Thursday 03.26.15

Party: OWL

My friend David Orton throws this party with a couple of his buddies and I just love everything about it. Here’s what David sent me when I asked him to describe the event: “It’s NYC’s #1 gay disco therapy session — this time, we’re bringing the party to Julius, NYC’s oldest and most amazing gay bar.” So in case you missed the first part of his quote, let me elaborate: this is a party where they play disco, but it is also a party where you can get therapy, like “tell me all your problems” therapy. The party offers free 5-minute sessions with a real psychologist. Have a dance, have a drink, then have a moment to sort out your daddy issues with an expert. They’re also offering “drunk caricatures and Sharpie bear paw tattoos.” Music for the night is by “SPECIAL guest DJ, all the way from Lisbon, Portugal, Mário Valente as well as NYC resident OWL DJs DSO David Orton (Mormon Church Dances) and Nick (CHERYL).” Doctor I have a LOT of issues, you’re going to need a few vodka sodas for this...

FREE, 9:00PM, Julius, 159 West 10th Street New York, NY.


Friday 03.20.15


If you don’t know TS Madison, take a pause and google her, type: “new weave, 22 inches” to find her best Vine. You are never gonna forget it once you watch it. When I first discovered the video, I probably replayed it like 100 times and showed it to everyone I know. Trust me, Madison is God. She's EVEEERYTHING. She’s also a performer, adult entertainer, entrepreneur, #unapologeticbitch and a super progressive woman. I’d recommend you also watch a couple of her Youtube videos, I promise you’ll learn a few things from this bitch. She’s gonna be in NYC, not sure if she’s gonna perform, but she’s gonna be hosting at Lovegun in Brooklyn — you are in for a treat as this is her first appearance in NYC. Because it’s a very special ocassion, I read on Facebook that they’re “doing the first 100 tickets reduced so her hardcore fans can come check her out.” I wont miss this one, this bitch is fierce!

$7-$10, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. BK, NY.


Tuesday 03.17.15

GINGER with Rica Shay

The party took place on March 3 at The Eagle in Los Angeles

Sunday 03.15.15


I bumped into Earl Dax (the creator of this party) at Lovegun during the viewing for Rupaul’s Drag Race on Monday, and he reminded me about the 6th year anniversary for Pussy Faggot! I remember the first one like it was yesterday — I got home mind-fucked, thinking the performers that Earl brought together were nuts — in the best possible way. It was definitely an eye opener for me and of course for GAYLETTER, as it became a great event to learn about new underground performers. Earl told me that March 15 (the day of the event) “marks 10 years to the day from the first show I presented in New York! That’s right, a full decade of presenting events in the naked city.” This time around he’s invited Travis Chamberlain from the New Museum to co-curate the event. He’s calling this one the “Divine Intervention” because the “proceeds support the New York debut of UK Performance Artist David Hoyle (F.K.A. The Divine David).” The party will be hosted by the legendary Penny Arcade. Expect a long list of performers — their Facebook event page has the full list. There’s an open vodka bar from 8:00-9:00PM. Happy Anniversary Earl, more power to the Pussy, and to the Faggot!

$6w/RSVP oR $10, 8:00PM-2:00AM, The Delancey, 168 Delancey St. NY, NY.


Saturday 03.14.15


My friend told me last night that he was ready for the Horse Meat Disco party this Saturday. “I”m ready for a dance, and it’s time for Molly to return.” His comment struck a note. It is time for a dance! The last few months of forced hibernation feel like they’re finally coming to an end. We’re ready to cut loose, and if for you that involves a night out on vodka soda, or a night out with that crazy betch molly, then more power to you. Music for the night is by Sean B., Ron Like Hell and Mike Servito. If you’re familiar with Horse Meat Disco you’ll know they don’t mess about with their events. Started in London in 2003, the group was at the forefront of the “new disco” scene. Don’t expect to be able to sing along to any of their music, that’s not what they’re about. This is a party for dancing. Which is why we’re glad it’s at Output. Their sound system and lighting are fucking fantastic. We’re not the only ones who think so — Rolling Stone magazine voted it the 3rd best club in yeah, that place is Beyonce!

$20-$30, 10:00PM, OUTPUT, 74 WYTHE AVE. Brooklyn, NY.


Monday 03.09.15

BABY TEA :: SAT 2/21

Presented by Dauphine of Bushwick & Cafe Dancer — with guest DJs Merrie Cherry & C.R.E.

Saturday 03.07.15

Party: Red Light Planet

The boys at the Culture Whore sure like being busy, either that, or they just really love throwing parties. They seem to have a brand new one every week. This time it’s Red Light Planet. They’ve enlisted some great people, and god knows after the weekend Abi and I just lived through, we could use a dance, so we’ll take any excuse to cut loose. There’s going to be live shows by Sandflower, Rify Royalty, Techno Travelers and Quay Dash. Music is by David Sokolowski, Jx Cannon, K|rex and A Village Raid. We hear there’s also going to be an “alien Vogue battle” with 100 bucks going to the winner. Will Sheridan is the MC. It’s at a location I’ve never heard of, so presumably that means this shit ain’t sanctioned by the mother fucking NYPD. Perfect! It goes till 8:00AM, so stock up on supplies. Poppers and glow sticks are a must hunty girl.

$10/$20, 11:00PM, 43 Scott Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 02.18.15


We wrote about this party a while back but with fashion week happening it felt fitting to put it in the letter again. I say that because every fashion week, by about this time, “Oh Fuck You, Honey” is all I want to say to every instagram photo of fashion week festivities that pops up in my feed. “Thom Brown’s presentation was epic?” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I saw Naomi outside Lincoln Center!” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I got a free scarf at the Moncler show.” Oh Fuck You, Honey! It feels good, you should try it yourself sometime. Anyhoos, back to the party. The music for the night is by Juliana Huxtable (pictured), Dicap (it’s also his b’day) and Frankie Sharp. It’s hosted by “a bunch of actual sluts: Jared Bradford, Terzian and Numbanddumb along with Sam Banks.” There’s $3 shots and Rolling Rock, plus a whole bunch of hastags we can get behind: #DICKONTHEBAR #PUBLICHOLE #GROPEANDGETGROPED #NORULES #THECOCKISTHECUNT If that’s not enough to get you there….Oh Fuck You, Honey!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Monday 02.16.15

RUFSKIN X Tom of Finland Collection Launch

Scenes from the NYC event celebrating the athletic collaboration

Sunday 02.15.15

Party: DADDY

Daddy take me to Miami, daddy I want dinner, daddy take care of me! Daddy take care of your son! That sounds familiar right? For all of you that have daddies, hold on to him because you can only have a daddy when you’re young. Also, make sure that you don’t become an ungrateful little bitch and behave like you deserve everything just because you are young. Trust me it’s not gonna last. Ha! Anyways, this Sunday The Culture Whore is launching their brand new monthly party at Eastern Bloc, called Daddy. It’s “a straight up dance party with W. Jeremy spinning and lots of sexy daddy boys in leather….We’re bringing back 70s East Village sleaze, the kind you’ll remember from your favorite vintage pornos.” Really, ok? The party is also hosted by Oddly Enough and Manifestany Squirt. Their facebook page says to expect “daddies, disco and dancing...” If you are a daddy or looking for one or simply want to play daddy this Sunday, just head to this party. I know for a fact that the boys at The Culture Whore are not daddies, but they are probably looking for some leather daddies.

FREE, 10:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6TH ST. New York, NY.