Sunday 10.12.14

THE WEEK 9/14-9/19

A guide for artsluts

David Rappeneau_GAYLETTER

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh – erotic nightmares beyond any measure, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Can’t you just see it? Don’t dream it, be it.”


Woosh this week is filled to the brim with turn ups, turn downs and faerrie go rounds! We challenge you to go out as much as you can while still staying on top of those art projects and relationships you’ve been cultivating. We’re especially pumped to be hosting Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain on Sat, the last one was one of the best parties we’ve been to all year. Of course we’re working hard to prepare for ROCKY HORROR SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS next week, get your discount $10 ticket now so that you don’t have to pay $15 at the door

♡Mark & Paul♡


Enjoy Thugfucker’s “ROBOT HEART – BURNING MAN 2014” mix as you read.





BODYACHE @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Charlene offers therapy to those who need it most (ie: the people of Brooklyn) through drag and drink tickets. JX Cannon does something similar with and airhorn sample. 10PM, FREE!


KITTY @ TANDEM (236 TROUTMAN) This week KITTY pays homage to Genesis P-Orridge. Jrk Prty will be playing music to get your gristle throbbing, and Cher Noble and SSPS will be thee entertainment ov thee nighte. Come early to get crafty. 11PM, FREE!


WESTGAY @ THE WESTWAY (75 CLARKSON ST) LaGanja Estanga takes the stage at the Westway for a hot boxed edition of Westgay. Come stoned, leave inexplicably, but very personally, come for. 10PM, $10.


ON TOP @ LE BAIN (444 W 13TH ST) A good run, but it’s time to retire On Top for the fall. Susanne Bartsch has saved the last dance for you. ‘How many free drinks can you get?’ contest in effect all night. 11PM, FREE!


GAY VINYL @ HOME SWEET HOME (131 CHRYSTIE ST) Cakes Da Killa’s birthday party has nasty beats, looks galore, cheap drinks, and hopefully, actual cake. 11PM, FREE!





BEARDED LADY WEDNESDAYS @ GYM BAR (167 8TH AVE) Mark Dommu and Will Sheridan invite you to watch AHS Freakshow with them; we know you don’t have cable, and avoiding facebook (b/c: spoilers) until it’s on netflix is not going to work out at all.Trivia, drinks, freaks, and fun. 8PM, FREE!


SEVERELY MAME’S FREAKSHOW @ DON PEDRO (90 MANHATTAN) Mame has been collecting her menagerie of freaks for sometime, and would like to show you what they are capable of. Watch the episode, then stick around for shows. 9PM, FREE!


SHELTERING SKY @ MCCARREN HOTEL (160 N 12TH) Heated Rooftop and DJs, a good place to chill; perfect for a pregame, or a turn down. 9PM, FREE!


MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT @ SPECTRUM (59 MONTROSE) Vegas in Space: THIS ONE’S PRETTY WILD. A drag fantasy made over the course of 9 years, written by and starring Doris Fish… A spaceship of men gets called on a mission to save the planet CLITORIS…. but to do so they must change gender and become women. 10PM, $5-10 SUGGESTED.


MEOW MIXX: HELL CATS @ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON) Crimson Kitty is joined by Rebecca Glasscock  for a feline frenzy of burlesque, drag, dance, and general bacchanalian splendors. Amazing shows at this party, protip.10 PM, $5-$15 SUGGESTED.


MISSTER @ THE WOODS (48 S 4TH) MISSTER is for dancing, cruising, boozing, meeting up with friends, meeting new friends, making out, and whatever else you wanna do on a weds night in a bar full of cute gay people. Amber Valentine and Bonnie Danger moving you all night. 10PM, FREE!


NSFW @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) After your AHS viewing party, dance away all those feelings you don’t want. Music by Jessamess and Matty Beat, bar by true sweethearts. 10PM, FREE!


TRUTH OR BARE @ TNT (108 N 6TH) Brooklyn’s favorite problem child, Lady Simon, is ready to tell you who’s who and what’s what, and why that is. Scarlet Envy will be asking her the real T, this is seriously going to be a shit show.11:30 PM, FREE!








