Wednesday 02.18.15


We wrote about this party a while back but with fashion week happening it felt fitting to put it in the letter again. I say that because every fashion week, by about this time, “Oh Fuck You, Honey” is all I want to say to every instagram photo of fashion week festivities that pops up in my feed. “Thom Brown’s presentation was epic?” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I saw Naomi outside Lincoln Center!” Oh Fuck You, Honey! “I got a free scarf at the Moncler show.” Oh Fuck You, Honey! It feels good, you should try it yourself sometime. Anyhoos, back to the party. The music for the night is by Juliana Huxtable (pictured), Dicap (it’s also his b’day) and Frankie Sharp. It’s hosted by “a bunch of actual sluts: Jared Bradford, Terzian and Numbanddumb along with Sam Banks.” There’s $3 shots and Rolling Rock, plus a whole bunch of hastags we can get behind: #DICKONTHEBAR #PUBLICHOLE #GROPEANDGETGROPED #NORULES #THECOCKISTHECUNT If that’s not enough to get you there….Oh Fuck You, Honey!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Monday 02.16.15

RUFSKIN X Tom of Finland Collection Launch

Scenes from the NYC event celebrating the athletic collaboration

Sunday 02.15.15

Party: DADDY

Daddy take me to Miami, daddy I want dinner, daddy take care of me! Daddy take care of your son! That sounds familiar right? For all of you that have daddies, hold on to him because you can only have a daddy when you’re young. Also, make sure that you don’t become an ungrateful little bitch and behave like you deserve everything just because you are young. Trust me it’s not gonna last. Ha! Anyways, this Sunday The Culture Whore is launching their brand new monthly party at Eastern Bloc, called Daddy. It’s “a straight up dance party with W. Jeremy spinning and lots of sexy daddy boys in leather….We’re bringing back 70s East Village sleaze, the kind you’ll remember from your favorite vintage pornos.” Really, ok? The party is also hosted by Oddly Enough and Manifestany Squirt. Their facebook page says to expect “daddies, disco and dancing...” If you are a daddy or looking for one or simply want to play daddy this Sunday, just head to this party. I know for a fact that the boys at The Culture Whore are not daddies, but they are probably looking for some leather daddies.

FREE, 10:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6TH ST. New York, NY.


Saturday 02.14.15


Valentine’s Day is one of our most hated commercial holidays, it’s right up there with Santacon, but thankfully this Valentine’s day we have something way more exciting to celebrate than love. We have Holy Mountain! The party is back for it’s latest edition and your boyfriend is not invited. This is a singles party. That’s not an official rule for the party, but it’s our rule. We’re horny and don’t want any cock blockers, especially someone you’re in love with. Cool? OK. So, what to expect from the night? Well, there’s lots going on, it’s also the start of fashion week, so that will play a part. I’ll let Ladyfag (the party’s creator) fill you in on what’s happening. “We have a very special ONE NIGHT ONLY VERSATILE Holy Mountain: The tops are bottoms and the bottoms are tops. The rooms are being flipped...what is upstairs is down, what is downstairs is up. Confused? Love is confusing...but Fashion Week is worse.” You’re telling us Lady, fashion week and Valentine’s colliding...someone shoot us. Here's an idea: wear your worst outfits and break some hearts!

$10, 11:00PM, Slake, 251 W 30th St. New York, NY.


Friday 02.13.15

Party: PrettyUgly, Lucky In Love

Some of you might have been to this party, some of you probably heard of it, yes, it’s a fun party an amazing venue and you really should go. This party has been going strong for a couple months now. PrettyUgly is usually a weekly Saturday party, but this week they are throwing a “special one off” on Friday, February 13. Yeyyyyyy! You know with Valentine’s Day happening and all the stupid red hearts and merchandize hanging everywhere it’s a great thing that this party is happening the night before. I mean please don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, please don’t. If you love someome, just text them now and tell them, if you are trying to find an excuse to go on a date, just be clever and do it another day. I know I sound like a Valentine’s Day hater, oh well. The party is hosted by a group of nice people including me (trust me, I am really good at hosting) and this week Adam Kun and the lovely Mia Moretti will be Djing.

$10, 11:00PM, DIAMOND HORSESHOE, Paramount Hotel, 235 w. 46th st. NY, NY.


