Tuesday 09.16.14


A night of freaks and oddities...


Expect some weird magic tonight at Friends and Lovers. The queer Brooklyn venue hosts Culture Whore’s Bi-Monthly (and far more than bi-curious) “freak circus” bringing all sorts of strange and enchanted creatures to 641 Classon. Hold on tight but don’t be scared, this month’s edition melds the usual party-til-late mentality with a more performance-based showcase to comfort the nerves of those unwilling to get the club turnt up on a Tuesday.


If you want to let your freak flag fly and maybe find some likeminded strangers Sideshow is the place to be. Mark Dommu, half of the founding duo of The Culture Whore wrote us “this month we have more freak than ever: drag darlings Lucy Balls (pictured), Madame Vivien V and Momo Shade; synth mistress Louvel; up-and-coming rap sensation Dick Van Dick; experimental dancer Tyler Ashley; and performance art from The Culture Whores themselves, Boywolf and myself. David Sokolowski will be playing weird grooves all night so you can let loose on the floor between shows…” Come experience a miracle, feel the magic and revel in the drag of it all because who needs to wait ’til hump day to see some freaky shit on a stage.


$10, 9:00PM, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Ave. Brooklyn, NY.





Sunday 09.14.14


The boys of Marinate have been having way too much fun for the last 4 years with their bi-monthly Eastern Bloc party. If you have never attended...what the hell is wrong with you? This Sunday is your chance to make it up to them, they’d really appreciate it, k? We know you might have to work the next day, but it’s New York City — a city designed around the sleep deprived — so suck it up. Here’s what they have in store for the night: Guest DJs include: Nita, Angelo Tursi and resident Dandylion. Hosts are Darke Attoms & David Meanix, there’s sexy go-gos (and GAYLETTER family member) Boywolf with Brock Rustin, plus visuals by Mr. Means. You can’t beat Eastern Bloc for a good time on a Sunday night — the drinks are cheap and strong, and the men fucking on the TV screens are strong too (lol). See you there.

FREE, 9:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6th St. New York, NY.


Saturday 09.13.14


Here she comes again, it looks like the Lady of the night — for those that don’t know who I’m talking about, I mean Ladyfag — is creating a brand new party: Holy Mountain. It’s gonna be held at the old Mr. Black location — she’s bringing that venue back from the dead. Yes! 2 floors, 4 rooms and each one has a name (Ruby, Jade, Saphire and Obsydian), 8 DJs and “1 mountain.” Ladyfag told us that it will be “a journey up the mountain with different musical vibes in every room...” Featuring some of our favorite DJs: Michael Magnan, Ryan Smith, Juliana Huxtable, & Anthony Dicap as the resident DJs. “We have a whole slew of witches & alchemists hosting,” Jason The Black Teen Wolf, Marco Ovando, Desi Santiago, Aharaw, The Meatballs, Domonique Echeverria and many more. I am already feeling the spirit of the mountain… I let Lady finish the post: “New York City, we invite you to take a journey with us to a place where darkness is light, music is god, and dancing will set you free.” Amen!

free till 11:30 with RSVP:, $10 after/$15 after 1:00AM, 11:00PM, 251 WEST 30th St. NY, NY.


Friday 09.12.14

Party: GIRLS

A new bar called Lovegun is officially opening this week in Williamsburg. The bar is brought to you by some of the hot owners of the venues Eastern Bloc and Atlas Social Club. So, of course some brand new parties are coming to it — wooo hooo. Anytime something new opens we get so excited, I am about to pee my pants writing this. Frankie Sharp is taking on Fridays to bring us GIRLS, a party not just about white girls like that popular TV show, but an inclusive party “for everyone.” Frankie told us that we should expect the same drama as his Tuesday party WestGay but way bigger — “It’s on a Friday!!! Now everyone can go!” Music will be provided by DJs Mike Q., Juliana Huxtable, Joey Labeija and DICAP. A special performance by La’Fem Ladosha, Frankie tells me that she’s done “every inaugural party” for him. Now the GIRLS: Milk Queen, Thorgy Thor, Bob TheDragQueen, Pusse Couture, Kia Labeija, Merry Cherry, Christie Maass, Remy Moore, Domonique, Bailey Stiles, Leo Gugu, KRIZZ, Macy Rodman. I mean….those are some fierce bitches! There are also some boys and gogos in attendance but I am not listing them, too many names already and it’s all about the girls! Serve that fish hunty!

$5 BEFORE 12:00AM/$10, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 09.05.14

Party: Return to Culture by The Tenth Zine

For those of you that live in NYC and don’t know about this super cool publication about black boys, then you really need to pay closer attention to the things that we tell you. The Tenth Zine main focus is to “document the history, ideas and aesthetics of the black gay community.” They are on their way to their second issue — “The Americana Issue” and they’re hosting a party at the Wythe Hotel. It’s a night for “all artists, professors, directors, magazine editors, musicians, activists and others to come together for an evening of pure fun and excitement.” The evening will feature lots of fun things, including music will by DJ Mike Q., with special guest live performances, art installations by Timothy Eugene, the BLKKMARKET pop-up shop, cocktails and a special guest (Cakes Da Killa) who will be “eeaattiing it!” After this party the editors of the magazine will spend the rest of the month crossing the country and visiting 10 American cities in search of more black gay culture that will be featured in the next issue. I’d suggest you go to their party and be prepared to carry.

