Thursday 05.14.15

Contemporary Fashion curated by Sam Gordon

With Cheryl Donegan, Richard Haines, and NADA x PAOM


Our friend Richard Haines is at it again tonight, hunty. The legendary fashion illustrator and one of our favorite bloggers (What I Saw Today) is serving it up with the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) to present the work of multidisciplinary conceptual artist Cheryl Donegan in collaboration with Print All Over Me. This unique and totally immersive fashion/performance event celebrates the opening of NADAs new performance space at “Basketball City” on the East River piers by the Manhattan Bridge.



PAOM is an online community where pro and aspiring designers can upload digital designs and then profit from their eventual physical production, and Donegans collab with them is all about the idea of “being on the surface,” using a unique scanning and virtual body mapping process to turn digital fabric strips into wearable garments. The conceptual piece at the center of her approach explores “the quotidian, fluid relationship between the tactile world and the virtual one.” The best part is, Richard Haines will be drawing the models live as we watch, and that’s what makes this event a dont-miss. Runway show meets performance art with our fave fashion illustrator? Get to the east river piers, queen!



May 14th at 7:00PM at NADA’s new performance spot in “Basketball City”, 299 South St. NY, NY.

Friday 04.17.15

Eating Out x Julian Zigerli SS15

GAYLETTER faves Daniel Pitout and Julian Zigerli collaborate on new fashion music video

Julian Zigerli SS15_GAYLETTER

It’s no secret that we have a very large crush on skater punk Daniel Pitout of grunge outfit Eating Out. We included an interview with him in the very first issue of GAYLETTER Magazine (which you can still read here), and continue to love just about everything he puts out. Now, he’s teamed up with another GAYLETTER fave, menswear designer Julian Zigerli, for a short film coinciding with the latter’s SS15 collection. Titled Life Is One of the Hardest, the film doubles as a music video for Eating Out’s song of the same name, written and recorded exclusively for the fashion collection. Scuzzy and catchy, “Life Is One of the Hardest” the song finds Pitout and the band channeling their characteristic blend of ‘90s punk and grunge to potent effect.


The video, meanwhile, casts Pitout as the most well-dressed delivery boy of all time, skating his way through town in a number of vibrant outfits from the SS15 collection before finally arriving to drop off food to a table of what appear to be very impatient model boys (it’s ok, we would be too if Pitout was our neighborhood dispatch). It’s a fun, colorful, stylish clip that’s basically a mash-up of our favorite things, so you have absolutely no excuse not to check it out (and cop choice items from Zigerli’s collection, while you’re at it):


Thursday 02.05.15

Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2015

The men's collection features a collaboration with AVAF

Saturday 01.24.15


Backastage images from the show in Milan

Thursday 01.22.15

François Sagat’s Kick Sagat clothing launch


The French, former porn star, actor and director François Sagat is launching his clothing label Kick Sagat this Thursday, January 22 at International Playground at 463 Broome St. from 7:00PM-9:00PM — and yes! Francois will be in attendance. We are so excited to see this man in person, we’ve been counting the hours. Although we might not recognize him with clothes on.


The event will be hosted by Becca McCharen of Chromat and Sonia Agostino. DJ for the night is Christine Tran of Witches. Expect Champagne, hopefully half-naked men and lots of queens running around trying to get a photo next to Sagat’s ass.


Afterwards, for only $5, you can join the after-party celebration at 10:00PM at Eastern Bloc (505 East 5th St.) with music by Casey Spooner and Frankie Sharp. Hosts for the evening include Mickey Boardman, Gio Black Peter and Melissa Burns. This is gonna be one hell of a sexy event!












Thursday 11.13.14

Fashion: Killer Heels – The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe

Sticking with the theme of fashion I present you with a Brooklyn Museum show that explores womens (and some mens) relationship to high heels. We’re not talking about the kind you can pick up from Express or Forever 21, no, these are some seriously torturous shoes, like Christian Louboutin’s “Printz” (2013) which have a towering heel height of 175mm and Winde Rienstra’s (pictured) Lego like shoe “Bamboo Heel” (2012). “As fashion statement, fetish object, instrument of power, and outlet of artistic expression for both the designer and the wearer, throughout the ages the high-heeled shoe has gone through many shifts in style and symbolism. Deadly sharp stilettos, architecturally inspired wedges and platforms, and a number of artfully crafted shoes that defy categorization are featured among the more than 160 historical and contemporary heels on loan from designers, from the renowned Brooklyn Museum costume collection housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and from the Bata Shoe Museum.” Whether you have a fetish for high-heels, or like Abi and I, just like to wear them on Halloween (and many other drunken late-night occasions) this show is a must see. In fact maybe you should probably wear your highest heels to the museum and show those flats-wearing-basic-tourists how it’s really done!

