Tuesday 08.12.14

New Music: Klo


Being an Australian in New York means I have my feet planted in the cultural worlds of two countries (I’m so cool, I know). This is most useful for when I want to act like a dick and be one step ahead of Americans when it comes to awesome Aussie cultural imports: “Ja’mie? Sure it’s funny but you should really see We Can Be Heroes, that’s by far Chris Lilleys best show.”


It’s not often I get to do this when it comes to music (sorry Australia), however recently I discovered an addictive new musical duo named Klo who herald from my hometown of Melbourne. They’re so new that they only have two songs on their Soundcloud. Make Me Wonder, the song below, is my favorite. It’s a soft and smoked out song that seems to float from note to note — and I’ve had it on repeat for the last 20 mins.


Klo is the project of Melbourne-based cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam (also of Ill’s). I’m sure they’ll be touring here any day now, at which point you’ll be able to say to friends with an air of contempt “Oh yeah I heard them like 3 months ago, you just discovered them?? Weird.”


Monday 08.11.14

The Week 8/11–8/17

A guide for artsluts


So the supermoon happened. If you’re like us you may have been seen in the corner of a party chanting to the gods, bought way too many croptops at a thrift store and worked through two whole bottles of poppers. Anyway we’ve had some visions and we can literally kinda declare that life is really amazing right now.
♥Mark & Paul


Enjoy Babi Audi’s PETIT CORE MIXTAPE as you read.





BLUE MONDAY @ BABY’S ALL RIGHT (146 BROADWAY) Her majesty Princess Nokia gets live with three new songs, plus tracks from her last album, following performances by Regular Fantasy and J. Albert at this gig hosted by Waverly Mandel. 9PM, FREE WITH RSVP!


RYAN RAFTERY IS THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN FASHION @ JOE’S PUB (425 LAFAYETTE ST) Through popular music, performance, and maybe a bit of creative license, Ryan Rafferty imagines a day in Anna Wintour’s life as she waits to be fired over that infamous Kimye cover. 9:30PM, $20.


HOT FRUIT @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST) Our girl Cheno joins Andy Pandy, Momo Shade, and Danny DeVero for midnight shows accompanied by Ethan Weinstock’s trippy video art and featuring sexy giveaways from The Pleasure Chest New York. 10PM, FREE!


BATHSALTS @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE) Tonight is TaranTINA at Bathsalts, and with no Bill in sight Macy and Mame will try to kill each other, or maybe the audience, or maybe themselves in tonight’s bloody hot mess. 11PM, FREE!





DRINK N DRAW @ THIS N’ THAT (108 N 6TH ST) Because drunken experiments never get old, This N That is taking you back to art school with models and cheap drinks for you to flex your drawing skills. All skill levels are welcome, but there is a one drink minimum before you get sketching. Our favorite body queen Rify Royalty is the evening’s model. 7:30PM, FREE!


ON TOP @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH ST) Christopher Lee Suavé hosts Tuesday night’s Summer of Madmaus with appearances by the usuals, stunning drag, and really expensive drinks. 11PM, FREE!





MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE AVE) The Spectrum screens Liquid Sky at 10 for you to get your aliens, sex, twins and androgynous babes fix in their monthly movie series all about queer lives on celluloid. 9PM, $5–$10 DONATION.


NSFW @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER ST) The dirtiest Wednesday party is at Metro featuring beats by Jessamess and Matty Beats and video art by Rebecca Curry. Come for the drinks served up by Leslie Van Stelten and Erica Kenia and stay to get down. 10PM, FREE!


IN MEMORIAM @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN AVE) Ms. Amber Alert has unfortunately passed… elsewhere, so we mourn her tonight with services served by her dear friends Severely Mame, Macy Rodman, Charlene, mourning lover Tyler Wallach, and more. Come and pay your respects to our dearly departed. 11PM, FREE!



Watch Zebra Katz’s new video “1 BAD BITCH”!