CASA SUSANNA @ WRIGHT (980 MADISON AVE) A preview of collection featuring 340 photographs from Casa Susanna, a resort that embraced the exploration of gender roles during the mid-1950s and early 1960s. Visually striking and intimate, the images capture men playing the roles of many different female stereotypes including the femme fatale, the matron and the proper lady. From doing ordinary household chores to posing for the lens, these candid images reveal a distinct place in time—a world once forgotten. 6PM, FREE!


ALOTA STUFF! @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) Alota McGriddles and Torgy Thor have raided the closet of Milk, to bring you a halloween/drag/fabulous clothing auction. Bring some bills, because the clothes are amazing, and surprisingly cheap. 8PM, FREE!


STARLITE @ FRIENDS AND LOVERS (641 CLASSON AVE) Music by DJs Amber Martin and fernanDITO. 9PM, FREE!


DRAGNET @ METROPOLITAN (559 LORIMER) 10PM, Halloween is almost here, and Merrie Cherry can’t wait to celebrate, so she’s not going to. Come to Metro for blood, guts, ghouls, ghosts, and witching hour shows by Crimson Kitty, Kimchi, Lady Bearica Andrews, Momo Shade, and Louvel. 10PM, FREE!


HOODLOVE @ PROJECT PARLOR (742 MYRTLE AVE) Sexy beats by J Lamar all night, plus drink specials and cuties! 10PM, FREE!


STRAIGHT ACTING @TNT (108 N 6TH) Masc4same, No Fats, No Fems. Rify Royalty woofs up a group of sissies and fags. Mark Dommu, Apathy Angel, and Manifestany Squirtz perform, with a slew of other boys to fave, and maybe even some to report. Trey LaTrash will be moderating the action from the DJ booth at this sex-positive party. 10:30PM, FREE!



FRIDAY 10/17


COMMUNITY DISCUSSION @ GLOBE (301 GROVE) Long time Bushwick residents who are working-class, of color, and LGBTQ face violence at the intersection of trans/homophobia, gentrification and police violence on a daily basis. This event will be geared to finding community solutions for fighting multiple and simultaneous oppression. A round table discussion will be held. 6PM, FREE!


WHITE DIAMONDS@ BIZARRE (12 JEFFERSON) Don your favorite fetish attire (Gay apparel) for Jessamess’ monthly champagne dance party! Work out your kinks to the sounds of Trey LaTrash, Jerk Party, and Ms. Mess herself. 10PM, FREE!


SKITTLES @ HAPPY FUN HIDEAWAY Merrie Cherry and David Sokolowski will be chilling at Happy Fun playing music, and eating candy; you’re more than welcome to join. 10PM, FREE!


GIRLS @ LOVEGUN (617 GRAND) If you don’t know what it is, you should definitely go. Music, people, drinks, dance: a textbook Friday rage. 10PM, $5 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/ $10 AFTER.


MOTIVATIONAL NYC @ TRANS PECOS (915 WYCKOFF AVE) The motivation Tour stops in New York, with music by Abdu Ali, Schwarz, Byrell the Great, Kilbourne, and Fluct. It’s all presented by Whatever 21, so expect lots of streetwear-clad babes. MIDNIGHT, $7.





BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST @ LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVES (484 14TH) A DIY event offering self-identified black lesbians a space to sell, share, or trade zines, chapbooks, posters, art, pamphlets, small press books or any other forms of handmade or DIY print based items. 11AM, FREE!


DEBORAH COCKS @ ONE LAST SHAG (348 FRANKLIN) COME ON OVER children! We know exactly WHAT A GIRL WANTS here at Deborah Cocks! To get DIRRTY to late 90′s early 2000′s dance music. I TURN TO YOU to come get wasted and feel your most BEAUTIFUL! Special guest performer Elizabeth James giving you SHOW, Mikey Pop serving all your DJ Y2K realness!!! Shain Pop will be running around hosting, being BIONIC, being a FIGHTER, and most likely being really drunk! 10PM, FREE!


