all we need to say. 11PM, FREE!





STYX & STONES @ EYEHEART GALLERY (502 W 22ND ST) A photo series by Krys Fox! If you want more info, read the damn statement. 6PM, FREE!





“DRAG” HAPPY HOUR @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN) Lady Simon and mary Jo Cameltoe spill T and prance about. The more people that show up, the more frantic they get and the better your chances that they’ll forget to charge you for your drinks. 6PM-10PM, PRICES VARY.


AXIS MUNDI @ SECRET BROOKLYN LOCATION AXIS MUNDI, the axis of creation. The meeting point of the higher and lower realms, of Earth and the Worlds of Mythology, of reality and dreams. Welcome to a fully immersive journey into the Lands of Legend, the civilizations that have been lost, dreamed about, or just whispered for centuries. 2:30PM, $60.


RIOT CHICA: SWEET 69 @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) Riot Chica is a queer/punk/riot grrrl party in Brooklyn brought to you by DJ Shomi Noise that celebrates feminism, social justice, and DIY culture. It focuses on sharing empowering music that is made by ladies and queers from the past and the present in English and in Spanish. Performanced by YOUTHQUAKE, Shady Hawkins, and Plastiq Passion. 8:30, $7.


PRIME @ JACK (5051/2  WAVERLY) DJ Robi D Light guests at a queer party for grown folks. Grow up and get out! 9:30PM, $6 BEFORE 11/$8 AFTER.


GRAND OPENING: THE BUREAU @ THE CENTER (208 W 13TH) Stephen Boyer, Cristy Road, Max Steele, Dust Tea Shoulders, Original Cockette Rumi Missabu (James Bartlett), visiting from San Francisco, West Vargina (aka Heather Acs), Drae Campbell, Mizz June, and DJ Jade Payne mark the opening of your new fave resource center, the honorable Lady Quesa’Dilla will be feeding children. 7PM, $10 SUGGESTED -NO ONE TURNED AWAY.


THE BUNKER @ OUTPUT (74 WYTHE) Have you heard the sound system at Output? Seriously. Highlights from this edition of Bunker include minimal AF acid house god Tin Man! Atom™, KiNK, and Bryan Kasenic will also be joining in. 10PM, $15-20 ADVANCED, $30 DOOR.


BE CUTE @ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN) Matty Beats and Merkin Muffley are joined by QT DJ BB Dicap. Think cute, look cute, feel cute, do cute, Be Cute.  10PM, FREE!





OPENTOE PEEPSHOW SALON @ BRANDEDSALOON (603 VANDERBILT) back for its 18th edition, with performances by Annie Danger, Sparklez, Luz Cruz, Caitlin Rose, and Leah James. Prepare for full femme art fantasy domination, it’s going to be a lot. 6:30, $5-10


BOTANICULT @ GILDED LILY (408 W 15TH) Looks, lights, lounging. A great weekly with floral undertones and dope DJs. Natalia Kills stops by this week to host and give SHOWS. 10PM, FREE!


UP & DOWN @ UP & DOWN (244 W 14TH) Up, or down, you pick. Two different levels with two very different vibes, gracious hosts and looks on both floors, cast your vote now! 10PM, FREE!


TWO FOR THE SHOW @ DUPLEX (61 CHRISTOPHER) Now celebrating 1 year(s) running! Elizabeth James and Ruby Roo show that sometimes chemistry is really what matters. A seriously good time. 12AM, FREE!

Friday 09.26.14


You may be wondering why GAYLETTER would be at the NY Art Book Fair. Well, let us tell you what we have been spending the last 6 months working on. (Don’t you just love surprises!?) Introducing the inaugural issue of GAYLETTER (The Magazine). That’s right, we’ve made the jump from the web to the printed page. It’s everything we love — in magazine form. It’s distributed by the amazing people at Artbook D.A.P, and will be available at all your favorite bookstores (Bookmarc, McNally Jackson Books, MoMA PS1) as well as art museum stores across the world. It features original photo essays by renowned artists and photographers such as Jack Pierson (who shot our cover), Renée Cox, and contributions from people like Justin V. Bond, Tim Murphy, Colby Keller, Thomas Knights, and Gio Black Peter as well as long-form interviews, travel pieces and fashion stories. Before it hits stores you can buy a copy by visiting us at the New York Art Book fair this Thursday to Sunday. We have a booth (A81). Come say hi and pick up the issue. Or visit to order one NOW!

BUY GAYLETTER at the NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY.