Wednesday 07.16.14

Julian Zigerli’s ‘Life is one of the Hardest’

Backstage images from the Spring/Summer 2015 Show at Milan Fashion Week

Sunday 06.29.14


MASSIVE's Opening Ceremony 'Praise Jiraiya' gay manga clothing line launch

Thursday 06.26.14

MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony

OC teams up with MASSIVE for a gay manga-inspired collection


Still looking for something quiche to wear to NYC Pride this week? Opening Ceremony’s got you covered. The NYC clothing company has partnered with LGBT manga-inspired apparel brand MASSIVE for a new capsule collection, ‘MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony,’ featuring some truly amazing artwork by manga artist Jiraiya. Branching from a one-off sweater available on OC’s e-store last year, the new collection is definitely a must-have, for both the trendy outfit possibilities as well as Jiraiya’s virtuosic prints. Jiraiya is like the Tom of Finland of Asia — think glistening beefcakes and sumo wrestlers in some very, very compromising positions. It’s gorgeous, colorful, subversive work, which makes it definitely on point for Pride month.


The collection includes t-shirts, muscle shirts, rugby shorts, a beach towel, and even a Jiraiya-edition double hole cup sex toy produced by Tenga. To make things even better, all of the apparel will be available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. So, unlike most fashion-forward options, you can still partake in the stylish collection whether you’re a big bear or a skinny twink. Color us totally impressed (and a little turned on, too).


Massive_OpeningCeremony_02_GAYLETTERBest Couple Muscle Tee and Smiler Tee.


Massive_OpeningCeremony_03_GAYLETTERBest Couple Muscle Tee and Lifeguard Towel.


Massive_OpeningCeremony_04_GAYLETTEROC X Massive X Tenga Double Hole Cup.



‘MASSIVE X Opening Ceremony’ is scheduled to be available online & in stores this week. 

Tuesday 05.06.14

The Met Gala 2014 Drawn to life

Famous people wearing famous dresses

Jay Z and Beyonce_GAYLETTER

The Met Gala, The Costume Institute Gala, the Anna Wintour famous people in pretty dresses party — whatever you call it, it happened last night. Every year Anna determines the dress code keeping in mind the current Costume Institute’s exhibition. The exhibition this year is ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion.’ Charles was a British-born fashion designer known as “America’s First Couturier.” He is “widely considered to have been a master of cutting and is known for his highly structured aesthetic.” Thanks Wikipedia!


We asked illustrator Devin Wallace to draw some of the best looks from the night.


First off, is Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles, (above) both in Givenchy. Jay looks fine, he seems to have lost some weight (maybe that shot from last year of him jumping off that yacht made him do a bit of a, literal, gut check.)


Queen B in her music videos, is not the same as B on the the red carpet. There’s always something not quite right with her gown choices, it’s like Tina jumps in and fucks them up a little, right before she leaves the house.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Lanvin. Anna Wintour has had a real turn around on Kim. I guess once she put her on the cover she has to invite her to everything. I love that they are posing like they are being photographed for the cover all over again — you’ve had your moment, move on. Kanye looks like Kanye in a suit, we are familiar with his fashion choices, but Kim looks red carpet boring, she could be going to any event in LA. We preferred her at last year’s event when she was pregnant — at least her baby bump was interesting.


Rihanna in Stella McCartney. We love her in this look, it’s fresh, nothing cliche about it, and as usual she looks confident and high as fuck.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta. The dress is classic, black and white whatever, but she is still living in a Carrie fantasy.


Lupita Nyong’o in Prada. Fun and pretty. People are obsessed with this girl, I kind of get it.


Victoria Beckham in a dress from her own collection. She looks like she just got out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. At least it’s chic and minimalist and it probably looks great in person.


Twincest! Mary-Kate in vintage Gianfranco Ferré and Ashley Olsen in vintage Chanel. They look great together. These girls know how to keep it interesting.


Kylie Minogue in Marchesa. She could be any boring white girl wearing a ‘proper’ boring gown. But, it’s Kylie! It’s Kylie at the MET. OMG, OMG!


Sarah Silverman in Zac Posen. Love this girl, but don’t really love this dress. I know the dude they were honoring was into big-ass dresses, but you don’t have to be so literal. She should have brought her dog Doug to the event. He would have been the perfect accessory for this look.


Frank Ocean in Givenchy. We want to date him, he’s so quiche!



