Wednesday 04.23.14


There’s a new party starting at The Cock this Wednesday. It’s called Daddies’ Boy and it was created by Thomas (BarBoy), Timmy (BeatDaddy) and Nellee (ShowBoy) for “cheap boys and the Daddies who love them!” The word Daddy has many different meanings, one of our writers used to call us daddy and we are far from grey-haired money-bags (not that there’s anything wrong with being taken care of by a daddy.) There are some ‘real’ daddies out there who are more than happy to sprinkle some cash on their sugar babies. I’m hoping they are reading this right now, because there are going to be plenty of boys waiting for them at this party and they need your cash ASAP. The night kicks off at 11:00PM with an open well bar, be careful cos’ that cheap liquor can really get you fucked up. Although for a party like this I think ‘fucked up’ is probably appropriate. I have one piece of advice for the daddies on the search for a son at this party: don’t be cheap, you were young once so you should understand the struggle, bring lots of cash and be very, very, very generous to all those younger boys — Daddy, they need you!

$5, 10:30PM, The Cock, 29 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Saturday 04.19.14

Party: Artisanal Poppers

A friend of mine (and co-worker) David Orton, came to me a week ago to tell me about a new party that he, and Cheryl party resident DJ Nick Schiarizzi, are throwing at One Last Shag. He wanted it be very “Brooklyn” (since One Last Shag is in Bed Stuy) so he decided to name it ‘Artisanal Poppers.’ I love the idea of artisanal poppers — I imagine them being hand crafted, only coming in small batches, and costing $89 a bottle… But seriously, behind the name is a good sense of humor, an important ingredient for any successful party. Expect music by Nick and DJ DSO (Mormon Church Dances). There’s absolutely no cover, the drinks are cheap, the boys are even cheaper, and there’s plenty of space on the deck out back to have a quick ciggie. Really, what more could you want from a Saturday night out in the BK? Oh, and I should also mention the frozen margaritas at One Last Shag. They do them 10 different ways, all guaranteed to do one thing...get you fucked up. Hooray!

FREE, 11:00PM, ONE LAST SHAG, 348 Franklin Ave. BK, NY.


Friday 04.18.14


A party created by David Sokolowski & Paul Leopold


This is a great way to kick off the 420 weekend, it’s a long long long weekend (or at least it’s going to feel long) and it’s one of the most important holidays (screw Easter) of the year — at least it is for us. On Saturday April 19th, Join David Sokolowski and Paul Leopold (AKA Boywolf), for Psychic Spring. Paul told me they are super excited because this is their “first official party” that they have produced together. We’ve heard so much about this party so our expectations are very high, like super high. We’re told that “psychedelic portals to the unknown will be opened and explored through special light installations, moments of spoken word and inspired physical actions.” Cool. There’s too many hosts to actually list, so here’s a few of our favorites: Bcalla (who will be selling looks at event), Earl Dax, Horrorchata, Issa Israel, Max Steele, Untitled Queen, Wil Fisher, Manifestany Squirtz, Santiago Felipe, Dusty Shoulders and many more. Paul calls the hosts some “most inspiring producers and artists in Brooklyn…”



The music for the party is provided by SokolowskiMikëy Hefez, JLamar, Jx Cannon, Jacky Sommer, Vivian Baron, Riki Razo and A Village Raid. The Djs will be ”paired in tag-team duos with 2-hour sets that will give you the freshest incremental sonic experience of the season.” Prepare to do some serious soul searching at this party, it sounds like it’s gonna get deep.



Thursday 04.17.14

DRAGnet Turns Two

The Brooklyn Drag event is celebrating it's anniversary


The Brooklyn drag scene is so hot right now. With events and parties like Bushwig, Be Cute, and Rupaul’s Drag Race Mondays with Alotta McGriddles and Merrie Cherry, every single night in this borough is a drag. And we are HERE for it.


This Thursday, April 17th marks the second anniversary of DRAGnet, the party baby of Miss Merrie Cherry. “I started DRAGnet, because at the time drag was not extremely present in Brooklyn,” Merrie told us. “I wanted more and definitely got it. It seemed like a few months after DRAGnet started, drag started to explode in Brooklyn. I am not sure how much I had to do with all of this, I am just happy it happened and people are able find some kind of happiness on stage.” Yes, ma’am. We are, too.


The monthly soiree takes place at Metropolitan Bar, and is both a show and a contest. The competition began in January and ends in July. Each winner from each month’s party will compete for $150 cash and a three-month co-hosting position with Merrie Cherry. Too, TOO fun!


M.C. will be your MC for the night, alongside the other counterparts of the performing art collective Turntup Trifecta: Horrorchata and Untitled Queen. There will be a whole slew of performances by a whole bunch of queens and kweenz, including Darrell Thorne, Miz Jade, Minnie Cupcakes, Aja Nicole Marie, Elle Emenopé, Lady Simon, Charlene, and Issa Israel. And MORE! So get into it.