THE BUNKER @ OUTPUT (74 WYTHE AVE) Our favorite mixed party is bringing you its second edition this month YAY! The music is always incredible and the crowd is surprisingly chill… this rage is truly all about the music. Queer homies Wrecked, will be holding down the faggotry in the Panther Room with Tad Haes from Occupy The Disco and Virginia from Berlin. The man room promises to fill your techno desires and launch you towards transcendence. 10PM, $15-20 ADVANCE, $30 DOOR.


KUNST @ VERBOTEN (54 N 11TH) Cazwell and Pictureplane want to come get KUNSTY with you! A shitload of hosts, and a shitload of people, and a shitload of sounds make for a party that is anything but shit. 11PM, $20.


HOLY MOUNTAIN @ SLAKE (251 W 30TH) This Party is loaded. Juliana Huxtable & LE1F, La’fem Ladosha, Hari Nef, DiCap, Honey Dijon, Gayletter, Ryan Burke and 4X more hosts and DJs. Performances by Rye Rye and a secret guest. Ladyfag might have actually outdone herself, because Culture Whore will be casting spells in the Obsidian Room. THIS. IS. MAYA. 11PM, $10 BEFORE 1AM/ $15 AFTER.


HEY QUEEN @ LITTLEFIELD (622 DEGRAW) THE LAST HEY QUEEN. What a long strange trip it’s been, but all good things must come to an end. Join the Hey Queen family for their farewell bash, reunite with old friends, make some new ones, and celebrate every kind of queen on the spectrum. 10PM, $5 BFORE 11/ $7 BEFORE MIDNIGHT/ $10 AFTER.



SUNDAY 10/19


SWEET DARKNESS & THE PLOT TO DESTROY EARTH @ 126 GRATTAN ST A reading of a backyard space odyssey drawn from the best of 60′s sci-fi and contemporary roommate comedies. Sweet and Dark are two roommates on opposing ends of the 20-something experience, whose relationship gets even more complicated with the purchase of a boyfriend-bot and the crash-landing of two gay aliens. 4PM, FREE!


ALICE @ SLIPPER ROOM (167 ORCHARD ST) ALICE has been working hard letting out the waistline on the trousers of perception and raising the hemline of reality. Expect stunning acrobatics, incredible musicians, the finest performance artists and the more curiously talented of their ilk. With Performances by:Rob Roth with Amber Martin, Jonathan Nosan, Amanda Topaz, Trixie Little, Poison Eve, Nicholas Gorham, Crista Marie Jackson, The Maine Attraction and more TBA9:30 PM, $10 ADVANCE/ $20 DOOR.


Saturday 10.11.14


Gio Black Peter is inviting us all to come with him to hell and this time he seems very serious about it — with an exhibition titled See You in Hell that opens this Saturday at 7:00PM at the Bureau of General Services  — Queer Division. The exhibition will showcase some of Gio’s paintings and drawings including his series of paintings on NYC subway maps. Gio told me over a very intimate Facebook chat how it all came about: “It all started with the idea that the life of art depends on the viewer’s willingness to suspend his or her rational thoughts and play into the believability of lies and realistic falsehoods." Expect a live performance by Gio (of course his peen will be on display) The Morning Star, Max Steele, Brian Kenny, Jordan Hall, Tyler Stone, Lady Simon, Gordon Beeferman and more. We heard that Gio will be at the Bureau every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday working on new art for the duration of the show, feel free to go there and say hi — he’ll love it, we promise!

FREE, 7:00pm-10:00pm, BGSQD AT The Center, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 NY, NY.




Last Tuesday I visited NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE, a fascinating project generated by Michael Stipe in collaboration with NYU students, faculty, and guest artists. 80WSE‘s gallery has been transformed into a constantly changing laboratory where Stipe keeps a studio in part of the galleries for the duration of his residency, and the rest of the space teems with images projected on the walls and floor. Based on the concept of aggregation, the images when I visited had been curated by Stipe and spanned a fantastic range from historical to abstract. Corbis stock photos of President Nixon and his alleged gay lover reverberated against idyllic seaside photos and grid based models of human bodies. You can peek into Stipe’s studio through gaps in the wood walls that separate it from the rest of the space, and will be treated to a view into the backstage of artistic production. An issue of the New York Times encased in plexiglass mingles with a carton of water, a pair of German army trainers, and a bronze cassette replica.

