Tuesday 01.27.15


A Celebration for François Sagat's Clothing Line at Eastern Bloc

Sunday 01.25.15


Another anniversary! Occupy the Disco are celebrating 3 years of their party Paradisco. We have a lot of respect for parties that last more than a year, we all know how quickly New Yorkers get bored of things, which is why our Interracial party basically happens whenever we feel like it, or when we have time, that way it’s a nice surprise when it pops up. Anyways, here’s some more info about the group: “Three years ago, we started a little party to remind us of hot summer nights dancing in Fire Island to tide us over during the cold weather months, aptly named Paradisco.” This is the official kick-off of their “third season” — you know these days parties have seasons like TV shows. It’s gonna take place at Le Bain at The Standard High Line which we hear they’ve just renovated the rooftop of! It was already great, so I am very curious to see what else they did to it. The Occupy The Disco DJs are Josh Appelbaum, Ru Bhatt and Tad Haes. They will be serving “a unique brew of new and fresh disco and house tracks along with classic favorites to keep you all warm...” Sounds delightful.



Saturday 01.24.15

Party: SPANK 7 Year Anniversary

Spank has been around for seven years? Jesus, I feel old. Spank started as an artsy small format magazine, but has lived on as a party with original founders Sean B. and Will Automagic DJing all around the world. Here’s what Sean told us about the anniversary: “We consider ourselves mega-lucky to have survived seven years of shows, scenes and crazy parties in NYC, we’re gonna celebrate in a BIG way at the massive Bell House.” Spank’s parties are famous for their wild installations by Jeffrey Owen Ralston and we hear this year is no different. The only thing different from previous parties is that they’re moving it back to Brooklyn. It’s at The Bell House (as Sean mentioned), a legit party space (previous spaces haven’t been so “official.”) The Spank boys will of course DJ for the night and we’re sure it will be populated with plenty of cute queer kids. This is not a stand-around-and-look-bored-event, be prepared to dance your little feet off. Congrats boys, here’s to another 7!

$14-$20, 10:00PM, The Bell House, 149 7th St. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 01.17.15

WD-40 Thursdays at Good Room

Scenes from the weekly party presented by Kayvon Zand and Kenny Kenny

Friday 01.16.15

Party: JACK

Paul Leopold (Boywolf) brought to my attention the launch of his new monthly party that started in December. This is the second edition of JACK and I was told that it’s a party “strictly about music...Techno, tech-house and bass...” I hope it’s also about other things, I couldn’t attend the opening night because I got constipated the night before from all the eating during the holiday, kidding —  but Paul told me that the kickoff was strong. “Last month was so sexy with a bunch of shirtless boys dancing to some serious deep dark techno in a friendly and warm basement that felt like a gay raver’s wet dream come true...” Talk about knowing how to sell a party! DJs for the night are A Village Raid, DRFNKNSTN, Joshua Steers (pictured) and Shedontstop. A new party that you haven’t been to is the best party you can go to, you’ll have a new experience, hopefully meeting new people and getting rid of your FOMO. And the best part is “No list, no hosts, no ghosts, just dance…”

$5 from 12:00AM-3:00AM, 10:00PM, CAMEO GALLERY, 93 N 6TH ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 01.14.15

BABY TEA :: SAT. 1/10

Presented by Dauphine of Bushwick & Cafe Dancer + Celebrating the Birthdays of DJs Dust Tea and Ryan

Tuesday 01.13.15

GINGER at the Eagle in Los Angeles

The event on January 3 was presented by Cody Bayne & Eric Adams

Friday 01.09.15

PrettyUgly 2015 Edition Pt.2

With hosts Abi Benitez, Jordan Berman, Paul Iacono, Paul Musial, Hari Nef, Max Ryder, Justin Swensen and Adam Werner

Tuesday 01.06.15

PrettyUgly 2015 Edition pt.1

Presented by Erich Conrad & Drew Elliott at the Diamond Horseshoe

Sunday 01.04.15


I find that the super long full beard + the “perfect” groomed hair look annoying — it’s really starting to get tired, and I’m hoping that it’s going to die in 2015. I don’t really find any individuality in embracing that look just because everyone is doing it. However I am cool with men that embrace their hairy chest, and I am referring specifically to the otter community here. Which brings me to this brand new party presented by Shameless and Jem called Otter Box!. Music for the night is provided by DJ TR (OTTER) and a boylesque performance by Rify Royalty (who’s not hairy). I chatted with Shameless (pictured) about this party, and here’s what he had to say: “Lately I’ve been embracing more varying aspects of queer culture including my own body type which happens to be beefy and basically this party is geared towards furry gays...” I find it weird to make theme a party about men that have body hair, but on the other hand it makes it easier to know what you are getting  before you go to. I guess if you want to join the party put on some fake chest hair or wait until the guys are very wasted and everything feels hairy to them, I am not angry it’s 2015!.

$10, 10:00PM, The Flat, 308 Hooper St. Brooklyn, NY.