$16 (suggested), 11:00am- 10:00pm, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 11.12.14

Fashion: Death Becomes Her

No, the MET are not screening the amazing 1992 dark comedy starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn (although that would be cunt) they’ve actually put together a fascinating exhibition of the same name that explores mourning attire through the last century. Valentino was recently asked who his dream dinner guest would be, his answer was Queen Elizabeth: “I met her once and told her that black really suited her complexion. She said unfortunately she can only wear black at funerals, and we should forget the whole conversation.” Lizzie’s comment is a good reminder that for centuries wearing black was less a fashion choice and more a requirement after your husband dies. A lady like this was often avoided because “As a woman of sexual experience without marital constraints, she was often imagined as a potential threat to the social order,” says Harold Koda the curator the Met’s Costume Institute. That’s right, she might steal your man! ‘Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire’ features thirty ensemble pieces, going into great detail about the looks, while also exploring how high-fashion began to influence funeral looks. It’s up until February 1, 2015.

$25 (suggested), 10:00am-5:30pm, The MET Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Friday 11.07.14

The One and Only

Julian Zigerli’s latest video in collaboration with Golgotha for his Fall/Winter collection


Julian Zigerli knows how to show off the boys. First catching our attention with an Alan Cumming cameo in his 2013 short film Happy Tears,” Zigerli’s work blurs the line between art, fashion, cinema and digital media. Chosen by Giorgio Armani to show his Fall 2014 line in Milan, Zigerli’s clothes sit playfully against the seriousness of high fashion, giving us the male figure outlined by his bold, full bodied designs.


His most recent work with Golgotha, titled “The One and Only,” loses his earlier short film’s narrative in exchange for a movement through space and time. Showing near naked bodies in differing states of undress, Zigerli’s models flow in perpetual motion like data through the cloud. Bringing Berlin sexuality to colorful patterns and designs, Zigerli’s videos never disappoint and with cosigns from prominent actors and designers we’re always excited to see what he’ll doing next.



Below are a few behind the scenes images from the making of the video:






























Watch the video:

Thursday 10.23.14

2(x)ist Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show

Monday 10.13.14

American Apparel in Drag


American Apparel has always been a big supporter of the LGBTQ community. They’ve produced towels in collaboration with Butt Magazine featuring big hairy bare chested bears, they made the “GAY O.K.” T-shirt, and now the brand is releasing a set of 3 T-shirts featuring queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race.


We reached out to Jonny Szymanski at American Apparel to find out more about the collaboration and how it all came about.


Why did you guys decide to do this line of T-shirts? We like to think of this collection as a continuation of the “Support Artists, Support Ethical Manufacturing” line that we produced with artist, Petra Collins, about a year ago. These queens are multitalented performance artists and we wanted to pay homage to them with a line of limited edition t-shirts.


Who is the brains behind this? I sparked the initial conversation with the powers that be and it didn’t take long for everyone to get on board with making this drag dream a reality. American Apparel is great about letting all employees contribute creative ideas.


Why Alaska, Courtney and Willam? I worked with Willam and Courtney ages ago for a drag makeover show that I hosted and co-produced called “Transfashionable..” Getting them involved with my work at American Apparel came naturally. The girls in the office and I are all HUGE fans of Alaska, so we had to have her as well. It surprisingly worked out that all three of them were in LA at the time we had set aside for the initial photo shoot.


Is this an international campaign or only in the us? Guys — We’re talking about WOMEN OF THE WORLD here!


What was the concept for their looks? Initially, I wanted them to give classic — simple-original-early 2000s — AA trade show girl realness. We captured that in some of the shots but when you fill a photo studio with tons of clothes and three drag queens, anything can happen…and it did!



Check out the video below to see the girls in action.