You can visit the gallery Tuesday – Saturday from 10:30AM – 6:00PM, but you may want to schedule your visit to coincide with a special happening that will occur this weekend. On Saturday, October 11th, the projections will be curated by NYU undergraduate David Muñoz with help by fellow classmates Christina Blue, Jongyoon Choi, Ira Dae Young Kim, Daniel Mock and Serina Wei; and from 4:00PM – 6:00PM will be accompanied by music from Taul Paul and Cazwell. I’ve been assured that the afternoon happening is not be missed, and that a special surprise is in store!

Friday 10.10.14

Art: Stevie Nicks’ 24 K Gold

OK, so I have three words for you: Stevie Nicks, selfies. OMG! The witchiest of all the witches, the queen of coke, the lover of lace, the one-and-only Stevie Nicks was taking selfies waaaaaaaaaaaay before they were even called that, and now they’re on display for the whole world to see (and I presume, purchase?). I’ll let Stevie fill you in on the details of the art work: “All portraits were taken in the wee hours of the night, both at home and on tour, using Polaroid cameras. I wanted to learn how to become a photographer. I was the stylist, the makeup artist, the furniture mover, the lighting director — it was my joy. I was the model.” Yes you were cunt, who needs all that shit when you’re Stevie Nicks? Bitch’s drivers license photo probably looks better than any photo Annie Leibovitz has ever shot! I can’t wait to see them all in person!  

FREE, 11:00am-7:00pm, Morrison Hotel Gallery, 201 Mulberry St. New York, NY.




Justin Vivian Bond (pictured) is like the patron saint of GAYLETTER. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve featured events featuring V. If it was anyone else you might be forgiven for thinking our coverage was overkill, but with Justin — no one can get enough. Which is why we are so excited to help celebrate Justin on Wednesday, October 22 at the Cock. It’s technically a fundraiser for NYPAC, a non-profit organization that supports performance art.


The location for the benefit is especially fitting for Mx Bond, “who performed at The Cock’s original 12th Street location every Saturday, and was the first performer to christen its current — and soon to be former — incarnation. This benefit will be an opportunity to celebrate both Mx Bond and the history of the East Village and Lower East Side, which have been so actively intertwined.”


There’s going to be performances by Joseph Keckler, Erin Markey, Casey Legler, DJ Lina and Juliana Huxtable. It’s also highly likely that Justin will perform at some stage during the night (we can’t promise that, but it’s highly likely). Grab your tickets now.


Benefit Gala $150, After Party $50, Gala 7:00PM & 10PM, Wednesday, October 22, The Cock, 29 2ND AVE, NY. Buy your tickets here! 

Thursday 10.09.14

Party: Thot Catalogue at Lovegun

This party originated at Metropolitan bar in Brooklyn and was created by a friend of ours, David Dellamura. This edition of the party is going to be at our new favorite BK venue Lovegun, this time around the music will be provided by DJs Mark Holcomb and Adam Munnings. When we first wrote about it back in June we included a quote from our friend B, describing what a Thot was. It was a great quote so I’m going to include it again: “Remember that episode of the Anna Nicole Smith show where her dusty cousin from Texas comes to visit her for Christmas? She got super turnt up on brown liquor (because it’s the first time she’d had anything outside of Mikes Hard Lemonade), put on a Santa suit, knocked over the xmas tree, started a fist fight with Anna’s hair stylist and then tried to suck molest Anna’s lawyer, Howard, in the middle of the room while people were singing Xmas carols? THAT is a THOT.” We’re not saying you have to lower yourself to that level of depravity to attend this party… but it’s certainly encouraged, and who are you to disappoint them?