Sunday 04.13.14

Party: SUNDAY @ Maison

Last Sunday I did something I haven’t done on a Sunday in a long while: I partied hard. I don’t know what came over me, I guess ‘cos I didn’t go out on Saturday night, I thought, fuck it, let’s just pretend I can sleep in tomorrow! I remember at one point during the evening I started to freak out a little thinking about getting up early for work the next day. Then I thought whatevs, you could have a heart attack (that’s one of my big fears) at any moment, so you might as well enjoy the night. The next day I was a mess, but it was worth it. It was a great night, with great friends. Which is all a long winded way of saying that you should go out this Sunday night. Tell that pesky voice in your head to go eat a bag of dicks and go live a little. Here’s where you’ll be. Sloan Morgan, and Westgay’s Frankie Sharp, are joining forces to create a new party called SUNDAY at Maison O. There’s a lot going on at this thing so bare with me. At 7:00PM join friends for Linner upstairs — grab a bite, and settle in for dining room performances by Coby Koehl, plus the incredibly funny Bridget Everett. Downstairs at 10:00PM Frankie takes over with a “full on rage” called Frankie’s Kansas City with Good Kids & Lady Starlight DJing along with William Francis. It goes till 4:00AM, which you may, or may not make it till. Either way you should be there — trust me you’ll remember the night way more than the hangover.

$10, 7:00PM, Maison O, 98 Kenmare St. New York, NY.


Saturday 04.12.14

Party: HD45 Solid Gold

Oh the 80’s, it was a time of casual racism, blatant homophobia, and only 4 channels on TV, but boy did people have a good time! The coke was uncut and flowing freely. People didn’t have smartphones, so distractions we’re kept to a minimum — if you were at a party, you were there to party. Solid Gold was a syndicated music TV show that ran from 1980-1988. It was sparkly, campy and everyone on it looked like they were high as fuck. This Saturday night Casey Spooner is going to try and replicate the heady days of Solid Gold with a one night only celebration for his friend Hans Dorsinville (who’s celebrating his 45th birthday, pictured). It’s a “gold themed spectacular with 2 performances, 10 Broadway dancers” plus special guest host Shequida. Music is by DJs Adam Dugas, Lauren Flax and Gavin Russom. The performances are choreographed by Benoit-Swan Pouffer, with stage and costumes by the sexy Dominican Renato Dicent. It’s free, but you must RSVP to Expect one “crazy over the top dance party and a crazy recreation of Solid Gold.” Call your dealer ASAP!



Wednesday 04.09.14

Party: Feel Up

We always wonder how Susanne Bartsch stays so young. I’m not calling her old, but she’s been around since Studio 54. I’ve been going out in NYC for about 11 years and let me tell you, as fun as it looks, it’s hard work — how does she do it? Perhaps it’s because she never stops moving (like a shark) I mean she’s involved in 4 parties at the moment. Whatever it is, I am glad she is helping to keep NYC nightlife cunt and alive. Her new party is in it’s sixth week and we finally decided to write it up. We reached out to Susanne and she told us “It’s different from what I usually do, this party has a totally mixed crowd but everyone is gorgeous: stylish straight guys, chic European girls, the occasional sexy suit buying me a glass of champagne, lol, and of course my usual cast of colorful characters…” A mixed party is always great, straight guys sometimes get experimental and then there’s all those bicurious boys. The party happens below the “glamorous restaurant” Monarch at Gilded Lily (a pretty buzzy new spot at the mo). Susanne chatted with the owners about throwing the party there, but they were already talking to Paul Sevigny... “So Paul called me up and we decided it would be fun to do something together…” They rotate the hosts each week, “it feels like a NYC party...It feels fresh and intimate.” Got it. I’d say dress up and look rich.

FREE, 11:00PM, GILDED LILY, 408 West 15th st. NY, New York.


Thursday 04.03.14

Party: CACHÉ

Santana Williams (pictured three times!), the creator of one of our favorite parties, ‘Papi Champú,’ is bringing us a brand new monthly party that we’re super excited about. If you’re a fan of GAYLETTER you may be familiar with the kinds of boys that like to attend ‘Papi Champú’ — it’s all about the Latin love hunty. Well, here’s what Santana had to say about his new venture: “The weather is getting better so we’ve decided to put together a very sensual new dance fantasy for the papis!” It’s called ‘Caché.’ Santana explains the name this way: “Caché  is a sense of ghetto elegance. It’s when boys from the ‘hood’ step up their game and embrace a higher sense of class while remaining true to their ‘fly’ selves.” The party is hosted by Rio Sport, Alex Milk, Gio Mjavanadze, Mani Motarjemi and Marques Nolan, with music by Mazurbate and Santana himself. You’ve probably heard that Latinos are naturally horny, I’m a Latino so I’d like to confirm that that’s true. We are just more comfortable with sex and all of that good stuff... Santana is going for “a more sensual approach, with a new manly aroma,” I guess the last party wasn’t sensual enough with all the go-gos and grinding and twerking. Spring has sprung, let’s take it to the next level.

FREE, 11:00PM, Sway, 305 Spring St. New York, NY.


Tuesday 04.01.14

The launch of KUNST! at Verboten

Presented by Susanne Bartsch & Dreamhouse — with Gage of The Boone, Amanda Lepore, La Fem Ladosha, Domonique Echeverria, Trey Latrash, One-Half Nelson, Erickatoure Aviance, Markus Kelle, Casey Kenyon, Michael Magnan, Amber Valentine, Pozsi Kolor, and many more

Monday 03.31.14

Film Society of Lincoln Center & MoMA celebrate New Directors / New Films

With host Indiewire at The Paramount Hotel