Wednesday 10.29.14


Saturday 10.25.14


I don’t remember what happened at our last Interracial party, I remember the first 3 hours of the night, then after that I kind of blacked out. I had a lot of tequila before coming to the party lol — it happens. At least I got to take some photos of the party and the next day I sort of remembered what I missed from looking at them. Also, everyone I spoke to kept telling me how much of a great time they had, so we knew we had to do it again. You know the drill, invite friends and strangers of all different races. I know some of you are racist, but it’s 2014 so you gotta put all that aside and start mixing. Just imagine if gay men could give birth to kids and you had a baby with another man of another race — that kid would be so much prettier than all those boring single race babies. Think Angelina Jolie’s family, cafe con leche, contrast honey. Of course we’re hosting, it’s our party! Music is by Tom Jackson and Ernie Cote, plus a special guest host — but we can’t tell you who that is because then you’re likely to storm the place even more than last time.  

FREE, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 10.24.14


Halloween is approaching and some of you are probably freaking out about what to wear, about what wig to get and what party to go to. Relax homo you still have some time to figure it all out. Consider this party a practise run for the big night. It’s put together by The Culture Whore, we love their events, they’re always super creative and filled with the best kind of weirdos. The theme for the party is “a queer deconstruction of Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  I’ll let Mark explain how that came about: “Rocky Horror, for so many people, was an access point to queerness. So many gay boys and girls and everything in between saw Rocky Horror when they were little and’s OK to be weird and sexy and campy and scary. What Frank ‘n’ Furter built in his castle was a kind of queer utopia. But in 2014, when R.H. is mainly celebrated by nerdy theater kids trying to be cool, the queers need to take it back, push it to its furthest extreme. These kids might be playing at being from the planet transsexual, but our community is full of trans and gender nonconforming revolutionaries who are truly living Frank ‘n’ Furter’s dream.”  Yessss hunty! I mean, what else do you need to know? The list of people involved in the party is loooong and impressive, so I suggest you head to their FB page to see the full breakdown. I promise it’s going to be one of THOSE parties.  

$10/$15, 11:00PM, Mister Rogers, 231 Rogers Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 10.18.14


Here comes the second edition of Ladyfag’s multi-floor, multi-cultural, multi-cunt party Holy Mountain, and this time we’re climbing it with her. We’re one of the many “night crawlers” who’ll be hanging out in the incredible Sapphire room. The others include Desi Santiago, Jason Rodgers, and Leo Herrera. Music is by Liv Spencer & Honey Dijon. Ladyfag is inviting us all to experience again the journey “to a place where darkness is light, music is god, and dancing will set you free.” Yessss Lady, preach! If you didn’t go to the last one, expect “2 Floors, 4 Rooms (named Ruby, Jade, Sapphire and Obsidian) and 1 Mountain.” There’s a special performance by Rye Rye and another surprise performance yet to be announced. There are like 100 people involved in this party, some of them include: Juliana Huxtable, LE1F, Dai Burger, Hari Nef, Mess Kid, Michael Magnan, The Culture Whore, Nita Aviance and many more. Get ready to take a trip to the other side. I’ll leave you with a final quote from the Holy Mountain itself: “Your sacrifice completes my sanctuary of 1,000 testicles.” Ok cool. Shit just got real deep.

$10/$15, $5 bEFORE 11:30pm W RSVP HOLYMOUNTAIN.CLUB, 11:00PM, Slake, 251 WEST 30th St. NY, NY.


Sunday 10.12.14


Don’t even get me started about Christopher Columbus, I mean he came to the Dominican Republic (that’s where I am from) and Haiti (both countries share an island and make the Hispaniola) basically to kill people that were not white. Somehow he had a good publicist in the United States who helped create a holiday for him. I mean whatever, maybe I just don’t get it, or I was misinformed, but according to one of my teachers in DR he was not a good man. Let’s just focus on the fact that we get a day off work and another edition of the popular party Horse Meat Disco. It’s presented by Josh Wood, and hosted by a bunch of hunks: Marco Ovando, Ryan McNally, Kris Haigh, Levi Jackman Foster and Slantasia. Music is by DJs Sean B. and The Carry Nation. The party is at the awesome venue Output in Williamsburg. That place just makes you want to dance and get loose, you’ll see what I mean when you get there ;).  

$15 Presale on$20, 10:00PM, OUTPUT, 74 WYTHE AVE. BK, NY.