CALENDAR GIRLS @ THIS N’ THAT (108 N 6TH ST) We went to this party for the first time last month and girls, it is one of our favorite drag shows in Brooklyn. Untitled Queen and Lucy Balls host this night of shows and hot tracks in honor of Senior Citizens day, because apparently you can teach an old drag how to trick. Amber Alert joins them as the night’s special guest. Jessamess spins and Freddy Ornandez serves up sexy cocktails. 10PM, FREE!





NIGHT GARDENER @ BGSQD (83A HESTER ST) New York enigma Gio Black Peter unveils satirical and fantastical new artwork of the drawing and painting variety, followed by a midnight performance of his new experimental theatrical work, The Longest Night of the Year featuring Gage of the Boone, Max Steele and others. 10PM, FREE!


WITCH CAMP @ NOWHERE BAR (322 E 14TH ST) Amber Martin and Nath Ann Carrera spin classic vinyl sets for you to get down to at this very cute Manhattan bar. 10PM, FREE!


SKITTLES @ HAPPYFUN HIDEAWAY (1211 MYRTLE AVE) David John Sokolowski and Merrie “Poppin” Cherry have joined forces to add a little rainbow to your life every 3rd Friday at one of the chillest bars in Bushwick. If you only leave your house for margaritas by Horrorchata, sexually confused Bushwick boys and complimentary skittles, then Friday night is the night for you. 10PM, FREE!





DADS DISCO OUTPOST @ OPEN HOUSE (244 E HOUSTON ST) Come see your favorite DADS, our beloved boys of Teen Commandments, spin deep tracks and make you dance with hitherto unknown frequencies of the electronic spectrum because they’re DADS and that’s what they do. They’ll be joined by Kate Garvey, spinning tropical house and booty-shaking disco. 10PM, FREE!


OVA THE RAINBOW @ THE SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE AVE) The Spectrum gives us another complicated theme with WOODGRAIN, that wooden grain found on wood, so turn out all your arboreous accoutrements for discounted entry and see performances by Gage of the Boone and Dirty Churches. 10PM, FREE BEFORE MIDNIGHT/$5 TILL 1AM/ $10 AFTER.





OBJECT PERMANENCE @ EASTERN BLOC (505 E 6TH ST) Parties based on what we learned in intro psych are cool and Eastern Bloc is also cool so come hear One-half NelSon and DJ William Francis spin at this evening hosted by Sloan Morgan and bartended by Jeff Chatterton. 11PM, FREE!









Sunday 08.10.14

Event: Baauer & Boys Noize

We told you to go to the new Governors Island when it opened in spring, but if you’re like us (busy, lazy, name your excuse) then you’ve probably failed to get over there, which is a shame because from what we hear it’s awesome (if not a bit overrun with families and tourists.) Well this Sunday, we really have no excuse. There’s an electronic music event happening at the Governors Beach Club featuring some wonderful performers: Baauer, Boys Noize, L-Vis 1990, Le1f (DJ Set), Pilo, Samo Sound Boy and Spank Rock. What’s even better, since it’s a special 18+ event, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into any families or tourists (OK, maybe a couple of tourists, but they’ll be cool tourists, trust). It goes from 4:00PM-12:00AM — rain or shine. Hopefully it will rain; molly, music and a bunch of wet noizey boys on an urban island sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

$40, 4:00pm-12:00am, Governors Beach Club, Governors Island NY, NY.


Saturday 08.09.14


I don’t remember the last time I did a detox, the past winter was just too rough for me to go for more than 3 days without a drink and I don’t detox during the summer — I am Dominican, I like drinking when it’s hot out. This event is perfect for me as I only need to detox for one morning, and the best part is that I’ll get to retox after. Nick Potenzieri is a yoga instructor that I’ve seen a few times out and about, so I am always in the loop of what he’s doing (at least he always sends me invites on Facebook ;). He’s putting together this event with his friend Steph Fieger Klein. He told me that it came together very naturally. “I have recently started teaching Pop Yoga classes around NYC, in Fire Island and Ptown. Stephanie and I have been long time friends and would often go try different classes around NYC... After we would go back to her place in Queens where she would make us some healthy post-class food...It just seemed right that we should share what made us feel good with others.” You should arrive at 9:00AM for “pre-yoga refreshers” followed by yoga on the East River at 9:20AM, then you’ll end with a healthy brunch and a chance to retox with a seasonal cocktail that they are calling “Summer in a Glass.” It’s like a mini-detox, I love it!

