Sunday 08.24.14


Susanne Bartsch does not need sleep. Susanne Bartsch does not get tired. Susanne Bartsch has parties to throw. Susanne Bartsch is the most energetic middle aged woman you’ll ever meet. And this Sunday she’s launching a new weekly party at The Gilded Lily. This venue is in the Meatpacking District. It’s a downstairs space with a real “club” feel to it. So, what to expect from the evening? Well first up we’re told there’s “no silly admission fee!” (I can just imagine Susanne saying that in her cunty Swiss accent). Susanne says she wants us to save our money for drinks (I like where this is heading). Music is by Amber Valentine & Michael Magnan with a surprise performance. Hosts for the night include Anthony Bourgeois, Amanda Lepore, Dominique Echeverria, Gage of the Boone, One Half Nelson, Trey La Trash, Jessica Love, Dylan Monroe, Horrorchata and Brandon Olson. The party starts at 11:00PM and goes for however long it takes you to feel guilty about being out late on a Sunday night. Have fun!

FREE, 11:00PM, The Gilded Lily, 408 W. 15TH st. New York, NY.


Saturday 08.23.14

Party: MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2014

Wow! I can’t believe the summer is almost over, I just started wearing sandals — there’s never enough Summer in NYC — it just makes me very sad — I know I’m being dramatic. Oh well, it’s mother nature and whatever that temperamental bitch decides that’s what we are going to get. For the final weeks of Summer I am going to be looking for outdoor NYC events, like this one — MoMA PS1 Warm Up, which is one of my favorites. For those of you that have been to this you know what I am talking about, and for those of you that haven’t, pay attention to this post. Warm Up takes place at MoMA PS1 in Queens, it involves lots of sun, dancing, people watching and plenty of day drinking (all my favorite things combined). The party has a rotating roster of DJs and performers, this week it features Kevin Saunderson, Éclair Fifi, DJEarl, Shamir (live), The Range (live), Gifted & Blessed (live). Go and get loose and enjoy the last of the summer — it’s almost gone :(  

$20, 11:00AM-6:00PM, MoMA PS1,


Monday 08.18.14

Mega T-Dance at Montreal Pride

Images from the outdoor dance party at Place Émilie-Gamelin

Sunday 08.17.14

Party: Object Permanence – the beat begins

The visual and performance artist, One Half Nelson told me that his Sunday night party is the first step in his plan for “world domination...” If anyone can take over the world it’s this wonderful androgynous boy — I’ve seen Nelson serving looks since I was going to college (FIT). I used to see him in the hallways — throwing! As dramatic as this event sounds it’s pretty simple, it’s hosted by Sloan Morgan, it’s taking place at Eastern Bloc (one of our favorite local bars!) and more importantly it’s the official premier for the DJ duo Object Permanences“musical marriage” with William Francis. “We came together and realized there are many facets of ourselves (specifically musically and visually) that exists within all of us that we often don’t pursue or perfect” says O.H.N.“Object permanence hopes to transcend this barrier and bring a full scale and ever expanding experience to everyone who takes part...the beats will be hard, the carry will be fierce.” That’s deep! I won’t pretend I understand all that, just make sure there’s a hard, cold drink waiting for me when I show up.

FREE, 11:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 08.07.14

Party time: Artisanal Poppers


David Orton and Nick Schiarizzi are two lovely friends of mine who as DJs (Nick at the CHERYL parties, David at the Mormon Church Dances parties) had begun to feel a little boxed in by what they were expected to play. Music at most big parties can be a little…monotonous. You know, just beats, no lyrics, it’s like one loooong song is being played the whole night. Which is fine if you’re on drugs and you want to dance for six hours straight, but otherwise it can get a little tedious. So anyway, they decided to create a party where they could play whatever the hell they liked. Something laidback, easy.


