Sunday 07.27.14

Party: The Dirty Triff

This boy (pictured) Issa Israel has been busy, we see him out constantly. Now he even has this regular party in NYC: The Dirty Triff that happens twice a month (every other Sunday). We talked about the launch of this party earlier in June, but we have to mention it again because GAYLETTER is co-hosting this one; which means it’s about to really pop off. You can expect a lineup of super cute NYC people, or as Issa likes to say “some of New York City’s most creative nightlife personalities.” That’s right hunty, Merrie Cherry, Lady Simon, Gerry Visco, Laura Holden, Chris Harder (of Cocky Boys), Kevin Hunter and others will all be there. Music is by DJs Brian Whateverer and William Francis. There’s an open bar from 10 to 11:00PM which is great because if you drink fast enough you should be super drunk by 11, which is the way to party on a Sunday night — Mondays suck regardless so might as well be hungover. Advil girl!

$7, 10:00PM, Le Baron NYC, 32 Mulberry St. New York, NY.


Joey Arias’ Official T-shirt launch & the party STRUT

The event was presented by Deryck Todd, with special guests Robert Richards and Earl Dax, plus a special performance by Joey Arias at Acme

Saturday 07.26.14


I don’t even know if we should be publicizing this event, it’s at a rooftop in Brooklyn and it’s a birthday celebration for the dancer/performer Tyler Ashley. I guess with the list of performers and people involved it should be fine if people from outside his social circle crash the night — you can learn a thing or two from these BK queens and maybe some make new friends —  It’s Slut Summer 2014! The party is organized by Dauphine of Bushwick (this is the first time that I have heard about her, which is always an exciting thing.) Music will be served by Matty Beats X Horrorchata, J L V M V R, Riki Razo, Yackez (Larissa & Jon Velez-Jackson) and Jessie Gold. There’s going to be “showz” by Hamm Samwich, WiLL, Shane Shane, Andy Pandy, Princess Mickey Jägerand, Chris of Hur, Lady SimonAndrew Robert Simon, Charlene, Diego Montoya and Yackez ft. Trashley. There’s another long list of people “holding court,” (you all know who you are). Give $5 dollars to the artists, you must BYOB and be prepared to run. #JULYISOURS

$5 SUGGESTED DONATION, 3:00PM-11:00PM, 949 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 07.25.14

Psychic Summer

Expand your mind at one of the Summer's trippiest parties.


Paul Leopold is a busy boy. Not only does he help produce the wonderful The Week, but he also runs (with David Sokolowski) the Bushwick Psychic party series. The last one was Psychic Spring, and now, obviously it’s time for Psychic Summer on Saturday July 26th. Paul is a bit of tripper, which we love. I’ll let his description for the party speak for itself:


Psychic Summer continues the journey to expanded consciousness we tapped into this spring. We’re creating a space where our community can gather together and collectively explore deepening our relationships to each other and our imaginations. Through music, dance, atmosphere, ritual and libations, guests at the party will lift off from the ground that supports our everyday lives and travel through a universe of dreams where freedom and sensuality guide the way to love and bliss.”


I mean, call your mushroom dealer ASAP, shits about to get wavvvvvy. Here’s how it’s playing out musically, again I’ll let Paul fill you in:


“The night will begin with David Sokolowski and Mikey Hefez playing lyrical upbeat house, from there we’ll move on to Tursi and Dandylion who will take us on an experimental techno journey sure to make you see the stars and land you in a sea of ecstasy as Econ, Viv & Analoug Soul take over 4 turntables to bring you the ultimate sunrise deep house/Detroit techno extravaganza.”


The party has moved to a new location in the heart of Brooklyn. I’ve been told (this is a big one) that “special libations and treats will be on hand.” Special treats, oh shit! This sounds like my kind of event. 


$10 ADVANCE / $15 DOOR  11:00pm- 7:00am 15 Thames St. Brooklyn, NY. 


Thursday 07.24.14

Party: PAT 10

UnionPool is one of those places that I always enjoying visiting, yet it’s pretty lacking in boys who want to go home with me — I don’t have a vagina, what can I say. This Thursday might change all that as Amber Valentine and JD Samson (both pictured) attempt to queer-up the place. They’re throwing their wonderful party Pat and you’re not going to want to miss it. As they like to say “this party is for you. And this party is for us.” Sounds reasonable, nothing wrong with a little give-and-take. The party is free and we’re told that it’s also “footloose.” You can expect Tiffany Roth (Midnight Magic) playing in the front room with friend of GAYLETTER Beppe Savoni (Odyzë). Beppe DJs the best Euro disco ever. Full stop. Period. Done. This time he is bringing us a performance of new music that he has been working on with his brother Gigi Savoni. In the back room it’s Amber, JD, Justin Strauss, and The Carry Nation. Pat it girl!

FREE, 10:00PM, Union Pool, 484 Union Ave. BK, NY.