$40 for class & brunch, Email FOR MORE DETAILS AND to rSVP: MR.YOGA@GMAIL.COM


Friday 08.08.14

The Dog

New doco explores the real life of a queer man who robbed a bank to buy his girlfriend a sex change operation.


The story is so wild Al Pacino made a movie about it (Dog Day Afternoon 1975). Directed by Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren The Dog tells the story of John Wojtowicz, a man who attempted to rob a Chase bank in Brooklyn in 1972 in order to buy his girlfriend, Liz Eden, gender-reassignment surgery (she was a trans woman). The robbery lead to a 14-hour siege that made international headlines, and a long jail sentence for John. 


As John says in the trailer below, he’s a true romantic. What lead him to making, what he considered to be, the ultimate romantic gesture — robbing a bank so his girlfriend could become the woman on the outside that she was on the inside — is explored in-depth in this film that was shot over 10 years. Using old news footage of the robbery, along with 10 years of interviews with John, and also interviews with many of the leaders of the gay liberation movement at the time, The Dog is a fascinating film.


John was a true pioneer of the gay rights movement. He loved sex and was unabashed in his desires for men, once even making out with a cop on the street after he called him a “faggot.” Way before same-sex marriage was even discussed in the media, John helped organize one of the earliest marriage equality protests and he was an active member of the Gay Activists Alliance. But more than anything he was, and is, a great storyteller, something this film brilliantly illustrates.


If you’re looking for a unique movie to see this weekend, then The Dog is it. It’s one of the strangest tales ever told, but wonderfully entertaining.


So when is someone going to rob a bank for me!?


In theaters today and iTunes August 15


Film: What Now? Remind Me

There is an amazing film opening at Lincoln Center this Friday, What Now? Remind Me. It’s a compelling documentary by Portuguese director Joaquim Pinto that coincides with the first U.S. retrospective of his work at Lincoln Center, aptly titled A Life Less Ordinary: The Films of Joaquim Pinto. I was spellbound by this moving story of a man of a certain age, Pinto, who turns the camera on himself and his adoring (and super sexy) husband Nuno as he navigates a year of an experimental clinical drug trial to treat his infection with HIV (that has lasted some twenty years). “Although the film doesn’t flinch at describing the pain and despair of chronic illness it remains above all a testament to the joys of a fully lived life and to the inseparability of art and life.” I was equally empowered by this film as I was after viewing Derek Jarman’s Blue, which deals with similar subject material and was released some twenty years prior. I soon learned during Pinto’s lament in the film about his friend’s lost to AIDS that Jarman was one of them. You are in the hands of a truly  gifted filmmaker in this superbly crafted documentary. While it may deal with impending doom it breathes life into almost every frame.  

$13, Various Times, Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, 144 W. 65th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 08.07.14

Party time: Artisanal Poppers


David Orton and Nick Schiarizzi are two lovely friends of mine who as DJs (Nick at the CHERYL parties, David at the Mormon Church Dances parties) had begun to feel a little boxed in by what they were expected to play. Music at most big parties can be a little…monotonous. You know, just beats, no lyrics, it’s like one loooong song is being played the whole night. Which is fine if you’re on drugs and you want to dance for six hours straight, but otherwise it can get a little tedious. So anyway, they decided to create a party where they could play whatever the hell they liked. Something laidback, easy.


So what else should you expect from the event? Well, first there’s no cover, second your obviously encouraged to bring poppers (make sure they’re artisanal — perhaps cedar wood and Peruvian mint flavored), and lastly, the music, most importantly, is going to be fun. This place is always full of cute boys and a surprising number of lesbians. They also serve frozen margaritas in a bunch of different flavors, which really seals the deal for me. That’s about it. Hope to see you there! —TOM


No cover, 11pm to 4am, Friday August 8, One Last Shag, 348 Franklin Ave, Bk, NY.