So what else should you expect from the event? Well, first there’s no cover, second your obviously encouraged to bring poppers (make sure they’re artisanal — perhaps cedar wood and Peruvian mint flavored), and lastly, the music, most importantly, is going to be fun. This place is always full of cute boys and a surprising number of lesbians. They also serve frozen margaritas in a bunch of different flavors, which really seals the deal for me. That’s about it. Hope to see you there! —TOM


No cover, 11pm to 4am, Friday August 8, One Last Shag, 348 Franklin Ave, Bk, NY.

Party: T.B.A – The Royal Birthday Edition

The birthday boy Rify Royalty (who’s hosting this party to celebrate) stopped me in the East Village a few weeks ago while he was riding his bike (and I was holding mine about to walk into a bank) to tell me about this party. He told me how fun it was going to be. I was so hungover that I barely remember what he said… The one thing I recalled was that he said the word ‘fun’ a couple of times, so that’s good. For those of you who don’t know Rify, he considers his performance style a “mixture of Boylesque, drag and performance art.” I have seen him dancing and he can sure shake his ass. I have also never seen him wear a shirt, so that’s cool. This is the 4th installment of T.B.A., it’s “The Royal Birthday Edition” and it’s gonna be filled with “slutty burlesque, banjee drag queens, live singing, and a bunch of other weirdos...” The T.B.A. family includes Merrie Cherry (who’s gonna DJ), Boy Georgia, Charlene, Aja, Sparkles and Rify himself. I heard that Rify wants a Fleet enema for his Birthday (classy) — it looks like he’s been having a busy summer!

$5, 10:00PM, Bizarre Bushwick, 12 Jefferson st. Brooklyn, NY.


Sunday 08.03.14


I live pretty close to Home Sweet Home and I love the smell of that place, it smells to me like beer, piss, air conditioning, sweat and haircolor all at once — it’s everything you expect from a dive bar. I like to go in there sometimes to watch young straight people behave stupid, it’s comforting I guess ‘cos it reminds me of when I was a total mess. I just heard about this brand new bi-weekly queer party that’s going to take place there — yes hun, this is the premier night! It’s organized by Anthony DiCapua and the downtown darling De Se (I see her in my block sometimes throwing fish). Sam Banks will be doing a dance performance (for those of you that don’t know, a party without a performance is not a party in 2014.) This party has no name, sorry. Anthony told me “I don’t want a name for the party. I like the idea of not having one...I want it to just be mainly focused on the music and everyone getting together and just straight-up having a good time.” That sounds lovely, no one needs all that fuss of a name, just party, drink, look cute, dance, whateves, there’s nothing to it. “I just wanna bring back a cute Sunday night where people can have fun in a dark dive bar, lol” Lol indeed.

FREE, 10:00PM, HOME SWEET HOME, 131 Chrystie St. NY, NY.


Friday 08.01.14

Tyler Ashley’s Birthday Day Rage: SHOWZ & Slip n’ Slidez

An event presented by Dauphine of Bushwick

Sunday 07.27.14

Party: The Dirty Triff

This boy (pictured) Issa Israel has been busy, we see him out constantly. Now he even has this regular party in NYC: The Dirty Triff that happens twice a month (every other Sunday). We talked about the launch of this party earlier in June, but we have to mention it again because GAYLETTER is co-hosting this one; which means it’s about to really pop off. You can expect a lineup of super cute NYC people, or as Issa likes to say “some of New York City’s most creative nightlife personalities.” That’s right hunty, Merrie Cherry, Lady Simon, Gerry Visco, Laura Holden, Chris Harder (of Cocky Boys), Kevin Hunter and others will all be there. Music is by DJs Brian Whateverer and William Francis. There’s an open bar from 10 to 11:00PM which is great because if you drink fast enough you should be super drunk by 11, which is the way to party on a Sunday night — Mondays suck regardless so might as well be hungover. Advil girl!

$7, 10:00PM, Le Baron NYC, 32 Mulberry St. New York, NY.


Joey Arias’ Official T-shirt launch & the party STRUT

The event was presented by Deryck Todd, with special guests Robert Richards and Earl Dax, plus a special performance by Joey Arias at Acme