Thursday 02.12.15

Party: Abrons Art Center Centennial Celebration

Our New York mother Penny Arcade sent us an invite to this awesome bash. “For 100 years, the Abrons has given artists freedom — unrestricted and untethered — to produce groundbreaking, extraordinary work, and has remained a cultural and artistic keystone providing audiences with affordable and challenging experiences in New York City. It’s no secret: I love a place that lives up to its mission to support artists to the max and where the number one goal is artistic excellence.” 100 years of anything is impressive, but 100 years of an institution that’s sole goal is to support underground artists is phenomenal. To Celebrate they’re throwing a party with “drinks, birthday cake and music by The Vintage DJ in Abrons’ Experimental Theater.” With performances by Joey Arias, Jack Ferver, Basil Twist, and Erin Markey. The Abrons Art Center has a lot of impressive fans, last time we went to one of their events we saw Steve Buscemi and met Mikhail Baryshnikov. I can’t imagine who’ll be there for such a momentous occasion!

$50, 9:00PM, ABRONS ART CENTER, 466 Grand St. NY, NY.


Wednesday 02.11.15

Party: VMA at Don Pedro

Don Pedro, for those of you that don’t know, is a performance space/Mexican restaurant. It’s in Brooklyn, of course (I mean, where else would you expect a performance space/Mexican restaurant to be?) This Wednesday they’re throwing their new party, VMA and looks like a big ball of fun. It’s hosted by Mark Dommu and Rify Royalty and features a whole slew of hosts and performances by Gabe Gonzalez, Momo Shade, Ethan Weinstock, Lady Simon, Cheno, Aja and Boywolf. Music for the whole night is by Shedontstop, which is officially my new favorite DJ name. The VMAS are always way more exciting than the Grammys, obvs, so we’re expecting this to be a good night. I want snakes, I want Madonna finger-banging Britney and Xtina on stage, I want tears, I want rappers fucked up on sizzurp, I want Pink dangling from a scarf above the audience looking butch with her chest all red, I want Kanye stealing Tom York’s award and throwing it to Beyonce. I want drama, and music and the most magical night of my fucking life!!!! And then I want a chicken burrito with extra guacamole. Cheers

FREE, 11:00PM, Don Pedro, 90 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 01.31.15


This party created by Joey Labeija has been around for a few months now at the Camero Gallery. We haven’t been able to attend, but we heard great things about it so far. A few of the things we heard: “It hit capacity within less than an hour of opening its doors,” we also heard, “honey it gets turnt,” “it’s Aaaeverything!” Sometimes rumors are true, sometimes they’re bullshit, but there’s only one way to find out. Go and experience it for yourself. It sounds like it could get Beyonce (I’m using “Beyonce” as an adjective, specifically referencing that interview where Barbara Walters said to her “You are Beyonce,” and she responded with a smile and “Thank You”, it’s a compliment). Music for the night is by Michael Magnan, Ni** SKY, Riobamba, BBYMUTHA (NYC debut) and Joey himself. I mean with these bitches how could it not be legendary?

$8-$10, 11:30PM, CAMEO GALLERY, 93 No. 6th St. BK, NY.


Tuesday 01.27.15


A Celebration for François Sagat's Clothing Line at Eastern Bloc

Sunday 01.25.15


Another anniversary! Occupy the Disco are celebrating 3 years of their party Paradisco. We have a lot of respect for parties that last more than a year, we all know how quickly New Yorkers get bored of things, which is why our Interracial party basically happens whenever we feel like it, or when we have time, that way it’s a nice surprise when it pops up. Anyways, here’s some more info about the group: “Three years ago, we started a little party to remind us of hot summer nights dancing in Fire Island to tide us over during the cold weather months, aptly named Paradisco.” This is the official kick-off of their “third season” — you know these days parties have seasons like TV shows. It’s gonna take place at Le Bain at The Standard High Line which we hear they’ve just renovated the rooftop of! It was already great, so I am very curious to see what else they did to it. The Occupy The Disco DJs are Josh Appelbaum, Ru Bhatt and Tad Haes. They will be serving “a unique brew of new and fresh disco and house tracks along with classic favorites to keep you all warm...” Sounds delightful.