Monday 07.06.15


Thursday 07.02.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.3

Wednesday 07.01.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.2

Monday 06.29.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.1

Sunday 06.28.15

BABY TEA :: 6/14

The Dauphine of Bushwick's monthly has a new home at Wise Men — Music by DJ DeSe and Gio Black Peter

Saturday 06.27.15


I’ll be honest with you I don’t necessarily think we should be proud of being gay. Should straight people be proud of being straight? It’s not like we’re curing cancer by being into dudes. Liking dick instead of pussy isn’t a great achievement — we shouldn’t be ashamed...indifferent maybe? But whatevs, Pride weekend/week/month is an excuse for us to party, and we looooove to party. This Saturday there’s only one place you should be, and that’s at the Wythe Hotel for the 3rd edition of our Pride Ball. Expect the hottest, horniest and friendliest boys in New York City and a one-hour open tequila bar. Yes God! There’s performances by House of LaBeija, House of Mugler, Jay Boogie, and a super special performance by Mikki Blanco. Guest DJ sets by Michael Magnan, Joey Labeija and UNiiQU3. Our guest hosts include Frankie Sharp, Leo Gugu and more… It’s going to be a voguing extravaganza. Plus it’s for a good cause! You better sissy that walk. See you there!

$20, 7:00PM-1:00AM, Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 06.24.15

Event: Hebro Pride Party

Do you want a Jewish boyfriend? I do, and we’re both in luck because the fantastic, cutting edge Jewish Museum on 92nd St. and 5th Ave is hosting a Hebro Pride Party this Thursday, June 24th, from 6:00-10:00PM and included in the experience is exclusive access to all the current exhibitions which I had the pleasure of seeing already and they are quite intriguing. "Hebro was established in 2008 by Jayson Littman with the mission of creating a community of gay Jews to celebrate their unique culture and identity.” I say Mazeltov! There’s djs and an open bar for the entire evening. Last year 250 hot men came uptown for a Hebrew kiki. On the ground floor the exhibition is titled "Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television," the first show of it’s kind to "explore how avant-garde art influenced the look and content of network tv in its formative years.” Upstairs Laurie Simmons (Lena Dunham’s mom) has six new portraits in How We See based on the “doll girl” community — you know those crazy people that alter themselves to look like Barbie, baby dolls and Japanese anime characters. I say you can’t plan a better evening out and who knows, you may just end up with a ripped Israeli hunk from Tel Aviv. Go get it!

$35, 6:00PM-10:00PM, The Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Monday 06.22.15

Ladyfag + Seva Granik Present: Shadey-O’s

Images from the rave-y Pride edition of Shade

Sunday 06.21.15


We’ve written about this Eastern Bloc party before. Here’s what we said the last time: It’s “a straight up dance party with W. Jeremy spinning and lots of sexy daddy boys in leather….We’re bringing back 70s East Village sleaze, the kind you’ll remember from your favorite vintage pornos.” This Sunday, June 22, in honor of all the actual daddies out there they are celebrating Father’s Day! For those of you that celebrate this holiday this is the perfect event to take your proud daddy to. For those of you that don’t celebrate Father’s daddy, just go and find a daddy of your own. You really have nothing to lose. The party is presented by the Culture Whore, and hosted by Bond Hardware, Big Dipper and Riffy Royalty. They’ll also be throwing a “hot dog eating contest,” I think you get money if you win this. Do your best, make your daddy proud.

FREE, 10:00PM, EASTERN BLOC, 505 E 6th St. NY, NY.


Saturday 06.20.15

Party: Shade – Pride edition

Shade is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! The last Shade we went to was on NYE. It was pretty fucking fantastic. We had a great crew of friends, we had party supplies, we had comfortable shoes, we had plenty of water — we did it right. This weekend is your chance to do it all over again, and best of all when you stumble out of there at 6:00AM it’ll be warm outside. The line-up is cunt as usual. There’s Michael Magnan & Physical Therapy as Fatherhood, plus “Brooklyn techno bad-boy crew,” Wrecked. There’s also a special “late-late-night Berlin techno set from the international diva Honey Dijon, and headlining, all the way from Berlin, the throbbing-est, the heartiest, Heartthrob.” Oh, and I should mention it’s a Pride edition. I’m not sure what that actually entails as Shade is pretty fucking gay already — just give thanks to the queens who fought in the Stonewall riot while you’re dancing. The venue, as usual, will not be announced until the day of the event, but it’s safe to assume it’ll be somewhere in the bowels of Brooklyn or Queens. Get at it!

$30, 11:00PM, Venue to be announced...,