Sunday 05.04.14

Sir New York & Coco and Breezy Launch

The event featured the SS14 collections in Los Angeles with a pop-up store

Friday 04.18.14


A chat with Luis Venegas, the creator of EY! Magateen, one of our favorite publications.


We received the latest issue of EY! MAGATEEN in the mail last week wrapped in plastic with a pair of Diesel underwear, six sexy postcards and some fake dollars to give to go-go boys. This issue is xxxtra special, it’s their first New York issue, and is filled with lots of nudity — it’s super sexy and gives us plenty of dirty thoughts…


All photos were taken by Steven Klein, portraying the models as bad boys, which we can’t get enough of. It inspired us so much we even photographed a bad boy of our own holding the issue naked (pictured). We had the chance to chat with Luis Venegas, the Editor, Publisher and Creative Director of the magazine about the issue.


How did EY! MAGATEEN start? It started in 2008 because I felt it was the right time to do a sexy magazine with young boys for young boys and their girlfriends. I was doing Fanzine137 and I loved it  — I still do — but I felt it only showed one side of me, that side related to archival material, arts, and deep interviews. I wanted to do a magazine that was the opposite, with flashy headlines, splashy-full-pages pics and short, funny, cute texts. No more, no less.


Why did you choose NEW YORK for this issue? Why not? NYC is the most exciting city in the world and EY! Magateen is supposed to be the most exciting Magateen in the world, so…


What’s special to you about the NY issue? It’s bigger, it’s 40 more pages than the previous issues, it features 30 models, it’s been entirely styled by Nicola Formichetti, it includes Diesel underwear briefs as a gift, plus 24 EY! fake dollars, 6 postcards, 2 gatefold posters… would you like me to go on?


How did you pick the models featured in the issue? Steven Klein, Nicola Formichetti and I asked the casting director Douglas Perrett (from COACD) for the most exciting guys in NYC. Usually the guys in EY! are new faces and no older than 22 or so… but this time we decided to print many more pages, so we could skip that “rule” and feature some older guys, because they’re GREAT, like the fabulous Sebastian Sauvé or the Baker twins.


Was it hard to get some of the models to show their penises? Not really. I mean, there were some who preferred not to show, so we didn’t insist. And some others agreed to the idea, so they just did it.


Was it easier to get them to show their butts? It’s always easier for guys — models and not models — to show their butts, isn’t it? I mean, in the case of butts “size doesn’t matter,” I couldn’t say the same for penises… By the way, all the guys featured in the new EY! have really great butts!


How did Steven Klein get involved? We did the 4th issue of EY! (the Argenteena issue) in 2009 together and since then we had been talking about doing a monster issue featuring NYC boys at night… so finally we found the right time to make it happen.


How did Diesel get involved? Nicola has contributed to my magazines for a long time, and again, we had been talking about doing an issue of EY! together. After he became the Creative Director of Diesel, it seemed the perfect time to make it happen!


What are the advantages and disadvantages of running your magazines from Madrid? I love living in Madrid… so from my own point of view, honestly, it’s all about advantages.


Who’s your favorite male model? Matt Ardell and our cover boy, Liam Dean!


You’ve created four magazines: Fanzine137,  EY! MAGATEEN and Candy. How do you find the time? I’m just a passionate, enthusiastic, professional, resolutive and strict hard worker.


Your Instagram often features photos of celebrities from past and present. Who’s your favorite person in pop culture now and from the past? In pop culture now maaaaany people but if I had to chose just three I guess they’d be Justin Bieber, Barbra Streisand and Laverne Cox. From the past, Andy Warhol, obviously. :-)


Below are some of our favorite images from the issue and the two different cover versions they printed:














Click here to purchase this issue.

Thursday 03.20.14

Tie Dye Undies

Psychedelic underwear from LA designer Alexander King


I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell you this, but it’s time to get some new underwear. Those old Fruit of the Looms you’ve been rocking since high school are not only falling apart, they’re actually disgusting. And don’t pretend that one pair of Calvins you splurged on that one time are enough to skate by — they’re not. So, where do you go from here? We’ve got you covered: take a peek at Tie Dye Undies, a new underwear line by Los Angeles-based designer Alexander King.