Party: T.B.A – The Royal Birthday Edition

The birthday boy Rify Royalty (who’s hosting this party to celebrate) stopped me in the East Village a few weeks ago while he was riding his bike (and I was holding mine about to walk into a bank) to tell me about this party. He told me how fun it was going to be. I was so hungover that I barely remember what he said… The one thing I recalled was that he said the word ‘fun’ a couple of times, so that’s good. For those of you who don’t know Rify, he considers his performance style a “mixture of Boylesque, drag and performance art.” I have seen him dancing and he can sure shake his ass. I have also never seen him wear a shirt, so that’s cool. This is the 4th installment of T.B.A., it’s “The Royal Birthday Edition” and it’s gonna be filled with “slutty burlesque, banjee drag queens, live singing, and a bunch of other weirdos...” The T.B.A. family includes Merrie Cherry (who’s gonna DJ), Boy Georgia, Charlene, Aja, Sparkles and Rify himself. I heard that Rify wants a Fleet enema for his Birthday (classy) — it looks like he’s been having a busy summer!

$5, 10:00PM, Bizarre Bushwick, 12 Jefferson st. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 08.06.14

Man At Bath

François Sagat-starring 2010 drama now available on DVD


Christophe Honoré’s 2010 film Man At Bath takes its name from an 1884 oil painting by French Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte. In the painting, a man stands, back turned to the viewer, drying his naked body with a towel. It is both intimate and appealing, setting up a duality between the masculinity of the subject and the vulnerability of seeing him so exposed. Honoré aims for a similar relationship in his film’s titular homme au bain: gay porn titan François Sagat’s Emmanuel is gruff and stony, an oft-naked hustler who pushes the limits too far with his boyfriend Omar (Omar Ben Sellem) and winds up ruining the relationship for good. With Omar abroad in New York, Emmanuel is left to look after himself, an experience that shows us just how at odds our initial perception of him (beautiful, sculpted, impenetrable) is with the man’s true nature (dejected, humiliated, alone). The film bounces between Omar and Emmanuel’s separate adventures, as the former traipses around Manhattan with a handicam and an actress friend (the always delightful Chiara Mastroianni) while the latter struggles finding enough johns just to keep him financially afloat.


Man At Bath isn’t without its faults. The Omar sequences often feel inessential to the story being told, perhaps as a result of Honoré blending documentary and fiction by using actual footage he shot while promoting a film in New York and merging them with Omar’s fling with a Canadian student. François Sagat, however, starring here in his second serious lead role, is formidable. There’s no question that he films well, and Honoré takes great measures to make us fully understand Sagat’s appeal (as if we needed convincing to begin with). But what makes this role more surprising is the emotional depths Sagat is capable of conveying in one hard, expressionless look, the understanding that this man has experienced things that we can’t begin to fathom. Man At Bath may be about the nuances and eventual collapse of a relationship, but seen through this lens, it’s also one very obviously biased toward its namesake.


Man At Bath is available on DVD today. Watch the trailer below:


Event: Naked Geometry

I was always so terrible at math. In 8th grade I asked my grandma to mentor me (she was a math genius who went to college aged 15). She tried her best, but I just couldn’t get it. If only math classes were as interesting, and illustrative, as what they’re doing at the National Museum of Mathematics. “Using animations, digital pictures, and sculptures, mathematician and award-winning artist Mike Naylor will share his techniques for making cool shapes from human bodies and using them to explore creative mathematical ideas. Frieze patterns, polygons, polyhedra, connected graphs, fractals, and tessellations will be created using only hands, arms, legs, and torsos, allowing everyone to physically become a part of mathematics.” If only they’d offered this in highschool I might have actually made it past 8th grade math. I wonder if they’ll be demonstrating the “69,” I’ve have had some practise with that shape (my grandma would be so proud lol). Email to reserve a space.

FREE, 6:00PM, National Museum of Mathematics, 11 East 26th St. NY, NY.