FREE, 10:00PM, LOVEGUN, 617 GRAND ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 10.08.14

Tom of Finland Art Fair 2014

Scenes from the international art fair at Tom House in Los Angeles

Art: Sebastião Salgado – Genesis

I’m having trouble finding the right words to describe the photographic works of a truly influential master of the medium Sebastião Salgado, whose show Genesis is now up at International Center of Photography until Jan 11th. It left me with chills and rendered me speechless. The exhibition is an 8 year survey that consists of 200 black and white photographs of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and indigenous peoples whose cumulative effect raises public awareness about the pressing issue of climate change. As the curator and designer of the show Lelia Wanick Salgado so eloquently said, “Genesis is a quest for the world as it was, as it evolved, as it existed for millennia before modern life accelerated and began distancing us from the very essence of our being.” Wouldn’t that take your breath away? I brought my trusted friend Beth with me to the exhibition and her reaction to the work matched my own as she declared, “I MUST bring my children to this show.” Though I don’t have any kids I’m going to implore all the “children” to see the exhibition, it’s an awe inspiring display of the pristine riches still left on this planet we all share.  

$14, 9:00AM-7:00PM, ICP, 1133 Avenue of Americas New York, NY.


Tuesday 10.07.14

Alive in California

An exhibition in LA of limited edition 35mm prints

Alex Marsh King_01_GAYLETTER

The California based artist Alex Marsh King has a new exhibition of limited edition 35mm prints at Voila Gallery that opens on October 11th at 8:00PM and closes on Oct. 15th. The show tittled Alive in California is a depiction of “the colors, vibrancy and moments that are intrinsic to Southern California life — lush lifestyle living, and lovely men to be specific.” Alex told us why he only works with film “I have always loved the look of film and when everyone started shooting digital, I fell out of love with photography. 15 years later, I picked up my Leica again and was reminded of the power of light & chemical reaction when dealing with our objects of desire…”


After the artist started getting lots of positive responses about this body of work, he decided to dig into his film archives and put this exhibition together. The show contains photographs of “beautiful near-naked men, and other colorful natural subject matter.” All work will be available for purchase at the event, along with his magazine Light Luster — a collection of 40 pages of still life set against the male form. Also, expect a performance by the indie surf rock band Rachel Goodrich and The Grrrls. Below is a preview of some of the work that will be on display…


Alex Marsh King_02_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_03_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_04_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_05_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_07_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_08_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_09_GAYLETTER


Alex Marsh King_10_GAYLETTER


FREE, 8:00PM, Voila Gallery, 518 N. La Brea Los Angeles, CA.



Monday 10.06.14

Hi, Will


Will is 24 years old and was born and raised in Nederland, Texas. He told me about when he first discovered he liked boys, “I can remember back in first grade having a little kid crush on a classmate, as little kids you play truth or dare, and I can remember this one day where my friend was dared to kiss this boy and so we made this huge deal of it and she finally kissed him and I remember watching and thinking I wanna do that!!! But with the boy… That’s when I knew something was up.” Will has a boyfriend: “I’m in love right now…”


His favorite body parts are his calf muscles, “being a dancer makes me have some real powerful legs and I’m very proud of my calves…” On another guy Will is attracted to “nice and strong arms, and the eyes — I’m all about getting lost deep into someone’s soul through their eyes. Is that creepy?” A perfect date for him would be a picnic in the park, “Some good conversation, a cheap glass of red wine and some Strawberry shortcake.”  He feels sexy when he’s dancing in his 6 inch black heels to Beyonce’s new album.


Will is currently a contestant on this season of America’s Next Top Model and apparently he’s the only gay model on the show, “I am really proud of myself for making it on the show and being the only proud gay man.” He told me that he really loved working with Tyra, she’s “the most amazingly fiercely perfect thing in the world! YAS GAWD.” Will told me more about the show: “it such a vulnerable experience to put myself through and I would love if all the things that I share and my personal struggles can help anyone else out there who’s also struggling.” 


When it’s time for him to go to bed, he’s more comfortable in the nude, “Do people wear clothes when they go to bed?” He’s the happiest when he is “in the arms of those I love or just being with my family.”  His dream career would be a “dance teacher for the rest of my life — I teach dance back home in Texas and nothing gives me more joy than to see kids grow and learn how to dance.” 


We asked Will to take a few selfies wearing our GAYLETTER Classic T-shirt, here’s what he came up with…