Monday 09.22.14

An Evening With Friends

Hosted by Dave Hill, John Early and Michael Cavadias


Well, it’s Monday again, which means it’s back to the daily grind. The season is changing, the days are slowly getting shorter and, of course, the worst part, as I mentioned — it’s Monday. Lucky for you there’s a sure-fire way to get your week off to a good start. An Evening With Friends is a group therapy, talk show, variety show hybrid ready to bolster you up with giggles to last you at least until Wednesday at 3pm. Celebrated funny-men Dave Hill, John Early (they are going to be dueting Beyonce‘s track “irreplaceable”) and Michael Cavadias, who collectively have starred in the likes of 30 Rock and Girls, will host an evening of stand up, discussions, interviews and musical interludes at Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel.


Performers include comedians, actresses, writers and activists Janeane Garofalo, Amber Martin (she’s gonna be doing her insane character “dottie”), Jacqueline Novac and Daily Show co-creator, Lizz Winstead. Advance tickets are only $10, which is good since the Ace is a fancy place, and after the show Amber Martin will be DJing. So come on down for lots of laughs and a few drinks!


$10/$15, 8:00PM, Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel, 20 West 29st. NY, NY.

Sunday 09.21.14

Event: People’s Climate March

According to the dude who introduced the idea of climate change to the world, James Lovelock, we might be too late to do anything about the effects it’s having on the planet. James is famous for saying in a 2008 Guardian interview that we should just “enjoy ourselves” because in 20 years it might be all over. Forget about recycling and buying a Prius, according to him that’s not going to make a difference. The biggest polluters aren’t individuals they’re industrialists and governments. The only glimmer of hope he gave was that if we made drastic, massive changes right now, we might have a shot at slowing it down. Which is where this event comes in. This September “world leaders are coming to New York City for a historic summit on climate change.” No one thinks they’ll actually achieve anything...unless we force them to. This Sunday let your voice be heard. “Take to the streets to demand the world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet. A world safe from the ravages of climate change.” If you’ve had enough of these stupid polar vortexs’ and way too mild summers, then now is your chance to do something! So go do it god dammit!  

FREE, 11:30AM, Central Park West, between 65th and 86th New York, NY.


Shock and Awe

Watch the new Purple Crush video starring Drag Race winner Raja


It’s become something of an obligation for the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race to make a name for themselves in the music world once the cameras stop rolling. Fan favorites like Manila Luzon and Bianca Del Rio both appeared in recent vids, while Adore Delano, Jinkx Monsoon, and Alaska Thunderfuck have each released their own respective singles and albums — hell, even the patron saint of Drag Race Latrice Royale put on a performance with Jennifer Hudson at the Fashion Rocks event just last week. So it comes as no surprise to see Season 3 winner Raja turning it all the way out in Shock and Awe, the latest single from married electronic duo Purple Crush featuring both Raja and Josh Peace on vocals.


Set to a grinding guitar and stomping beat, the video for the Iconoclassic single is styled by Raja herself, who lends a typically fashion-forward look to the monochromatic clip. Filled with checkers, chunky platform sneakers, and some excellent, Leigh Bowery-esque face makeup, the video is worth watching for the gorgeous Drag Race alum alone (although there is a pretty great air guitar sequence, too).





Watch the clip for “Shock and Awe” below:

Saturday 09.20.14


It feels like the right time to bring back our world famous, legendary and racially diverse party INTERRACIAL. There’s a lovely, brand new bar in Williamsburg called Lovegun, and it’s in need of some interracial action. We went their last week for their official opening and it was super hot. If you’ve never been to INTERRACIAL, here’s what you need to do so you don’t look stupid or out of place — go through your Facebook and start contacting all your friends of different races, then invite them to the event — tell them that you really miss them and that you want to party with them. If you are white try to take a break from white people, you can talk to them of course, but keep it to a minimum… I mean we all know there will be lots of white people talking to each other because they’re hard to avoid, but it’s good to have a break. I sound like I’m not into white people, trust me I like them, hello! Interracial! Anyways, I can go on for hours about this topic... Tom and I created this party to try to bring some diversity to queer nightlife and because we love interracial sex. Tom Jackson is going to DJ at 10PM, then Sammy Jo will take over for the rest of the night. Our special host has not been confirmed, but that’s a good thing because it’s gonna be someone really special and we want to surprise you. Trust!