Sunday 07.20.14

Party: Out @ Sea X Starlight Sail

As much as I am afraid of the sea, I am super excited about this event — a “fun dance party on a sailboat...” I think it sounds just perfect on a lovely Summer’s day. Marc Holcomb, who’s one of the hosts, told me all about it. It’s organized by Manhattan by Sail and features music by DJDH aka Megosapollos. The boat will depart from Slip 1 in Battery Park (at the south end of the park near 17 State St.), which is convenient for me because I live pretty far downtown. So basically you’ll be cruising the Hudson River, in both senses of the word. Expect the boat to sail for two hours, there’s “a full bar on board with Jello Shots, pickle back shots and drink specials!” This sounds like a treat, because usually those boats are filled with boring straight people — it’s a gay and lesbian and queer night hunty! Don’t drown or puke in the water, stay alive, protect the environment.



Thursday 07.17.14

Batty Boy

A New Summer Party!!!


The Summer seems to get Gio Black Peter worked up and in a horny mood, that’s why he’s back with a brand new party on July 17th at a secret location. He told me that it’s “a dance party that started in his apartment last Summer and since my apt has a max capacity of 66 boys (remember my last house party?) … I’ve decided to bring the party to a bigger spot to accommodate all my horny gay and bisexual friends.”


Music will provided by Gio himself and Drrty Pharms, plus there’s a special performance by the adorable Tyler Ashley — who will be previewing his upcoming show Kidnap Me (it premieres on July 21th at Dixon Place) plus Jessica Yatrofsky of fame is also doing an installation to set the mood.


I highly recommend you attend Batty Boy — trust GAYLETTER with this one. Gio is going to take his pants off at some point during the night, so you are guaranteed to see some peen. What else is happening? Gio adds: “You can expect cute guys with boners in basketball mesh shorts on the dance floor dancing, drinking, making out and performing other fun activities…” OK, got it, we would expect nothing less from you Gio.


RSVP for secret location at, 10:00PM.

Tuesday 07.15.14

Joey Arias T-shirt Launch and the party: Strut


There’s a lot going on tonight at ACME on Great Jones St. First up, at 9:00PM, is the T-shirt launch for the legendary (we don’t use that term lightly) Joey Arias. Who knew that Joey was into T-shirts? Whenever I see her, she’s usually clad head-to-toe in some custom Mugler. I guess these t’s are for when she has some downtime — they’re to be worn around the house, or for a casual walk around the neighborhood. I digress. The T-shirts are in collaboration with Robert W. Richards and Deryck Todd.  Which speaking of Todd, he’s the man responsible for the whole night. He’s enlisted Flotilla Debarge to DJ the event and Joey will also be performing live.


After the T-shirt launch stick around for Strut (ACME’s new-ish weekly party). From 11pm onwards, Todd has pulled together an impressive group of hosts for the night (and I’m not just saying that because we’re involved…well maybe a little, but trust it’s a cunt lineup). Here’s who to keep an eye out for: Joey Arias (of course), DJ David Sokolowski, Leo Gugu, Earl Dax, Sam Jones, Matthew Gagnon, Kevin Gallo, Ezra Xavier, Maddelynn Hatter, Damn the Light, Shawn Paul Mazur, Sophia Lamar, and YOU.


There’s going to be an ugly sweater contest, and all sorts of trill trouble. Call your dealer, call your dad, we want to see you strut!


 FREE (Mention GAYLETTER), 9:00PM-late, ACME, 9 Great Jones St. NY, NY.


Sunday 07.13.14


Issa Israel (pictured shirtless) coined the term “Dirty Triff” in 2008 “to describe the type of lifestyle my friends and I were living. Young, creative and ambitious artist with a taste for the wilder side of life, art and notoriety, all while being at the very bottom of the economic and social poles. DirtyTriff helped me sum up the life I was living and wanted to obtain.” Issa has now taken it one step further and created a party using that term as the title. He’s thrown the party in Chicago (where he used to live) a few times, but this is the first time it’s happening in NYC. Music for the night is by Juliana Huxtable, J. Lamar Wright, Brian Whateverer, Econ and Charlie Klarsfeld.” It’s hosted by Issa, Merrie Cherry, Mark Dommu, Yu Dy, Manuel Alejandro, Krobottem, Drrrty Pharms and Aja. There’s a performance by Will Sheridan and it will be photographed by Gerard Garvey. It’s on a Sunday night, but it’s also Summer, so let’s act like we don’t have to go to work on Monday (besides, everyone is hungover in one form or another on Monday, right?). If you are up for causing some trouble check it out.

$7, 10:00PM, Le Baron, 32 Mulberry St. New York, NY.


Wednesday 07.09.14

Party: NSFW

As you might have noticed, we love anything that’s NSFW. When I hear that something is NSFW I’m already into it, before I even look at it. I feel like in America even a hint of skin is labelled “not appropriate.” It’s the most stupid thing, because there’s nothing wrong with nudity — we all know what we have under our clothes. We should all be able to go outside naked, I mean it’s super hot at the moment anyways. NSFW is the name of this party, brought to you by Jessamess and Matty Beats (I feel like we have to mention Matty at least once a letter, the girl is busy!). Expect a “new kind of Wednesday #rage, strong drinks, sexy beats, no excuses, no regrets.” I was at this bar last week and it really is NSFW — I hurt my knee twerking, just to give you an idea. Also worth mentioning are the cheap drinks: a round of 5 is like 20 bucks. I’d say show up and get turnt, but what else are you going to do?

FREE, 10:00PM, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer st. BK, NY.