FREE, 9:00PM-1:00AM, Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 09.03.14


I can’t think of a better way to start September than with this event — a red hot celebration of ginger men! It’s the NYC launch of the book ‘Red Hot’ by the artist Thomas Knights. He has been photographing all different types of red headed men for a while now for his project ‘Red Hot 100.’ His goal is to stop ginger discrimination and convince the world that redheads are hot. I was already convinced. This project has gotten lots of press around the world, but now we have the opportunity to see all the boys that participated in the project compiled in an exhibition and in a book. He says that it’s the “largest collection of ginger men the world has ever seen...” The launch of the exhibition ‘Red Hot 100’ is happening at BOSI Contemporary (48 Orchard St.) from 8PM-10PM, the show will be open until the 14th, so you still have time to get your ginger on. The official after party is happening at Bedlam at 10PM with lots of NYC peeps and gingers involved: Patrick Crough, Brodanse, Will Francis, Seth Fornea, Chase Hostler, Jacob Blumer, Blake Johnson, Ken Bek and more… Oh and one more very important thing, they also have a calendar launch event (as part of the Lower East Side Art + Fashion) where there’s going to be “topless RED HOT models” on Sept. 7th. Jesus, so many gingers!

FREE, 10:00PM, Bedlam, 40 Ave. C New York, NY.


Tuesday 09.02.14

#Cubby Pop-Up Dungeon Party

Join the indie film's stars to celebrate the Kickstarter launch


What happens when a bumbling Brooklyn babysitter sparks a new friendship with a hunky male sex worker? Such is the set-up of screenwriter and actor Mark Blane’s promising new feature-length gay comedy, Cubby. Merging the ‘strangeness of Lars and the Real Girl and the heartfelt charm of Mike MillsBeginners‘, Cubby is as an independent film looking to explore a quirky, gay coming-of-age tale while also debunking some preconceived notions of the BDSM community. Sounds admirable and progressive and awesome and you totally want to see it, right? Right. As of right now, however, the project needs your help. The Kickstarter for the film went live today, and the prizes are doozies: bondage classes taught by the film’s leading man Christian Patrick, your name in the film’s credits, a digital download of the score and/or final cut of the film, sailing trips and picnics with the stars, etc.


To make things even better, both Mark and Christian are throwing a Pop-Up Dungeon Party this Friday at One Last Shag to celebrate the Kickstarter (yes, you read that right—a Pop-Up Dungeon). Celebrating ‘the film, sex positivity, fetish, and unlikely friendships‘, the party includes a backyard dungeon hosted by Christian, a sex therapy booth for fetish consulting, and a silent auction that includes birthday spanks, being bound and gagged for 5 minutes, and having a twink eat a Twinkie off your chest. There will also be DJing by both DonChristian and Boody, as well as a special guest appearance by Randy Blue/Falcon porn star Nick Sterling. Do we even need to tell you we’ll be there?


The #Cubby Pop-Up Dungeon Party goes down this Friday, September 5th at 9:00PM at One Last Shag. Go here to donate to the Kickstarter.

Sunday 08.24.14


Susanne Bartsch does not need sleep. Susanne Bartsch does not get tired. Susanne Bartsch has parties to throw. Susanne Bartsch is the most energetic middle aged woman you’ll ever meet. And this Sunday she’s launching a new weekly party at The Gilded Lily. This venue is in the Meatpacking District. It’s a downstairs space with a real “club” feel to it. So, what to expect from the evening? Well first up we’re told there’s “no silly admission fee!” (I can just imagine Susanne saying that in her cunty Swiss accent). Susanne says she wants us to save our money for drinks (I like where this is heading). Music is by Amber Valentine & Michael Magnan with a surprise performance. Hosts for the night include Anthony Bourgeois, Amanda Lepore, Dominique Echeverria, Gage of the Boone, One Half Nelson, Trey La Trash, Jessica Love, Dylan Monroe, Horrorchata and Brandon Olson. The party starts at 11:00PM and goes for however long it takes you to feel guilty about being out late on a Sunday night. Have fun!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Gilded Lily, 408 W. 15TH st. New York, NY.


Saturday 08.23.14

Party: MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2014

Wow! I can’t believe the summer is almost over, I just started wearing sandals — there’s never enough Summer in NYC — it just makes me very sad — I know I’m being dramatic. Oh well, it’s mother nature and whatever that temperamental bitch decides that’s what we are going to get. For the final weeks of Summer I am going to be looking for outdoor NYC events, like this one — MoMA PS1 Warm Up, which is one of my favorites. For those of you that have been to this you know what I am talking about, and for those of you that haven’t, pay attention to this post. Warm Up takes place at MoMA PS1 in Queens, it involves lots of sun, dancing, people watching and plenty of day drinking (all my favorite things combined). The party has a rotating roster of DJs and performers, this week it features Kevin Saunderson, Éclair Fifi, DJEarl, Shamir (live), The Range (live), Gifted & Blessed (live). Go and get loose and enjoy the last of the summer — it’s almost gone :(  

$20, 11:00AM-6:00PM, MoMA PS1,


Monday 08.18.14

Mega T-Dance at Montreal Pride

Images from the outdoor dance party at Place Émilie-Gamelin