$5, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 09.19.14

Performance: Mighty Real – A Fabulous Sylvester Musical

OK, I saw this show Mighty Real: A Sylvester Musical last Thursday and I still have the title track spinning in my head. For those of you that don’t know, Sylvester was a drag icon from the disco days who sadly passed away from AIDS. Ms. Thing was fearless, ruling the club scene with hit after hit, getting her start on the stage with The Cockettes in San Francisco performing as Miss Ruby Blue. The musical immediately piqued my interest when I read that the original Broadway Dreamgirl Sheryl Lee Ralph was one of the co-producers. It’s non-stop music at a fever pitch for ninety minutes with no intermission, loosely telling the story of Sylvester’s life. The show stars Anthony Wayne as Sylvester and Anastacia McCleskey and Jacqueline B. Arnold as none other than the Weather Girls whose rendition of “It’s Raining Men” was everything! So take out that old sparkly top, do a light beat and head out to Mighty Real for a fierce ride on the soul train.

$25 - $84.50, 8:00PM, The Theatre at St. Clements, 423 W. 46th St. NY, NY.



Watch the evocative short film by Roman Stills


Dixieland is a style of jazz that developed in New Orleans in the beginning of the 20th century. Perhaps better known as New Orleans jazz, it’s a style influenced by ragtime, military brass bands, the blues, and gospel and that typically includes trumpet, clarinet, trombone, piano, string bass, drums, and banjo for free-flowing, collective improvisation done simultaneously by each player. The effect is energetic and staggering, and one of the Louisiana city’s most revered hallmarks in history. For Brooklyn-based director Roman Stills, the musical style is also the subject for his short film of the same name, a brief clip that explores the interplay between New Orleans and jazz and how that relationship has evolved over time.


Focusing on a male subject drenched in honey in the thickets of New Orleans while a warped ambient soundtrack with hints of jazz plays, Dixieland the film is an evocative, homoerotic, and starkly beautiful art film. Despite its short runtime, the film actually hones in on several topics at once, from the tension between subject and space to the lack of sequential logic. “I obscured sequential time in Dixieland to spotlight the intricate relationship between New Orleans and jazz across time, rather than a single period,” Stills explained in a press release. Even the presence of honey in the film is intentional. “Honey never goes bad,” the director explains. “[It] seemingly exists in its own time code.” It’s a gorgeous, enigmatic film that’s definitely worth taking a look at.


See Dixieland for yourself below:


Thursday 09.18.14

Party: Pat – Eleven

I always wondered if they named this Brooklyn party after the mid 90s, ambiguously gendered SNL character of the same name. I guess I could ask Amber Valentine and JD Samson (the party’s creators), but I don’t really care that much and I’d prefer to just think my theory is correct. None of what I just said has much to do with the party, or what it’s about, so let me get to that. Pat is one of the best parties in BK. It’s a pretty simple concept, expect music by Mike Simonetti, Sparber, JD Samson, Amber Valentine, Robi D Light and Briii Belukha. There’s two rooms, tasty tacos on sale in the garden, and all-night drink specials. Best of all it’s free! Not the tacos, or the drinks, but entry. Which is not half bad. Dance floor pat-downs are also encouraged.

FREE, 10:00PM, Union Pool, 484 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY.


11 Questions with Paul Jasmin

Zane and Will, Hot Desert Springs, 2006_GAYLETTER

The Los Angeles based photographer has a show in New York City tittled An L.A. Sort of Place that’s now on view at Casa de Costa until October 23rd. This body of work captures “Jasmin’s dreamy and sensuous vision of Los Angeles in an extensive collection of new and vintage prints. The show includes landscapes from Jasmin’s “city of dreams” shown alongside his romantic portraits of young Hollywood stars.” We are fans of his work, so we decided to reach out and ask him a couple questions, and of course show you a preview of what’s on view — Have a look at those dreamy boys and gorgeous breasts… Do yourself a favor and go see the exhibition before it closes.



What specific to LA do you like about working and living there? It’s really all about the weather.



Do you prefer location shoots to studio work and why? A great location, for too many reasons to explain.



Do you shoot digital or film? Both.