The project is simple enough: King takes nice, well-fitting underwear brands (Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Adidas, etc.), washes them in all kinds of pretty tie dye designs, and then pulls from a roster of handsome, beefy boys to wear them for the Etsy catalogue. Sounds totally great, right? If the price is a little too steep for you (undies are $35 a pop; long johns go up to $80) then don’t worry — you can always cruise the line’s NSFW Tumblr blog and ogle the models until you save up enough cash. Have a look at some of the sexy men wearing these briefs, doesn’t it make you want to be outdoor in nature wearing only your underpants?


Tie Dye Undies can be purchased through the line’s Etsy shop now.







Tuesday 03.11.14

Oh Johnny Boy


We first noticed Johnny Boy go-go dancing at one of Michael Formika‘s parties at the DL. The 22 year-old from Detroit, Michigan studies Fashion Merchandising at FIT and told us how the go-going go started… One day he was at Eastern Bloc, when he met Michael, he took his clothes off at the bar for him and asked him to hire him — “I was pretty drunk that night.” On that day his go-go persona, Johnny Boy was born. “It’s fun to take off my clothes, it’s a great way to meet people, it’s sexually liberating…”


Johnny lost his virginity in a pick-up truck when he was 16, at 18 he came out to his parents, “I always knew I was different from the other guys, because I liked boys… I’ve never had sex with a girl. I’ve never touched a pussy before — literally — I was a C-section baby.” He’s happy to be living in NYC at the moment, and excited about discovering new things and “being gay and open.” He told us that he’s into older men 30+, 40+, hairy, muscular, I don’t really care about height, a short stocky guy is sexy, a confident casual, nonchalant guy is too.”  


Johnny has a bunch of ink on him, “the first tattoo I got was the skull on my foot. There’s no good reason why I got it, I was 16, it was done at this crappy place in a trailer park, it cost like $40. I got my next tattoo when I was 18, that’s my favorite. I like the lines on my toes, it’s done by the same guy who did my shitty skull tattoo. I think poorly done tattoos are attractive. My least favorite tattoo is the bear on my ribs and that’s the one that I spent the most money on!” 


Johnny told us he likes to look after himself, I started working out 2 years ago, trying to make myself look better — I used to be skinny fat — I work out every other day, I try to eat fairly healthy. I don’t crave junk food. My weakness is carbs.” He prefers to wear boxer briefs, but we figured he’d look good in whatever we put him in so we decided to shoot him wearing a few different styles of underwear from Rufskin. Take a look what we came up with… 

















Friday 02.28.14

The story of a dress

Diane Von Furstenberg is a funny lady. I don't really consider her a great designer, but she's an entertaining, even inspiring personality. She has lived a seemingly blessed life: married to a prince, a star of Studio 54, and now a billionaire who's built an international business around a god damn clingy dress. I recently visited the exhibition 'Wrap 40: Celebrating the dress that started it all,' at LACMA in Los Angeles and took a few pics. I was impressed by the show, it's real splashy. They pulled no punches displaying over 100 dresses, along with Warhol's prints of Diane and photos of her by Chuck Close and many other artists.

Friday 02.21.14

Bruce Weber’s 4 shorts feature trans people

'Brother's Sisters Sons & Daughters' is part of Barneys New York S/S '14 Campaign


I have been a fan of Bruce Weber‘s work for more than thirty years. From his portfolio of Olympic athletes shot for Interview Magazine in 1984 to his remarkable film Let’s Get Lost and on to his countless fashion editorials and ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren and the like. He can do no wrong by me. Bruce is legendary. He pulled out all the stops, using his diverse palette of talents to produce his latest campaign: Brother’s Sisters, Sons & Daughters for Barneys‘ Spring 2014 campaign shot with 17 disarming transgendered individuals. In addition to a classic print strategy the campaign also entails 4 short films directed by Weber that speaks to, and about, the beautiful lives of these brave individuals.


Weber shot the campaign in New York City with the “models” surrounded by family friends and loved ones. “By depicting these human connections Weber was able to represent both the struggle and triumphs a trans person may face in relation to their gender identity”


The campaign is in support of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the The Center in NYC. Hats off to Barney’s for using this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the trans community by donating 10% of all sales from its 11 flagship stores and on Feb. 11th to the two aforementioned organizations. The executive director of the NCTE says it best: “Brother’s Sisters Sons & Daughters is a powerful statement about how much closer transgendered people are to full social acceptance and will push us that much closer.” The four shorts left me speechless, but in a good way. Have a watch below, I love love loved them.




“I Never Thought This Could Happen”


“Katie + Arin”


“The Fawn”


“Not Your Usual Bedtime Story”