Sunday 05.24.15


As I said in last week’s letter, this Summer is all about day drinking. Here’s a new bi-weekly party that you shouldn’t miss. Anthony DiCapua is one of the creators of the event along with the fab Horrorchata (pictured). He told me a bit about what to expect....what’s goody? I Asked him: “We’ll, we want this to be a dance party, but it can also be a chill hangout” Chill! “Also, the backyard is going to be brand new, they just bought a little parking lot behind it so it’s def gonna b cute and hopefully not crammed. I’d say expect a lot of alcohol, food, and cute people...” food, alcohol and cute people I am there. Guest DJ for the week will be Cunty Crawford Ladosha and DeSe is going to be a resident DJ with us when she returns from California.” Sounds promising. Don’t miss out, trust me, these bitches can carry — it’s a Memorial day weekend party in Bushwick! Yasss.

FREE, 3:00PM-10:00PM, Happyfun Hideaway, 1211 MYRTLE AVE., BK, NY


Saturday 05.23.15

Party: Holy Mountain – Journey IX

Here comes Ladyfag with her latest edition of her monthly party Holy Mountain. Lady told us to remember that “aside from being Fleet Week, sailors!...we have Karin & Dgeral this amazing couple DJ’ing in the Jade room....and Karin happens to be Karin Dreijer Andersson AKA Fever Ray or AKA the girl from THE KNIFE!!!!” As expected, in any Holy Mountain party, there are lots of rooms, lots of DJs and a few surprise performances. Some of the people involved in the party this time include, Jubilee, La’Fem Ladosha, Raul Lopez, NELLKE, Michael Magnan, Nita Aviance, Marco Ovando, Miss Queen Sateen & Exquisite, Will Sheridan and many others. If you have been to this party before you know what to expect, or maybe not, it all depends on what you took or how many drinks you had last time you went. I’ll let Lady leave you with a final thought about the party: “Why jump into the water, when you can jump over the moon...calling all sailor moons!” Um, yeah, ok.

$10/$15, 11:00PM, Slake, 251 West 30th st. NY, NY.


Friday 05.22.15

BABY TEA :: 5/16

Presented by The Dauphine of Bushwick and Cafe Dancer — With guest DJs BCALLA and Quay Dash

Sunday 05.17.15


Last week we revisited the popular party Scissor Sunday that’s been going on for a while now at The Rusty Knot. Originally this party was a lesbian party, but we are not sure if the gay boys scared them away, because their were none there when we attended. I don’t blame them, it’s very, very, very difficult to deal with more than 10 white guys, with the same look, in the same room. At first it felt like the Fire Island boat had just pulled up at the Piers across from this lovely venue, but then after a moment I looked at the room a few times and tried to connect with my surroundings...I was like whatever, this is fun! The music is great — provided by the lovely JD Samson, the drinks are even better, I had a lovely coconut drink, their version of a pina colada and like 2 margaritas. They were made correctly. Also, they have a campy nautical decor and good bar snacks. Tom, Mossy and I got wasted with 3 drinks. We sat by the window, so the sun was shining in our faces and we even took a few Instagram pics (pictured). We had a lovely time, like I said in the post above, this summer is all about day drinking, yes gawwwwd!

FREE, 4:00-10:00PM, THE RUSTY KNOT, 425 West St. NY, NY.


Monday 04.27.15


Presented by Dauphine of Bushwick & Cafe Dancer — with guest DJs Jessamess and Will Sheridan

Thursday 04.23.15


Scenes from the celebration at the Ides Rooftop at The Wythe Hotel

Saturday 04.18.15



Spring is in the air and Spank is back with another party. It’s at the Bell House in Brooklyn, a venue they’ve thrown parties at before and one that seems to work well with the vibe of their events. I’ve written about Spank a few hundred times so I’m having trouble thinking of any new ways to describe what they do. Let me just assume you’re new to our newsletter and have no fucking clue what these homos are about. So, first of all, expect to dance. The music they play is very beat heavy and designed to make you move your feet at a rapid pace. Besides some disco tunes you might be familiar with, it’s pretty much a lyrics free zone — the songs often blend into one and another. Not that I’m criticizing, when you’re wasted, and in a crowd of sweaty, hot mens the music should become a background to the experience in front of you. And it’s always a good experience — people are friendly, and cute and well dressed. It’s not a dark crowd, people are happy, and willing to chat. The bottom line is you’ll have a good time. We wouldn’t write it up if we weren’t sure of that!


Limited Ticktes $7/$10/15 Advanced Tickets, 10:00PM, The Bell House, 149 7th St. Brooklyn, NY.

Saturday 04.04.15

Party: Club BUTT

I love, love, love BUTT. Their original magazine was a window into a whole other gay world that I knew I wanted to be a part of one day, growing up in a far away land called Australia. A few years back when they asked me to write their New York Fag Map, I couldn’t have been more excited — it was a real honor. The BUTT crew haven’t done an event in NYC in a while, so it’s nice to see them back at it with the latest installment of Club Butt, which this time is happening at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn. Harry & JPEG [featured in GAYLETTER Issue 1] of Men’s Room Chicago will play a 5+ hour set of pounding Chicago house. Plus, plus, plus… Bushwick’s squelchy circuit benders [and GAYLETTER Issue 2 stars] Bottoms step out of the gutter and on to the stage with their expensive gear and cheap wigs.” The BUTT crew is also looking “for five perfect specimens of asshood to compete for the illustrious ‘Buns of Steel’ title.” If you think you have what it takes send your best belfie to

$15, 10:00PM, Secret Project Robot, 389 Melrose St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 04.03.15

Party: prettyugly friday 4.3

The super fun midtown party PrettyUgly is happening on Friday this week (it’s normally on Saturday). If you read GAYLETTER you probably already know about this party and have heard how amazing the venue is. Yes, it really is everything, it really is Beyoncé. I know some of you haven’t been able to attend because you can’t help yourself and go way too hard on Friday nights and by Saturday are fucking messes. I hear this excuse way too often on Saturdays because I know lots of people with no self control. This week you don’t have that excuse! I host this party regularly because I love seeing you guys drink my bottle of vodka without asking, ha ha, just kidding, it’s because it’s awesome and it’s worth the pain the next day. I am in a very strange mood today… I sound so old talking about hangovers and all that boring stuff, but you know hangovers are a sign that you are alive and doing something with your life in NYC. Join me, and a whole bunch of other sexy hosts and super easy random babes (who’ll probably fuck you if they came with their friend molly) for the best Friday night of your life. TGIF!

$10, 11:00PM, Diamond Horseshoe, 235 W. 46th St. NY, NY.


Tuesday 03.31.15

BABY TEA :: SAT 3/28

An event presented by Dauphine of Bushwick & Cafe Dancer