What type of camera do you use? For Digital: A Canon Mark 2 / For film: A Contact 645.



What photographer’s had the most influence on your work? Brassaï.



What’s your favorite city? It could be LA ;)



How do you convince your subjects to take their tops off? I say “take your top off.”



How does your new work differ from your earliest work? It’s newer.



Where are you the happiest? In bed.



Who do you despise? Really boring fucking people.



What will you be doing on this day in 10 years? Dead.



Paul Jasmin's Home, Los Angeles, 2009_GAYLETTERPaul Jasmin’s Home, Los Angeles, 2009.


Natalie, Los Angeles, 2009_GAYLETTERNatalie, Los Angeles, 2009.


Josh, Ojai, CA, 2000_GAYLETTERJosh, Ojai, CA, 2000. 


Jason, Los Angeles, 2007_GAYLETTERJason, Los Angeles, 2007.


Jason, LA, 2007_GAYLETTERJason, LA, 2007.


Haddawy Home, Los Angeles, 2006_GAYLETTERHaddawy Home, Los Angeles, 2006.


Clint, Charolette and Oliver, Big Bear,CA, 1998_GAYLETTERClint, Charolette and Oliver, Big Bear,CA, 1998.


Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, 2008_GAYLETTERChateau Marmont, Los Angeles, 2008.


Carver, Bellport, NY_GAYLETTERCarver, Bellport, NY.


Brett, LA, 2009_GAYLETTERBrett, LA, 2009.


Brett, LA, 2009 (1)_GAYLETTERBrett, LA, 2009.


Ben, Los Angeles, 2003_GAYLETTERBen, Los Angeles, 2003.


Ben, LA, 2003_GAYLETTERBen, LA, 2003.


Audi, Hollywood, CA, 1989_GAYLETTERAudi, Hollywood, CA, 1989.


Ben and Matt, Sun Valley, 2005_GAYLETTERBen and Matt, Sun Valley, 2005.





Wednesday 09.17.14


This must-see performance is happening on the opening night of the Queer New York International Arts Festival which returns to Abrons Art Center for the third year. The goal of the festival has been to bring diverse and provocative queer performances from around the world and to broaden “the traditional concept of “queer” (in) art, challenging perceptions about what queer is — and can be.” Each year we try to see as many performances as we can because there’s a lot of good stuff. I met with the curator last week and he told me that this performance is extra special. The two part performance, Confusions, is brought to us by a “highly innovative” Croatian theater director, Branko Brezovec and is going to be the first time that it’s been performed in the States. “Confusions was conceived as a radical theatre experiment...The novel follows the vicissitudes of young military school student Törless, whose confused moral complicity with his classmates, via brutality such as torture and rape, reveal the dark side of homoerotic relationships.” Sounds heavy right? Well I am not going to add anything else because you should go and experience it for yourself. Go and see this and many others from this amazing festival — you’ll be tweeting us “Thank You” soon.

FREE ($10-15 suggested donation), 9:00PM, ABRONS ART CENTER, 466 Grand St. NY, NY.


Tuesday 09.16.14


A night of freaks and oddities...


Expect some weird magic tonight at Friends and Lovers. The queer Brooklyn venue hosts Culture Whore’s Bi-Monthly (and far more than bi-curious) “freak circus” bringing all sorts of strange and enchanted creatures to 641 Classon. Hold on tight but don’t be scared, this month’s edition melds the usual party-til-late mentality with a more performance-based showcase to comfort the nerves of those unwilling to get the club turnt up on a Tuesday.


If you want to let your freak flag fly and maybe find some likeminded strangers Sideshow is the place to be. Mark Dommu, half of the founding duo of The Culture Whore wrote us “this month we have more freak than ever: drag darlings Lucy Balls (pictured), Madame Vivien V and Momo Shade; synth mistress Louvel; up-and-coming rap sensation Dick Van Dick; experimental dancer Tyler Ashley; and performance art from The Culture Whores themselves, Boywolf and myself. David Sokolowski will be playing weird grooves all night so you can let loose on the floor between shows…” Come experience a miracle, feel the magic and revel in the drag of it all because who needs to wait ’til hump day to see some freaky shit on a stage.


$10, 9:00PM, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Ave. Brooklyn, NY.