Thursday 12.18.14


All good parties in New York City eventually end. It happens, and if you live in NYC, you should know that sometimes it’s a good thing, because it makes space for a brand new party. I am definitely going to miss My Chiffon Is Wet. I went there lots of times and got wasted, danced, carried and did lots of other things that I don’t remember. This is how we described the party when we first wrote about it: “It’s its energy that makes My Chiffon Is Wet always a fun party to attend…wet chiffon, cheap drinks, dancing drag queens…what the fuck else could you ask for?” We still feel that way, and Leo Gugu is still a great host — she posted this on Instagram: “The moment is here!!! Thank you all for the love and support throughout the years. #mychiffoniswet is coming to a close this Thursday at #easternbloc! I am so blessed to have had so many wonderful nights with all of you!!!” The party is of course hosted by Paisley Dalton, Merrie Cherry and Leo herself. One last chance to get your pussy soaked!

FREE, 10:00PM, Eastern Bloc, 505 E 6th St. New York, NY.


Sunday 12.14.14

BABY TEA :: SAT.12/13

A new monthly with the Dauphine of Bushwick and Guest DJs. December featured DJs Yackez and Charlene and birthday gals Arantxa Araujo and Larissa Velez-Jackson

Thursday 12.11.14


This party has been going on for a while now, for 2 or 3 years maybe, I’m feeling too lazy to find this exact information at the moment. Whatever it’s just a party... I remember back in 2012 I described this party like this: “If you are into poppers, no pretense, great music and radical fairies, then this is the place for you.” I am not 100% sure if this is what the party is still about, but I am sure some of it might still be true. I mean poppers never go out of style. What I do know for a fact — yes I fact checked this information — is that this party is hosted by the adorable NathAnn Carrera (who’s also Djing, pictured) with Ass Troll Projections by Nicaross, plus visuals by Peter Burr. The party has moved to Brooklyn, which is great for them, because that’s where the party organizers live, but not for us that live in the city. This time around they are bringing a very special DJ, the legendary Miss Ana Matronic! The people organizing the party said that they’ve been “shouting and marching and working so hard” and that they “all need some loving right now...” This is true, we all do, so spread the love and go “bury yourself in a puddle of Woahmone.”

FREE, 9:00PM-2:00AM, TRADESMAN, 222 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 12.06.14

Party: Basel, Honey!

I’m not sure what you are going to be doing this Saturday, December 6th, but we are running away from the cold in NYC to host a party in Miami. Yes! Art Basel is full of homosexuals and everyone always ends up at the Twist (for those of you that don’t know it’s the trashiest and gayest place in South Beach — we love it!), but this year we’re giving the queers another place to go! We’re bringing them a party right in the heart of Wynwood.  We’re teaming up with a group of cool peeps including Kim Ann Foxman, Honey Soundsystem, Mystic Bill, Kodex Agency, Miami Eccentrics. It’s also hosted by Sal Esparza of Queen!, with an installation from San Francisco artist Phillip Fillastre.The event is hosted at this cool space The Social Lubricant, for some reason I find that to be a great name, I mean when you go to a party, you definitely want to be reminded of the use of lubricant, that’s like the sign of a promising night, trust me with my past experiences in Miami it would’ve been very helpful if I had a sex kit ready with me at all times. Come party with us, it’s Miami Art Basel 2014 bitches! Yasssssssssssss! Click here for tickets

$15-$30, 8:00pm–4:00pm, TSL Lounge, 167 NW 23rd St. Miami, Florida.


Meet Artist Phillip Fillastre of Corecult

phillip_James Buenavides_GAYLETTER

Corecult is a design installation cooperative based out of San Francisco that brings curatorial sensibilities to nightlife. With members from a variety of artistic and creative backgrounds Corecult bridges the divide between DIY rave aesthetics and the white walled galleries of the art world. Fresh off a series of Halloween parties, Phillip Fillastre spoke with us about the cooperative’s upcoming work for New Years at the new Gray Area creative space in SF and the their latest collaboration for the party Basel Honey!