Thursday 10.09.14

Party: Thot Catalogue at Lovegun

This party originated at Metropolitan bar in Brooklyn and was created by a friend of ours, David Dellamura. This edition of the party is going to be at our new favorite BK venue Lovegun, this time around the music will be provided by DJs Mark Holcomb and Adam Munnings. When we first wrote about it back in June we included a quote from our friend B, describing what a Thot was. It was a great quote so I’m going to include it again: “Remember that episode of the Anna Nicole Smith show where her dusty cousin from Texas comes to visit her for Christmas? She got super turnt up on brown liquor (because it’s the first time she’d had anything outside of Mikes Hard Lemonade), put on a Santa suit, knocked over the xmas tree, started a fist fight with Anna’s hair stylist and then tried to suck molest Anna’s lawyer, Howard, in the middle of the room while people were singing Xmas carols? THAT is a THOT.” We’re not saying you have to lower yourself to that level of depravity to attend this party… but it’s certainly encouraged, and who are you to disappoint them?

FREE, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 10.02.14

Party: MRMR

I heard that this Brooklyn boy Ivan Dutton has been in the talks about creating this monthly party for quite a while and he finally found the right location for it. It’s called MRMR and it’s gonna be at a place called Passenger Bar which is normally a straight destination, well lucky for us it’s about to get gay. Ivan who I know nothing about other than the fact that he has nice black hair is also one of the DJs of the party under the name Ivenchy along with GC Castillo. I couldn’t chat with him about this brand new party because his Facebook account is very private... But, my friend Chase Dillon who’s doing the visuals for the opening night of the party told me a little bit about what he knows… “It’s just a no pretense new spot for dudes who like dudes. The visuals I’m doing are all boy-centric, kinda dark, kinda beautiful. like collages of my favorite boy moments from music video and film, some like early 80’s goth kids dancing in slo mo in London…” It’s hosted by James Desantis — it’s a new party, so you have nothing to lose, I also heard that the place has a free photobooth, pool table and “friendly bartenders,” aren’t they always friendly? The description on their fb page says: “Drinks, Dancing, Dudes, Food, Fun.” What else do you want?

FREE, 10:00PM, PASSENGER BAR, 229 Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 09.25.14

Mall Goth

The Claire's Edition


OMG so like my best friend Ashleigh Nicole Smith and I are obvs like the coolest girls in school, we’re not just pretty and smart but we’re also like mysterious because we’re goths. But like all that eyeliner is expensive and I can’t illegally download Evanescence albums anymore because my mom caught me and said its illegal I H8 U MOM sooooo we decided that we needed to get jobs because we’re #independentwomen just like Beyoncé lol.


Soooooo Ashleigh and I decided to get jobs at the mall because like we spend all our time there anyway just like getting vanilla bean frappuchinos and flirting with cute boys outside Fye and making fun of the security guards (lol one time we saw one fall off her segway) and we really want jobs at Hot Topic BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST but they said we were too young (WE JUST TURNED 16 UGH) so instead we’re working at Claire’s which is cool I guess because they have lots of black jewelry and fishnets and we get free ear piercings (altho Ash is too scared to get hers pierced LMAO).


But like we thought working at Claire’s would be super easy and we’d just have to look pretty and stand around and stuff but we actually have to like work which is so #lame they’re making us interview ppl who want to work there but we’re gonna make it fun! All the candidates have to give us a SHOW SHOW SHOW to prove why they should work at Claire’s and they’d better BRING IT! It’s gonna be so fun and random omg haha!! Radooooooom.

<3 Danica Elvira Chessler


Here’s the HARD info for the party: Shows by Mark DommuChris TylerGabe GonzalezMolly Rhinestones,  Amber AlertCheno Pinter, Jaime Wright, and more. Music by DJ mikëy hefez.


MALL GOTH is FREE, 11:00PM and it’s happening this Thursday september 25 at Tandem,  236 troutman st. Brooklyn, NY.


Monday 09.22.14


The party is back!!!

Saturday 09.20.14


It feels like the right time to bring back our world famous, legendary and racially diverse party INTERRACIAL. There’s a lovely, brand new bar in Williamsburg called Lovegun, and it’s in need of some interracial action. We went their last week for their official opening and it was super hot. If you’ve never been to INTERRACIAL, here’s what you need to do so you don’t look stupid or out of place — go through your Facebook and start contacting all your friends of different races, then invite them to the event — tell them that you really miss them and that you want to party with them. If you are white try to take a break from white people, you can talk to them of course, but keep it to a minimum… I mean we all know there will be lots of white people talking to each other because they’re hard to avoid, but it’s good to have a break. I sound like I’m not into white people, trust me I like them, hello! Interracial! Anyways, I can go on for hours about this topic... Tom and I created this party to try to bring some diversity to queer nightlife and because we love interracial sex. Tom Jackson is going to DJ at 10PM, then Sammy Jo will take over for the rest of the night. Our special host has not been confirmed, but that’s a good thing because it’s gonna be someone really special and we want to surprise you. Trust!

$5, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.