Thursday 07.30.15


I used to work at a Greek restaurant in Soho, and like every restaurant in New York the kitchen was staffed by Mexicans. I didn’t understand 90% of what they said but I did pick up one word that seemed to continuously lob in my direction: Maricón. I asked Abi what it meant and he said it was an offensive term for “gay.” He said that the next time they said it I should reply with “Se lo quiero meter a tu hermana por el culo” which translates roughly to “I want to fuck your sister’s asshole.” After that they stopped calling me maricon. Which brings me to this party at Tropical 128 in Little Italy. The organizers are clearly reclaiming the word maricón, which is something we can get behind. The party is a “queer celebration of everything TROPICAL.” Music for the night is by Joey Labeija (love that he gave us a shout-out on Sway earlier this week, that is major!), Joro Boro, Mona Lisas and Tr(otter). The party is hosted by...a lot of people. I don’t have the space to list them all, but trust us, there’s some power Latinos in the mix. Have fun chicas.

FREE, 9:00PM, Tropical 128, 128 Elizabeth St. New York, NY.


Monday 07.27.15

BABY TEA :: 7/19

The Dauphine of Bushwick's monthly has a new home at Wise Men — Music Leo Gugu and Matty Beats X Horrochata. Happy Birthday David Speer!

Saturday 07.25.15


Last year we ran some pictures from this rooftop event organized by Tyler Ashley, when we got the images from the photographer we were like WOW that party looked cray cray — we were mad we missed it. It’s Tyler official bday party, for those of you that don’t know Tyler, he’s a dancer and now a nightlife personality in NYC. He/she also have given himself a tittle, The Dauphine of Bushwick. “But the idea is we all are the heir of Bushwick.” But Tyler tells just cause it’s his Birthday doesn’t mean is all about him, “it’s about just getting a lot of great people together to dance and get silly. Sure, we all know I love the attention...” The party is not at a regular venue, it’s in the rooftop of his building, yasss “The rooftop at my current Bushwick apartment was one of the main selling points when I moved in over 2 years ago. It’s HUGE with a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.” Expect 7 DJs, 20 performers, “two 30 foot slip n’ slides, a surprise art installation, and more! Don’t forget to BYOB!” After 11:00PM there’s an after party that’s co-hosted by Horrorchata at Lovegun with more DJs, performers and hosts. Check out their Facebook page for location and for the overwhelming list of people involved. I mean these Bushwick bitches are NOT playing.

$3 before 6:00PM, $5 after, 3:00PM, Check the event Fb page for location, BK NY, .


Good Room: Honey Soundsystem and Wrecked

HoneySoundSystem_Shanna Doherty_GAYLETTER

I know you woke up an hour ago and promised yourself to never drink again, but let’s not be silly. Good Room is hosting a dace party mashup of East and West this Saturday, July 25th, featuring crews from Honey Soundsystem and Wrecked. Honey’s Jason Kendig and Bezier are flying in from San Fran, and Wrecked’s got a lineup of NYC boys for you including Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith.  “Their sets are a clever mix of house, acid, psychedelic techno, disco italo and industrial.” It’s a full tasting, gentlemen.


The tickets for the event are already on their second release and you’ve only got until 10:00pm, Saturday night, until those close out too. “Honey started turning heads with their cunning ad campaigns, decadent themes, international guests, private warehouse parties and of course their floor stomping DJ sets.” Get up, get yours, and get out—these days, West Coast boys are Literally thirsty.


$15, 10:00PM – 4:00AM, Good Room, 98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Sunday 07.19.15


This bi-weekly daytime party in Bushwick is where you queens should head to if you are still thirsty from the week. I exchanged a few words with BK drag queen royalty Horrorcharta (who’s one of the DJs of the party) about Sunday Rage and this is what she told me: “when u turn up on a Saturday u wake up on Sunday and you go to church meaning you go to the rage...” OK, got it, the party has been going on since the start of the Summer and it’s all about “chill sexy vibes.” Which is super chill. Expect frozen drinks, $7 pint mimosas, Nachos, Frito pies (I’ve never heard of that), Pretzels, Corn dogs, Hot dogs — trust me this menu is real. Other DJs for the party are Anthony Dicap and DJ DJ De Se (pictured, wow this is her second mention in this letter — bitch is carrying). The party starts at 3:00PM, which is great because you’ll likely be wasted by 6:00PM and in bed by 9:00PM. That’s been our new motto for summer sundays in 2015 — start early, finish early, don’t feel like shit on Mondays.



Wednesday 07.15.15


We like to keep it real at GAYLETTER so I’m not going to pretend that I know a hell of a lot about this party. That’s a good and bad thing. It’s bad because it could be terrible, but it’s good because it means we, along with you, get to experience something new! Personally I’m not worried. I have a pretty good feeling about this one (have we ever let you down?) The list of performers alone is enough to make me attend — it features some of the most interesting talents in the city — there’s DJ DJ De Se, Aquaria, Sateen, an installation by Gage of the Boone & Walker Syndell, DJ Lol Kim, and the incredibly named Cumdrizzle69 (are you available to play my mom’s 65th b’day party Cumdrizzle69?). The party’s at (Le) Poisson Rouge, a famous performance/art space on Bleecker St. The hosts involved are also worth noting. There’s Pandy, Lady Simon, Neo Camp, plus a few others I don’t have the space to mention. They’re telling us to bring #Looks which is always a good sign. “Girl, please let me stick my key in your ignition…(Now let me see you) Bounce- bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce”

$5 advanced/$10, 11:00PM, (Le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St. NY, NY.


Monday 07.06.15


Thursday 07.02.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.3

Wednesday 07.01.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.2

Monday 06.29.15

GAYLETTER X Wythe Hotel Pride Ball 2015 Pt.1