Can you tell us a little bit about what Corecult does and how you got started? Jacob Sperber (Honey Soundsystem) and Jorge Portillo (Hard French) knew that I was a public school art teacher bored out of my damn skull and was looking for things to make. They were co-hosting Deviants — the Folsom Street Fair closing party — and they asked if I was interested in helping create visuals for the event. We weren’t working under one name at that point, but that was the first time I worked with Kate Nakamura who is still one of the most talented artists in our group. Jeff McMahan and Lionel Dulce started as friends who just wanted to help out but have been with me since I started. Colton Long started coming by to help out last-minute and has since moved up as a more permanent member of the group. James Buenavides is the latest addition. He keeps our shit organized, which is essential. Still, we wouldn’t be anywhere without Jacob Sperber. From that first Deviants party onward, Jacob has been our biggest background cheerleader. He’s the one party promoter and DJ in this city that gives a shit about telling a story, and he supports others who want to add their own chapter.

How do you fit in or not with the SF music scene? What kinds of events do you like to do? I was first exposed to what I considered to be “good” electronic music shortly after moving to the Bay Area. San Francisco is a lot of things, but it’s a big house music city. When I first moved here, I had the most fun I’d ever had in my life going out to alternative queer spaces like Honey Soundystem. Some were underground, some just under the radar, but all pretty heavily dominated by house and techno. We still operate primarily in those spaces today. I like to do events where we have a personal relationship with the promoter or a strong love of the talent. That’s when we go batshit and put in 400 person-hours in two weeks on top of working full-time jobs. We work really fucking hard when we’re excited about attending as much as creating.

What’s your process for conceptualizing what an installation design will look like? Recently, we’ve been in the habit of rolling a 36″x96″ piece of butcher paper out onto a table top and scribbling on that all night. We brainstorm some thematics that are important to us and will support the style of the talent then develop a list of elements we could possibly make. After more discussion we whittle those down into the best ideas. We spend a lot of time researching what’s happening elsewhere — from fashion shows to concerts to galleries — as we ideate.

What are you looking to put together for the Art Basel event? What’s the mood, feeling or look you’re going for? I am currently looking into repurposing existing elements to create new pieces reflecting our past work. Rather than create something totally new, I want to revitalize and fully-execute ideas that weren’t as complete as I would have liked them to be. I’m also looking forward to showing some photos of the past few years’ events. We’ve been working a lot with mirrored surfaces this year and I’d like to continue that theme in Miami. I don’t want to divulge too much — we like keeping our media presence minimal until the work goes up.

What’s your sign? I’m a Scorpio


How do you find your sign affecting the work that you do with CoreCult? I blame it for coming off as a total bitch over email.



Follow Phillip Fillastre on instagram @fillastradamus.

Monday 12.01.14


With Nicolas Ballinger, Paul Iacono, Abi Benitez, Paul Musial, Hari Nef, Ty Pike, Max Ryder, Drew Elliot, Adam Werner, Becka Diamond and many more...

Saturday 11.29.14


By today you’ll probably have had enough of hanging out with your family or maybe just sick of eating dry turkey and leftovers. Hopefully you’ll have made it back to New York City and you’re feeling great and ready to party with us — and of course ready to sweat all the turkey fat off! I know I am going to be super ready, I hate turkey anyways, I have been mentally preparing myself to host this party again, since the last time I don’t remember how I got home, it’s like I am 22 again! We told you about PrettyUgly weeks ago, but this is a very special edition, because we are all going to be in a very thankful mood, probably hugging and making out with each other. The last time I hosted my corner table was full of love, this time we are probably going to be all having sex with each other. Join hosts Mickey Boardman, Nicolas Ballinger, Mikey Ballinger, Paul Iacono, Ben McGuiggan, Paul Musial, Hari Nef, Ty Pike, Max Ryder, Adam Werner and Sebastian Z. Music will be provided by Becka Diamond, Erol Sabadosh and Tommy Hottpants. Expect super special surprise performances, you are going to gag.

$10, 11:00PM, DIAMOND HORSESHOE, Paramount Hotel, 235 WEST 46TH ST. NY, NY.


Saturday 11.22.14


The word ‘legendary’ is used loosely these days, even outside of the ball scene — I see it used in Facebook comments all time... It’s a very uplifting word, so I guess it’s OK to throw it around as long as it’s positive and it’s gonna make someone’s day. This party used to be called Iconic, but as I said above, it’s all about being Legendary these days.... Joey Labeija (who’s throwing the party, pictured) told me more about the night: “I started throwing the party mainly because I was bored with the music I was hearing out but also because I wanted to have a night where I could play with all of my favorite dj’s in a harmoniously orchestrated manner. The music is different every time, but you can expect to dance your ass off all night to anything from Dominican Dembow and Brazilian Baile Funk to Hardstyle, Hip Hop, Vogue…” Sounds Legendary! Joey is interested in diversity, we are talking about “ACTUAL thugs dancing next to pier queens, dancing next to little Latin boys in drag.” Yassss. His goal is for the party to feel like old New York, that’s the reason behind the name… “because my generation of 20-something-year-olds were too young to actually experience those legendary nights...”

$8-$10, 11:55PM, CAMEO GALLERY, 93 N6TH ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 11.15.14


Last Saturday Tom and I went to the new party PrettyUgly and we had a pretty fucking good time! We give it a BIG yasssssssss. We were greeted by Max Ryder, one of the hosts of the party and one of our favorite boys in New York — and of course star of our first issue of GAYLETTER. Then we ran into the cute young actor Paul Iacono who’s also hosting the party and they both gave us a tour of the amazing space called Diamond Horseshoe. We were very impressed by the structure of this place and the energy it carries, it felt like we were partying at Studio 54 — it’s massive and it has an interesting mysterious vibe. According to Paul Musial (another host of the party) what they are serving is “naughty Versailles in the hustle of Times Square.” Got it! Music for this week is provided by Becka Diamond, Tommy Hottpants and Valissa Yoe. The party is presented by Erich Conrad and Drew Elliott, plus additional hosts including Hari NefNicolas Ballinger, Mike Bailey-Gates, Ben McGuiggan, Ty Pike, Adam Werner, Sebastian Z and ME! Yes I liked the party so much that I asked them to be one of the hosts. Come say hi, I will be there drinking from a large bottle of vodka in a big table with lots of people….Paaaarteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

$10, 11:00PM, DIAMOND HORSESHOE, Paramount Hotel, 235 W 46th St. NY, NY.


Friday 11.14.14

Party: TARA

Our friend Tanner Cohen from the popular Twitter account White Girl Problems sent us a message to let us know about this weekly party at One Last Shag in Brooklyn. He tells us that the party is getting pretty popular and it’s “fucking so fun...” The party is presented by a group of boys called Dienasty — the title of the party changes each week just to confuse us. I guess it also keeps it fresh — this time it’s called Tara “as in Tara Reid, the title changes every week but is always the name of a fallen, failed, slutty celebrity goddess.” Here’s a very deep quote from this girl Tara Reid: “I can make a scene that’s not supposed to be sexy, very sexy. It’s a power you’re born with. It’s not a physical thing, it comes from inside. It’s all in the eyes.” Music for the night is by Dick Owens + SN4CKTYM who’ll be playing “‘90s, ‘00s, NOW, BEYOND, POP, HIP HOP, R & B etc…” I love all the new music genres that we are dealing with. The party has a backyard and it’s open late, #TGIF.

FREE, 10:00PM, ONE LAST SHAG, 348 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY.